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Album · 1997

Filed under Funk Metal


1. The Return of Sathington Willoughby (5:04)
2. Fisticuffs (4:24)
3. Golden Boy (3:05)
4. Over the Falls (2:41)
5. Shake Hands With Beef (4:02)
6. Camelback Cinema (3:59)
7. Hats Off (1:57)
8. Puddin' Taine (3:37)
9. Bob's Party Time Lounge (4:43)
10. Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread (3:29)
11. Restin' Bones (4:29)
12. Coddingtown (2:52)
13. Kalamazoo (3:30)
14. The Chastising of Renegade (5:02)
15. Arnie (3:54)

Total time 56:48


- Les Claypool / Bass, Vocals
- Larry LaLonde / Guitar
- Brian "Brain" Mantia / Drums

About this release

Label: Interscope Records
Release Date: July 8, 1997

Produced by Primus.
Recorded between December 1996 and April 1997 at Rancho Relaxo.
Music by Primus. Lyrics by Claypool.
Engineered by Claypool.
Studio Assistant: Tim "Soya" Soylan
Project Coordinator: Jill "Galaxy Queen" Rose.
Photos by Miura Smith.
Design by Prawn Song Designs.

Thanks to Time Signature for the addition and triceratopsoil, Stooge, Unitron for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Probably Primus' least-loved work, and probably their grittiest, The Brown Album is by far my favourite thing Les Claypool has ever done. That is saying a lot, as I love everything he has ever done; I can't even think of an exception.

Every track on The Brown Album tells a story of sorts, in that strange, eccentric way with words Claypool has. This adds a lot of personality to the album; each song has a character to it.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about this album, to me, is the dirty, fuzzy, distant sound all the instruments - especially the drums - have. It is just a tone that I find really appeals to me, although I can easily understand why it might bother other people.

Yes, I love this album to tears now, but it was not always so. A warning to the listener, this one is a grower for sure. If you don't like it, try again some time later; you may be surprised.

Members reviews

Primus have always been known for their unorthodox approach to alt-rock, and this album is no exception. "The Brown Album" (a reference to The Beatles White Album and Metallica's Black Album) See's Primus drift further away from the Funk rock-thrash metal hybrid of Frizzle Fry to Country/Folk rock, genres which Primus explored a little on previous albums.

The opener "The Return Of Sathington Willoughby" is one of the most memorable Primus song's to date, Les Claypool's fictional little demented characters always crack me up for some reason. This track is followed by "Fisticuffs", which shows the new country/folk Primus, it includes a dark creepy atmosphere similar to the songs on Pork Soda. "Golden Boy" tries to harken back to the Thrash funk of early Primus and it does a pretty good job of it. "Over the Falls" is a nice relaxing chill-out track from Country Primus. "Shake Hands with Beef" is pretty dull, and it baffles me why they decided to release it as a single. Next up is "Camelback Cinema", a song which get's a lot of undeserved hate from Primus fans, and while yes it is a tad little repetitive, it keeps you interested with it's somewhat interesting subject matter.

Camelback Cinema is followed by 2 okay filler tracks. "Bob's Party Time Lounge" features some awesome bass from Les. Next up are 2 more crappy filler tracks which add little to the album. "Coddingtown" is one of Primus more punkier tracks, and has some good guitar work from Ler. After 2 more fillers the final track "Arnie" begins. Arnie is a nice little mellow psychedelic piece and a good end to a decent album from Primus. This album is not great but it isn't awful or anything. If you are a fan of funk rock/metal like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More then avoid this album. If you are a fan of mellow folk inspired alt-rock then get this album as it's a pretty enjoyable hour long romp.

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