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Boxset / Compilation · 1995

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. No More Mr. Nice Guy (3:02)
2. Breakpoint (3:29)
3. Go to Hell (4:36)
4. Angry Again (3:47)
5. 99 Ways to Die (3:58)
6. Paranoid (2:32)
7. Diadems (3:55)
8. Problems (3:57)

Total Time: 29:20


- Dave Mustaine / lead vocals, guitar
- Marty Friedman / guitar, backing vocals
- David Ellefson / bass, backing vocals
- Nick Menza / drums

About this release

Best of/Compilation, Capitol
March 30th, 1995

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Released in 1995, the well-titled 'Hidden Treasures' is an eight-track compilation of songs that were recorded for movie soundtracks or tribute albums. Random bits and bobs, really. Featuring a mixture of covers and originals, some of these have gone on to become fan favourites.

Since most of these were recorded around the early 90's, Megadeth were still in full-on thrash metal mode. With fast, intense guitar riffs and rough, gritty production giving the songs a harsh sound. Fans of the bands earlier work will enjoy this.

Highlights include '99 Ways to Die', 'Angry Again', 'Diadems' and 'Go to Hell', all are original compositions used for various movie soundtracks, being left off of studio albums for one reason or another, but they easily match any of Megadeth's prior work in quality. The rest of the EP is fairly mediocre, however. Thrashed up covers of Alice Cooper's 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' and Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' do nothing for me, and the remaining originals are also fairly bland.

This short, 29-minute EP was originally the only place to get all of these songs without splashing out on eight separate soundtracks/albums. Now, of course, they're all likely to end up on any Megadeth compilation or boxset, but if you're looking to fill out your Megadeth collection with all their studio releases, then 'Hidden Treasures' is an essential addition.
Vim Fuego
It would also be too easy to dismiss this little collection of soundtrack out takes and covers as "hidden talent", as in so far hidden it can't be found, but that would be unfair. As with all things related to Dave Mustaine, this is an album of contradictions and inconsistency. At once stunning and bland, Mustaine is one of the most infuriating musicians in metal, and one of the most difficult to fathom.

First track off is a cover of Alice Cooper's "No More Mr Nice Guy", from the `Shocker' soundtrack. It was recorded as a three piece, with Mustaine handling all guitars, and Dave Ellefson the only other member kept from the `So Far, So Good...So What!' line up. It's one of Cooper's cheerier little songs, and Mustaine actually handles the vocals reasonably competently. There are a couple of trademark Megadeth solos and flourishes, stamping a new identity on the song. So far, so good?

Nick Menza's drum intro to "Breakpoint", from the `Super Mario Bros' soundtrack, is promising, but it's really the only exciting part of the entire song. It's mid-tempo, mid-career Megadeth, which we all know and, well, tolerate. Disappointingly, Dave's singing voice slipped back to its whiny worst.

"Go To Hell" is far more promising. A menacing bass intro, and a prowling riff give it an air of the demonic, and so it should. The song accompanied Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan as they entered Hell in the delightfully silly "Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey". While stronger than much of the material on `Countdown To Extinction', is was possibly used for the soundtrack instead of the album because of the slightly childish lyrics.

"Angry Again" should be called "Symphony Of Destruction Again", because the riff is so similar. Otherwise, the song is quite similar to the movie it came from - Arnold Schwarzenegger's big budget bomb `Last Action Hero'. Neither is very good.

"99 Ways To Die" came from the `Beavis And Butthead Experience' soundtrack, and it's quite easy to see the miscreant cartoon teens headbanging and flicking Devil horns to the song. Unfortunately, the song does nothing, goes nowhere, and is instantly forgettable. Next please!

Fortunately, "Paranoid" is next, from the `Nativity In Black' tribute album. Black Sabbath's straight forward headbanger is given the reverent treatment it deserves. The chugging riffing is suitably powerful, and Mustaine and Marty Friedman give it their all in the soloing. Sensibly, Mustaine lowered Ozzy Osbourne's vocal lines to better suit his voice. While it's impossible to better the original, this must be one of the best covers of "Paranoid" of all time.

"Diadems" is the best of the originals here, written for the `Demon Knight' soundtrack. The acoustic intro and almost whispered vocals give way to a complex yet subdued main riff, and the song feels like the band is about to lash out at any moment into a headlong sprint for the finish. Instead, the impending musical violence is reined back into a catchy groove, which retains its menacing feel, and defies the more obvious urge to Thrash out.

Dave Mustaine's love of the Sex Pistols is well known, with his reworking of "Anarchy In The UK" on `So Far, So Good...So What' a solid enough cover. This time though, the love is demonstrated like a dirty old man in a raincoat masturbating in a bus shelter. "Problems" is grovelling squalor. It shows a lack of good judgement in letting something so tuneless and pallid carry the Megadeth name.

The title of the album is somewhat appropriate, because there are some treasures here. There just aren't as many as the title might have you think.
Some covers. Some original material. None of it released on a Megadeth album until “Hidden Treasures” came out in 1995. I don’t consider this album to be a treasure in my collection, but it certainly isn’t fools gold either.

First off, looking at the cover songs, Megadeth don’t really do all that much with their versions of Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” or Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. They stay fairly true to the originals. I can’t really comment much on any differences in the Megadeth version of “Problems” with the Sex Pistol’s version. The covers certainly have a Megadeth vibe to them (they’d have to as they are performing them), but I certainly wouldn’t confuse them for Mustaine penned songs.

Now, on to the originals!

“Breakpoint” makes for a solid speed metal song, but not overly memorable. I’d say this is my least favorite of the originals.

“Go To Hell” is strangely reminiscent of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” with the inclusion of the “now I lay me down to sleep…” prayer. It’s debatable which band came up with the idea first. They both initially came out around the same time, but it certainly added fuel to the fire of the Megadeth vs. Metallica debate among fans. I love the intro to this song, and the solo section is rather nice as well, especially Marty Friedman’s parts.

“Angry Again” is a more mid-tempo track that wouldn’t sound totally out of place on the Countdown To Extinction album. The same can be said for the following track, “99 Ways To Die”, which happens to have been my introduction to Megadeth when it originally appeared on The Beavis And Butthead Experience album. These tracks are the standout tracks on the album.

I like the clean guitar parts that plays during the first minute or so of “Diadems”. It’s a slower track, but it’s a pretty good song.

As this is something of a compilation album, with all but “Problems” being previously released on either a movie soundtrack or tribute album, production on each track varies in quality. The first three songs sound a bit thinner than the remaining songs in that respect.

Overall, Hidden Treasures makes for a solid mix of cover songs and non-album originals in a convenient package for Megadeth fans that don’t wish to track all these compilations. It makes for a good listen on it’s own, but I wouldn’t go to great lengths to track this one down.

Members reviews

Megadeth had some fairly memorable tunes stashed away onto various movie soundtracks and luckily someone had the idea to present them here for us. To me, the stronger cuts were the movie-inspired ones and not the covers.

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" is a worthy successor of its Alice Cooper original and "Paranoid" is played quite competently and every bit as strong as the Black Sabbath original. "Go to Hell" is errie and atmospheric, while "Diadems" contains great accoustic sections. However, the prime cuts on this album are the Beavis and Butthead influenced, and Rust in Peace-like "99 Ways to Die," and the gloomy "Angry Again." Why these two tracks didn't make a full length is beyond me.

Hidden Treasures has some great overlooked gems that many people probably aren't familiar with. 'Not just another Megadeth album to fill up space between the years. A good idea to produce, as many great songs are here that didn't make a full-length 'Deth album..and they're all here in one deal!

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