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King's X is an hard rock band formed in 1979.

Early years (1980 - 1984)

The group traces its beginnings to 1979 in Springfield, MO. when bassist Doug Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill were brought together to take part in a musical project coordinated by Greg X. Volz of Christian rock band Petra. Within a month of Pinnick's arrival from Illinois, the project folded and he and Gaskill were left without a band. They soon landed a job as rhythm section for guitarist Phil Keaggy's live band. The two toured the country for several months in support of Keaggy's album Ph'lip Side. During the group's show in Springfield, Gaskill was approached by Ty Tabor who was a member of the opening band that night. The drummer for Tabor's band had quit the night before the show and Tabor had volunteered to take over on drums for the gig. However, seeing as he
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KING'S X Discography

KING'S X albums / top albums

KING'S X Out Of The Silent Planet album cover 3.94 | 19 ratings
Out Of The Silent Planet
Hard Rock 1988
KING'S X Gretchen Goes To Nebraska album cover 3.85 | 24 ratings
Gretchen Goes To Nebraska
Hard Rock 1989
KING'S X Faith Hope Love album cover 4.12 | 16 ratings
Faith Hope Love
Hard Rock 1990
KING'S X King's X album cover 3.53 | 13 ratings
King's X
Hard Rock 1992
KING'S X Dogman album cover 3.93 | 17 ratings
Hard Rock 1994
KING'S X Ear Candy album cover 3.30 | 10 ratings
Ear Candy
Hard Rock 1996
KING'S X Tape Head album cover 2.73 | 9 ratings
Tape Head
Hard Rock 1998
KING'S X Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous album cover 2.35 | 7 ratings
Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous
Hard Rock 2000
KING'S X Manic Moonlight album cover 2.17 | 10 ratings
Manic Moonlight
Hard Rock 2001
KING'S X Black Like Sunday album cover 2.17 | 8 ratings
Black Like Sunday
Hard Rock 2003
KING'S X Ogre Tones album cover 3.65 | 9 ratings
Ogre Tones
Hard Rock 2005
KING'S X XV album cover 4.04 | 9 ratings
Hard Rock 2008

KING'S X EPs & splits

KING'S X live albums

KING'S X Live & Live Some More: Dallas '94 album cover 3.17 | 3 ratings
Live & Live Some More: Dallas '94
Hard Rock 1994
KING'S X Live All Over The Place album cover 3.30 | 5 ratings
Live All Over The Place
Hard Rock 2004
KING'S X Tales From The Empire: Cleveland 6.26.92 album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Tales From The Empire: Cleveland 6.26.92
Hard Rock 2010
KING'S X Live Love In London album cover 3.35 | 4 ratings
Live Love In London
Hard Rock 2010
KING'S X Burning Down Boston: Live At The Channel album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Burning Down Boston: Live At The Channel
Hard Rock 2012

KING'S X demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

KING'S X Sneak Preview album cover 2.50 | 1 ratings
Sneak Preview
Hard Rock 1983
KING'S X Rehearsal Cd Vol. 1 album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Rehearsal Cd Vol. 1
Hard Rock 2005
KING'S X Dogman Demos album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Dogman Demos
Hard Rock 2005
KING'S X The Bigger Picture (4th Album Pre-Production Recordings) album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
The Bigger Picture (4th Album Pre-Production Recordings)
Hard Rock 2010

KING'S X re-issues & compilations

KING'S X Best of King's X album cover 4.25 | 2 ratings
Best of King's X
Hard Rock 1997

KING'S X singles (0)

KING'S X movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
4.50 | 1 ratings
Gretchen Goes To London: Live At The Astoria 5.6.90
Hard Rock 2008
.. Album Cover
5.00 | 1 ratings
Live Love In London
Hard Rock 2010

KING'S X Reviews

KING'S X Out Of The Silent Planet

Album · 1988 · Hard Rock
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The Crow
After almost 30 years after its release, Out of the Silent Planet still sounds fresh and surprising!

King's X are not strictly progressive. They are an alternative hard rock band from the end 80's which decided to mix their Rush and progressive influences with a strong song-oriented songwriting, a bit commercial but complex enough to appeal the prog fans. It's like Saga meets Rush but with a touch of grunge and alternative rock in the vein of Pixies or Sonic Youth. That makes the sound of King's X kind of unique and interesting.

The album also sounds pretty good, with emphasis on the strong Ty Tabor guitars and the outstanding voice of Doug Pinnick, one of the best prog singers of all time in my opinion. Jerry Gaskill is also solid on his drums, making King's X a true power trio in the best tradition of the mentioned Rush.

Out of the Silent Planet opens with In the New Age, a powerful and modern song with great guitar sound making a very good alternative hard rock tune. But Goldilox is even better with its great lyrics and the impressive vocals from Pinnick. A mellow and catchy song, and a real King's X classic. Power of Love is a bit more conventional, typical hard rock from the 80's very well sung.

Wonder is maybe the lowest point of the album, despite its good chorus. Just too repetitive! But the album gets better with Sometimes, funnier and with another good chorus. King is even better with its distorted bass line and good choirs, while What is this? offers interesting psychedelic voices together with an impressive singing on the choir.

Far, Far Away is the most progressive track of the album and one of my favorites. Great guitar melodies! A song which influenced in the progressive sound of the 90's. Shot of Love remembers me to the best Extreme with its vocal melodies, and it has surprising folk melodies in its riffs. Visions is a mid-tempo with an accelerated final section, leaving a very good impression.

