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Album · 1994

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Dogman (4:01)
2. Shoes (3:29)
3. Pretend (4:37)
4. Flies and Blue Skies (5:00)
5. Black the Sky (4:33)
6. Fool You (4:32)
7. Don't Care (4:40)
8. Sunshine Rain (4:34)
9. Complain (3:18)
10. Human Behavior (4:27)
11. Cigarettes (5:51)
12. Go to Hell (0:51)
13. Pillow (4:24)
14. Manic Depression (5:01)

Total Time: 59:26


- Doug Pinnick / bass, vocals
- Ty Tabor / guitar, vocals
- Jerry Gaskill / drums, vocals

Additional musician:

- Brendan O'Brien / keyboards, percussion

About this release

Label: Atlantic Records release 82558-2
Produced by: Brendan O'Brien
Release Date: January 18, 1994

Released with 4 different colored covers: red, yellow, green, blue.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Time Signature
Fool you...

Genre: alternative metal

Dark, heavy, grungy and very 90s, "Dogman" is perhaps not the kind of release you would expect from a band that is heralded as one of the most important progressive metal bands out there.

Like so many other metal bands King's X took a grunge-turn in the 90s, but while many of the others failed, I think that King's X where quite successful on this album, and perhaps the reason is that the alternative element was always present in King's X's music - it has just been brought to the forefront on this album, while the more melodic and progressive elements have been placed in the background. So, what you have is basically still King's X - and recognizable King's X, but with different priorities, if you wish.

For instance, the funky element is still there, as exemplified by the riffage in "Black the Sky" and "Shoes" (both of which are quite heavy actually), and there are still many traces of the melodicism that characterizes earlier King's X releases - albeit in a more simplified form.

Fans of progressive metal who are unfamiliar with King's X, should perhaps not let this release be their introduction to the band, but rather go for some of their earlier stuff, while people who have already heard King's X should have no problem at least appreciating this album. Fans of alternative metal/rock and grunge will probably like it and should defintinely check it out.
Dogman is the album where King’s X start to take a trip in a different direction. Listening to their previous four studio albums, I’d say such a change wasn’t even necessary, but is welcomed. We’ve heard the melodic King’s X before, and they remain extremely melodic. We’ve heard heavy King’s X before. Just not this heavy.

Thanks to a new producer, Brendan O’Brien, Dogman showcases the band with a newly distorted and grungy sound. This was quite an adjustment to hear upon first listen as it’s a more rough sounding production than their Sam Taylor productions. However, I can’t picture these songs having the same bite had they stuck with the same sound. A minor complaint for me is that with the more distorted guitar tone, it masks some of the nuances in Ty Tabor’s guitar work that I’m a fan of.

Not much has changed with the vocals aside from Doug Pinnick’s use of high vocals / screams are minimized. Since Ty and Jerry sing in a higher vocal range anyways, it’s not very noticeable.

Several strong tunes on this one, with the title track, “Fool You”, “Complain”, and “Cigarettes” making up my favorites. The only songs that don’t do much for me are “Don’t Care” and “Go To Hell”. On a 14-song album, 2 weak tracks (with “Go To Hell” being under a minute in length) are forgivable.

Due to the heavy nature of the album, Dogman would perhaps fit more naturally into a metal fan’s music collection than other King’s X albums. Essential listen!
Dogman is the fifth album from Texan trio King's X. It contains some of their heaviest moments so far with more emphasis on metallic riffs though overall there's little progression from the first 4. Having said that, it does contain some classic King's X moments with only a couple of weak tracks.

If you've already heard any King's X albums then stylistically you'll know what you're in store for here. If you haven't King's X are a melodic heavy rock band, sometimes drifting into metal with a few prog overtones. Their trump cards are Ty Tabors distinctive guitar playing; heavy at times, yet warm, rich and full with a style ranging from heavy riffing to sublime arpeggios. In Doug Pinnick they have a superb soulful vocalist (also plays bass) and Tabor and drummer Jerry Gaskill also contribute vocals and are known to take the occasional lead (though not here) but more often than not supply the Beatles influenced backing vocals.

