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OVERKILL - W.F.O. cover
3.48 | 19 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1994

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. Where It Hurts (5:33)
2. Fast Junkie (4:21)
3. The Wait - New High in Lows (5:46)
4. They Eat Their Young (4:57)
5. What's Your Problem (5:10)
6. Under One (4:14)
7. Supersonic Hate (4:17)
8. R.I.P. (Undone) (1:43)
9. Up to Zero (4:07)
10. Bastard Nation (5:38)
11. Gasoline Dream (6:49)
12. [silence] (0:03)
13. [silence] (0:04)
14. [silence] (0:03)
15. [silence] (0:03)
16. [silence] (0:03)
17. [silence] (0:03)
18. [silence] (0:03)
19. [silence] (0:03)
20. [silence] (0:03)
21. [silence] (0:07)
22. [silence] (0:03)
23. [silence] (0:03)
24. [silence] (0:03)
25. [silence] (0:03)
26. [silence] (0:03)
27. [silence] (0:03)
28. [silence] (0:03)
29. [silence] (0:03)
30. [silence] (0:04)
31. [silence] (0:03)
32. [silence] (0:03)
33. [silence] (0:03)
34. [silence] (0:03)
35. [silence] (0:03)
36. [silence] (0:03)
37. [silence] (0:03)
38. [silence] (0:03)
39. [silence] (0:03)
40. [silence] (0:03)
41. [silence] (0:03)
42. [silence] (0:03)
43. [silence] (0:03)
44. [silence] (0:03)
45. [silence] (0:03)
46. [silence] (0:03)
47. [silence] (0:03)
48. [silence] (0:03)
49. [silence] (0:03)
50. [silence] (0:03)
51. [silence] (0:03)
52. [silence] (0:03)
53. [silence] (0:03)
54. [silence] (0:03)
55. [silence] (0:03)
56. [silence] (0:03)
57. [silence] (0:04)
58. [silence] (0:03)
59. [silence] (0:03)
60. [silence] (0:03)
61. [silence] (0:03)
62. [silence] (0:03)
63. [silence] (0:03)
64. [silence] (0:03)
65. [silence] (0:03)
66. [silence] (0:03)
67. [silence] (0:03)
68. [silence] (0:03)
69. [silence] (0:03)
70. [silence] (0:03)
71. [silence] (0:03)
72. [silence] (0:03)
73. [silence] (0:03)
74. [silence] (0:03)
75. [silence] (0:03)
76. [silence] (0:03)
77. [silence] (0:03)
78. [silence] (0:03)
79. [silence] (0:03)
80. [silence] (0:03)
81. [silence] (0:03)
82. [silence] (0:03)
83. [silence] (0:03)
84. [silence] (0:03)
85. [silence] (0:03)
86. [silence] (0:04)
87. [silence] (0:03)
88. [silence] (0:03)
89. [silence] (0:03)
90. [silence] (0:03)
91. [silence] (0:03)
92. [silence] (0:03)
93. [silence] (0:03)
94. [silence] (0:03)
95. [silence] (0:04)
96. [silence] (0:03)
97. [silence] (2:56)
98. Heaven and Hell (13:55)
99. [silence] (0:04)

Total Time: 73:59


- Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth / Vocals
- Tim Mallare / Drums
- Rob Cannavino / Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
- Merritt Gant / Guitars
- D.D. Verni / Bass, Vocals

Guest musician:

- Doug "Drummer Drug" Cook / Keyboards

About this release

Release date: July 15, 1994
Label: Atlantic Records

The album title is "Wide Fucking Open".

Produced by Overkill.
Recorded and mixed at Ambient Recording Co., Stamford CT, April - May 1994.

The CD has 99 tracks of which tracks 12 - 97 and 99 are blank tracks. Track 98 consists of 10:00 silence and a hidden track, a cover of Black Sabbath's "Heaven and Hell" followed by a cover of Judas Priest's "The Ripper." and some riffs of Jimi Hendrix' "Voodoo child". The total running time of the CD is 74:00

The intro on "The Wait" is an excerpt from the movie Carlito's Way.
"R.I.P." is dedicated to Criss Oliva.

Thanks to UMUR, diamondblack for the updates

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OVERKILL W.F.O. reviews

Specialists/collaborators reviews

W.F.O (Wide Fucking Open) is the seventh full-length studio album from the East Coast Thrash Metal legends, Overkill. It is an interesting bit of history for the band.

Their first five albums are all absolute classics of Thrash Metal, their sixth album was a diversion into Stoner/Groove Metal territory, but this seventh album is a quick return back to Thrash again, and yet, as it came out in 1994, it still has some Groove to it. It is their return to Thrash and yet it also isn’t pure Thrash all the way through.

The album is pretty damn good. There’s a good mix of fast and slow, modern and old school, familiar and variety. There are some real memorable songs, like ‘Fast Junkie’ ‘Supersonic Hate’ ‘Gasoline Dream’ and ‘Where It Hurts.’ Some of these ended up on the band’s later live albums. There’s also a weird bonus track where they jam out a few cover songs like Voodo Chile and Heaven & Hell.

Interesting fact; the third track uses the same ‘Here comes the pain’ sample that Slipknot use on their debut album.

The downside of the album however, is it has a really weird production job. It has a very loud clunky bass tone, muddy drums, muffled guitars and vocals too low in the mix. Some people can’t get past it. I don’t really notice it when listen to the album on its own, but if you add the songs to a playlist or hear them on shuffle amongst other albums, then it really does stand out as sounding quite unusual.

It isn’t an absolutely essential album like their first five albums are, but I would still recommend it to any warm blooded Thrash fan (or Fast Junkie), who is looking for more.
"W.F.O." (stands for "Wide Fucking Open") is the 7th full-length studio album by US thrash metal act Overkill. The album was released through Atlantic Records in July 1994. "W.F.O." features the same lineup who recorded "I Hear Black (1993)". The album features 99 tracks. Track 1 - 11 are "regular" tracks, while tracks 12 - 97 and 99 are short tracks of silence. Track number 98 is a hidden track featuring the band warming up in the studio playing classic heavy and hard rock tracks by Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Jimi Hendrix.

Although the two albums share the same lineup "W.F.O." is a very different sounding album to "I Hear Black (1993)" as Overkill returns to a more thrash metal oriented sound on "W.F.O." compared to the groove and stoner metal oriented sound on the predecessor. As the case are on the eighties releases by the band, we´re again treated to a thrash/heavy metal assault with rabid dog snarling vocals by Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, a metallic sounding bass by D.D. Verni, hard hittin´ drumming courtesy of Tim Mallare, and two well playing guitarists in Rob Cannavino and Merritt Gant.

The material is generally of a good quality and tracks like "Where It Hurts", "Fast Junkie", "They Eat Their Young" and "Up to Zero" are designed to rip and tear. I love how headbang friendly the material is and how passionate the band sound again after the more restrained performance on "I Hear Black (1993)". The sound production is also "in Your Face", raw, distorted, and powerful, which suits the atmosphere of the tracks really well. So upon conclusion I´d say this is a return to form after the somewhat weak "I Hear Black (1993)". A 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.

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