Conclusion: Out of the Silent Planet supposed a great debut for King's X. A band which sounded just great despite its youth, with powerful guitars, an impressive voice talent who also plays bass pretty well, together with a strong drummer. This album is a very stimulating mixture of hard rock, alternative rock and some prog elements, with full of splendid songs, catchy chorus and great songwriting. Recommended!

Best Tracks: In the New Age, Goldilox, King, Far Far Away.

My rating: ****

KING'S X Out Of The Silent Planet

Album · 1988 · Hard Rock
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siLLy puPPy
KING’S X seemingly came out of nowhere in 1988 with their debut album OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET melding progressive metal with funk and soul in midst of the sea of glam metal, dance pop and corporate controlled MTV. The band has consisted of the same three members since its inception in Springfield, MO all the way back in 1980 and despite never reaching extreme heights in their success have been cited as a major influence in the alternative rock that would dominate the 90s and to this day have a very loyal following. The band actually started when bassist and vocalist Doug Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill were brought together by Greg Volz of the Christian rock band Petra to do a project. Guitarist Ty Tabor met them at one of the gigs, they hit if off and the rest is history. Although the lyrics tend to be based on spiritual themes and the group makes no secret that they are Christians they nonetheless reject the Christian rock band label.

OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET is one of my favorite releases by KING’S X along with the following three. Starting with the first track “In The New Age” we get a new age intro that shrouds and obfuscates the band’s true sound until the grungy alternative rock guitar finally breaks in and dominates the soundscape. All of the songs are catchy and edgy at the same time. There is a subdued funkiness to the bass that is totally independent of the dirty guitar sounds and there’s a pseudo-sloppiness that is held together in some strange way that gives them a rather unique sound. Also on board are the famous harmonizing vocals between all three members with Doug Pinnick belting out some strong lead vocals that are often personal and often dark but always ultimately uplifting lyrics.

Like all really good power trios, KING’S X makes the most out of their three instruments and contributing vocals. Despite their music not being significantly different from other hard rock and alternative bands, there’s something about it that is distinctly KING’S X. The catchy songs are simply infectious and the band’s ability to mix distinct tones, rhythms and atmosphere give them a very unique sound. The harmonizing vocals, down tuned guitar and bass create some interesting dynamics. I find this a very strong debut with very few weak tracks like “Power Of Love” which was obviously a hopeful radio friendly potential hit that never came to be.

KING'S X Gretchen Goes To Nebraska

Album · 1989 · Hard Rock
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For me, this album is a big fat pile of I Don't Get It. I find the production lukewarm, the performances uninspiring, and the overall aesthetic and atmosphere insipid and irritating. A few attempts here and there at Beatles-like vocal harmonies don't amount to much; nor does an attempt to make the guitars sound a little like sitars. And when the band do attempt to rock out, it just sounds like ugly 80s hair metal. On the balance, the album exhibits everything I find distasteful about hard rock and is perhaps one of the most deeply uninteresting musical experiences I have ever endured.

KING'S X Ogre Tones

Album · 2005 · Hard Rock
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"Ogre Tones" is the 11th full-length studio album by US hard rock/alternative rock act King´s X. The album was released through InsideOut Music in September 2005. It´s the band´s first album released through InsideOut Music after a longer collaboration with Metal Blade Records.

The music on "Ogre Tones" is hard rock/alternative rock delivered by a very skilled trio of musicians. The sound production is professional, clean and polished. The tracks are very simple vers/chorus structured and the band´s reputation as a progressive rock act doesn´t shine through on this album. Most of the tracks on the album are around 3 minutes long and feature hook laden choruses with lots of mainstream appeal. It´s not often it happens, but when the band decide to rock out, they are actually able to conjure up some really nice hard rocking grooves, but it doesn´t happen enough. Most of the tracks are more sweet and polished pop/rock material with some really nice harmony vocal arrangements, and to my ears the album end up a rather tame affair.

Of course the excellent musicianship, the professional sound production and songwriting craftsmanship that should make most musicians green with envy, are all features that secure a quality stamp and a 3 star (60%) rating. A bit more bite would have suited the album though.

KING'S X Dogman

Album · 1994 · Hard Rock
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Time Signature
Fool you...

Genre: alternative metal

Dark, heavy, grungy and very 90s, "Dogman" is perhaps not the kind of release you would expect from a band that is heralded as one of the most important progressive metal bands out there.

Like so many other metal bands King's X took a grunge-turn in the 90s, but while many of the others failed, I think that King's X where quite successful on this album, and perhaps the reason is that the alternative element was always present in King's X's music - it has just been brought to the forefront on this album, while the more melodic and progressive elements have been placed in the background. So, what you have is basically still King's X - and recognizable King's X, but with different priorities, if you wish.

For instance, the funky element is still there, as exemplified by the riffage in "Black the Sky" and "Shoes" (both of which are quite heavy actually), and there are still many traces of the melodicism that characterizes earlier King's X releases - albeit in a more simplified form.

Fans of progressive metal who are unfamiliar with King's X, should perhaps not let this release be their introduction to the band, but rather go for some of their earlier stuff, while people who have already heard King's X should have no problem at least appreciating this album. Fans of alternative metal/rock and grunge will probably like it and should defintinely check it out.

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