Title track Dogman is a killer way to open an album. With its grinding stop/start riff it's one of the bands heaviest moments yet still retains a strong melody. After such a great start Shoes is a bit of a let down; another mid paced heavy riff but ultimately lacking a memorable tune. Pretend gets things back on track with an instantly catchy riff alongside Tabors lush arpeggios, a great vocal from Pinnick and driven along by his powerful toppy bass sound and Gaskills solid dependable drumming.

Flies and Blue Skies is King's X at their most sublime. A slow ballad, again an instantly likeable melody with those recognisable backing vocals alongside Pinnicks more restrained but still soulful lead. Black the Sky gets things back on a heavier track with its slow grinding riff and is another strong presence. Another beautiful melodic moment is Fool You, like Pretend marrying Tabors arpeggios with heavy riffs on the chorus.

Don't Care is one of the weaker tracks. While sticking to the King's X rocker formula it's simply let down by a weak melody, an integral part of all the best songs by the band. However it does have some dextrous drumming from Gaskill at the end as he solo's over the closing riff.

Sunshine Rain is beautiful with its sparse verse yet getting heavier for the chorus. Another sublime moment, where balance of light and shade against the heavier moments is spot on. Complain picks up the tempo and is another strong rocker with a strong hook. Followed by Human Behaviour, another track with a stop/start riff for the verse and grinding riff for the chorus. Not bad but not one of their better tracks.

Cigarettes is another typically restrained on the verse but heavier on the chorus type moment. Go To Hell is a bit of a throwaway track. Uptempo and noisy but thankfully short at 51 seconds. Better is Pillow which is another slow paced slice of heavy rock.

I'm not normally a lover of bands playing other peoples songs, a bit of a pointless exercise unless you can do it better which rarely happens. However the live version of Manic Depression that closes this album is a well executed faithful reproduction of the Jimi Hendrix classic.

So another excellent album from King's X with just a couple of weaker tracks keeping it from being an outright classic but well worth adding to your collection.

Members reviews

1967/ 1976
I must say that King's X are a historical band of Prog Metal, present in every Prog Metal manuals. But in truth the King's X plays Tech Metal, not true Prog Metal! Ty Tabor is also another clone of Jimi Hendrix, as a way of conceiving music. So the music of King's X is a modern Heavy Metal with tons of Blues arrangements, at least in this 'Dogman'. The drummer Jerry Gaskill is an impressive war machine and the voice of Doug Pinnick is really Bluesy. To conclude this first part of the review... I must say that from too many parts that I read this 'Dogman' is not representative of King's X. I have no evidence to say whether this is true. It is true that 'Dogman' is a great album with great songs.

'Files And Blue Skies' are a typical AOR power ballad. It must be said. But 'Sunshine Rain' is a good Prog Metal ballad, so 'Complain' is pure Grunge song. In truth, proper in truth, 'Dogman' is a Tech Metal album with Blues arrengements, a null other. Proper for this 'Dogman' is an album that please me much. In fact 'Dogman' is an album that explore a diverse way respect to Vanden Plas, Symphony X or Dream Theater and proper for this fact please me extreme much. So a simple song as 'Human Behavior' have a great vocal line in the refrain, also if is not proper a Prog Metal song, but Tech Metal, is a pure Prog Metal song. In this sense is good to perceive this sensation because this is the meaning of this 'Dogman'. Certainly to consider King's X as Prog Metal band is correct in certain visions. But for my point of view King's X is a fundamental band for Prog Metal also if King's X is not a full Prog Metal band. Correct is King's X presence in all manuals of Prog metal, in any case. Probably in the way of a modern catalogation of Prog bands King's X is also a good band for Neo Prog, also if remain a great Prog metal band (Tech Metal).

What else to say about 'Dogman'? After all, if I wrote what I wrote... I think you understand that this is what 'Dogman' I was forwarded. Probably I should add that 'Pillow' is an excellent example of Doom Blues. Or that closes the album's excellent cover of Hendrix 'Manic Depression'. But for me these are just details.

In conclusion... King's X and this 'Dogman' not are examples of Prog Metal. But are two great examples of Tech Metal, ie two examples of Proto Prog Metal. 'Dogman', proper for this fact is an album with great magic.

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