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TYPE O NEGATIVE - Dead Again cover
3.73 | 20 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 2007


1. Dead Again (4:15)
2. Tripping a Blind Man (7:04)
3. The Profit of Doom (10:47)
4. September Sun (9:47)
5. Halloween in Heaven (4:50)
6. These Three Things (14:21)
7. She Burned Me Down (7:56)
8. Some Stupid Tomorrow (4:19)
9. An Ode to Locksmiths (5:15)
10. Hail and Farewell to Britain (8:55)

Total Time: 77:29

Bonus disc
1. Everything Dies / My Girlfriend's Girlfriend (9:49)
2. Are You Afraid / Gravitational Constant (7:14)
3. Christian Woman (8:27)
4. Love You to Death (8:06)
5. Black No. 1 (9:21)

Total Time: 42:57


- Peter Steele / Bass, Vocals, additional Guitar, Keyboards
- Kenny Hickey / Guitar, Backing Vocals
- Josh Silver / Keyboards, Backing Vocals
- Johnny Kelly / Drums, Backing Vocals

About this release

Full-length, Steamhammer, March 13th, 2007

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Type O Negative was so creatively dominated by Peter Steele that the content and tone of their albums was highly dependent on his moods. This, for instance, is why their debut (Slow, Deep and Hard) is so incredibly angry - Peter was a very angry man at that point - whilst World Coming Down was such a downer even by their usual standards. Dead Again came out in 2007, a time when Steele claimed to have turned his life around - to the point where he claimed ot have found religion in some interviews - and you can sort of tell because there's a perkiness to the compositions which is absent from much earlier Type O material.

It isn't a radical departure from their sound, but it's less emotionally committed to their classic downer approach than any preceding album, with the end result being that the album feels a little insincere and generic. It's an OK listen if you're into Type O, but I'd recommend anything between Bloody Kisses and Life Is Killing Me over this.
Dead Again is the 6th full-length studio album by American metal act Type O Negative and it´s probably bound to be their last, as main composer, bassist and lead vocalist Peter Steele passed away due to heart failure earlier this year ( 14th of April, 2010). Peter Steele had led a hard life with reported alcohol and cocaine abuse but according to the statement the band sent out regarding the death of their frontman, Peter Steele had been enjoying a long period of sobriety and improved health and was imminently due to begin writing and recording new music for the follow up to Dead Again. Dead Again was released in March 2007 by Steamhammer/ SPV.

The music on the album is in the trademark Type O Negative sound. The combination of brick heavy doom metal, goth rock/ metal, Beatlesque psychadelia and hardcore punk/ crossover is as usual very unique. Let´s just say it out loud. No one sounds like Type O Negative but Type O Negative. Peter Steele´s deep and emotional vocal delivery is as always the focal point in the music. The lyrics are the usual cynical pain and suffering stuff but as always there´s the tongue in cheek dark humour present too. Type O Negative were always the masters of balancing between the two. This is a delicate art that wouldn´t work for most acts.

As with all Type O Negative albums, Dead Again is packed to the brim with music and it´s no surprise that the album is 77:34 minutes long. There are several very long tracks on the album, so the many minutes of playing time is actually only distributed over 10 tracks. I like the fact that the band have chosen to include more up-tempo hardcore sections in several of the songs because it provides good variation on the album. It´s a feature they´ve slowly returned to after having ditched the hardcore influence on a couple of albums. The melodies are generally strong and memorable, but I have to admit that Dead Again has taken a bit longer for me to absorb than the other albums by the band. Mainly because I feel the band have stopped developing their sound over the last couple of albums. It´s taken me almost 3 years to really gather up interest in giving the album some prober listens. After having given the album a lot of spins I´ve come to enjoy it a lot though, but if you ask me it´s the least important album released by the band. The overall quality of the album ( production, musicianship and compositional quality) is much higher than what you´ll get from most other acts though, so Dead Again is still a high quality album deserving a 3.5 - 4 star rating. I wish the album had been a bit more adventurous but songs like Tripping a Blind Man, The Profits of Doom, She Burned Me Down and Hail and Farewell to Britain still save the day.

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