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Korpiklaani ("Forest Clan" in Finnish) is a folk metal band from Lahti, Finland formed in 2003. Korpiklaani is the new name of the band previously called Shaman, that was formed by Jonne Järvelä who still remains the mastermind of Korpiklaani. Whilst Shaman recorded songs in the original Saami language, Korpiklaani recorded most songs in English at first, and mostly Finnish lyrics on their most recent albums.

The music of Korpiklaani ranges from the violin-and-guitar paean to the Finnish god of fermentation Pellonpekko, to the "typical" trollish metal Wooden Pints, to Crows Bring The Spring, which is strongly reminiscent of "Ride the Lightning" era Metallica.

There has been some amount of collaboration between Korpiklaani and Finntroll, as Järvelä provided the yoiking for the title track of their album Jaktens Tid.

In the year 2007 Korpiklaani left Napalm Records to sign with Nuclear Blast Records. They released their new album
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KORPIKLAANI albums / top albums

KORPIKLAANI Spirit of the Forest album cover 3.97 | 12 ratings
Spirit of the Forest
Folk Metal 2003
KORPIKLAANI Voice of Wilderness album cover 3.95 | 10 ratings
Voice of Wilderness
Folk Metal 2005
KORPIKLAANI Tales Along This Road album cover 3.95 | 10 ratings
Tales Along This Road
Folk Metal 2006
KORPIKLAANI Tervaskanto album cover 3.94 | 9 ratings
Folk Metal 2007
KORPIKLAANI Korven kuningas album cover 4.06 | 8 ratings
Korven kuningas
Folk Metal 2008
KORPIKLAANI Karkelo album cover 4.06 | 8 ratings
Folk Metal 2009
KORPIKLAANI Ukon Wacka album cover 3.62 | 9 ratings
Ukon Wacka
Folk Metal 2011
KORPIKLAANI Manala album cover 3.33 | 9 ratings
Folk Metal 2012
KORPIKLAANI Noita album cover 3.06 | 5 ratings
Folk Metal 2015
KORPIKLAANI Kulkija album cover 4.00 | 2 ratings
Folk Metal 2018


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KORPIKLAANI Wayfarers Live album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Wayfarers Live
Folk Metal 2018

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.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Keep On Galloping
Folk Metal 2008
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Folk Metal 2009
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Folk Metal 2018
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Folk Metal 2018

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Album · 2015 · Folk Metal
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Kev Rowland
2015’s ‘Noita’ is quite a confused release from the Finnish folk metallers in many ways, as they often seem to have far more in common with the Viking Metal or Pirate Metal movement than for the one for which they are more well-known (in many ways I guess these are sub genres of the sub-genre of folk metal, so sub-sub-genres). They even include a cover, here called “Jouni Jouni”, which is actually “Mony Mony” (originally by Tommy James and the Shondells, I still like the version by Billy Idol). Like the rest of the album, it’s not bad, but it also isn’t what I really expect from the band. This is their ninth studio album so would have expected something a little better than this.

The most positive thing that can be said about this album is that it is decidedly average, with a distinct lack of consistency and an impression of a band both going through the motions and losing their way. Once can only hope that the next one would be better.


Album · 2018 · Folk Metal
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Kev Rowland
Three years on from their last, Finnsih Folk Metallers Korpiklanni are back with their tenth album ‘Kulkija’, which means ‘Wanderer’. The band state that this album is the closest to their on stage sound, as for tracking they used their tour set up, so will be able to easily perform all of this live. As well as being their longest album to date, in many ways it is also a concept as the wanderer of the album title appears in every song, with each track representing one of his life experiences. For example, opening song “Neito” (which translates to “Maiden”) is about his woman. The road is a wanderer’s bride, a maiden who he misses and who he travels with. However, the real maiden is waiting for his return home. After a journey you may bury your carriage, but the wistful traveller’s songs and music will be carried where it lies. A traveller was born to wander.

It must be said that I am not always a great fan of the folk metal genre, as it often feels that both sides suffer, but this album is definitely one of those where it all works together incredibly well. Far more folk than “just” folk metal, the album has a musical continuity which allows it all to hang together, and although there are times when they allow themselves some metallic guitar, for the most part this feels far more about a logical progression of a musical form as opposed to two opposing styles being brought crashing together. There is a great deal here that pure folkies will find to enjoy, especially with the lyrical violin and the delicate accordion, and one has to wonder what metalheads will think of it. I can imagine this album getting far more play at Cropredy than Wacken, although for some reason I am sure there is more chance of them playing at the latter than the former. Of all their albums I own, this is the one to which I will most often be returning.


Album · 2012 · Folk Metal
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Looking at the cover to Manala, I think to myself "this album prominently features a man playing a tambourine for a volcano swan. Can the album possibly live up to this?" My answer is a pleasantly surprised "yeah, kind of!" Finnish folk metal crew Korpiklaani do a great job of incorporating jaunty folk music (particularly polka) into their sound on the album without dimming the raw power and aggression of the metal basis of their sound. Combinations of folk music and metal which don't either ride roughshod over the folk music or castrate the metal are difficult to pull off, and the band succeed well enough. It's not a po-faced, serious artistic statement by any stretch of the imagination - it's a playful polka-metal party, and by that metric it is fun enough. 2CD editions of the album offer the tracks in English language versions or the original Finnish.


Album · 2011 · Folk Metal
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Time Signature

Genre: troll folk polka metal

Whether or not this release works relly depends on the intentions behind it. If it is meant to be taken seriously, then it fails miserably. But if it is meant to give people a good time and be generally uplifting, then they've succeeded brilliantly. Korpiklaani are both corny and silly, I think, but in this case, it has a positive effect.

The combination of traditional folk musik instruments, like pipes, fiddles, flutes, accordeons and the jouhikko fit the power metal-ish rock music quite well, and the D-beat drums suit the polka-drive of Korpiplaani very well. The ban also draw on old fashioned 80s metal - and there's even a cover version of "Iron Fist".

I don't understand a word of Finnish, but I think that their lyrics are mostly humorous, which supports the lightheartedness hypothesis. Certainly, the combination of sheeps braying and shotguns firing in the beginning of "Päät Pois Tai Hirteen" seem to indicate a generally humorous approach.

I can imagine that this album is great music to listen to if you and your friends are having a drinking party, and if your winter depression hasn't retreated yet, I am sure that this album with inject a dose of good mood into your veins.

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Great sound, great band. Keep on folking :D


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