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Album · 1997


1. Deadnight Warrior (3:21)
2. In the Shadows (6:01)
3. Red Light in My Eyes, Part 1 (4:28)
4. Red Light in My Eyes, Part 2 (3:50)
5. Lake Bodom (4:01)
6. The Nail (6:17)
7. Touch Like Angel of Death (7:46)
8. [silence] (0:10)

Total Time: 35:58


- Alexi Laiho / Vocals, Guitars (lead), Songwriting, Lyrics
- Janne Warman / Keyboards
- Jaska Raatikainen / Drums
- Henkka T. Blacksmith / Bass
- Alexander Kuoppala / Guitars (rhythm)

About this release

Spinefarm Records, February 16th, 1997

This album was recorded under the moniker 'IneartheD'. The band had to change its name to 'Children of Bodom' to get out of their record deal with a small Belgian label so Spinefarm could release 'Something Wild'.

Recorded and mixed at Astia Studio.

The first edition has different logo on the cover.

The only song on this CD that truly has lyrics is "Touch Like Angel of Death". The rest were all made up on the spot in Alexi's mind during the recording process.

Limited imports come as digipack with shaped CD, like the reaper's hand.

The intro of "Deadnight Warrior" is taken from the movie "It" and the intro speech for "The Nail" is taken from the movie "Ben-Hur". The opening riff for "Red Light in My Eyes, Part 2" is from Mozart's Symphony No. 25 and later there's a riff from his Requiem K.626: 'Confutatis'; the intro to Red Light in My Eyes, Part I is from Bach's Two Part Invention No. 13.

At the end of "Touch Like Angel of Death" there is silence, followed a hidden keyboard session (01:19) often refered to as 'Coda', played by Alexi and Alexander (both one hand of the keyboard). Originally, this melody is from Miami Vice. This instrumental is NOT 'Bruno The Pig' (read below).

The original version of the CD contains a hidden track "Bruno The Pig" after track 7 has ended (this means: after the hidden keyboard solo). 'Bruno The Pig' is nothing but an 8th track containing 10 seconds of silence.

The Spinefarm Digipack re-release has an early version of 'Children of Bodom' as a bonustrack. The track also appeared on the 'Children of Bodom' split.
8. Children of Bodom (Early Version) 5:10

The Japanese edition has a cover of Sepultura's "Mass Hypnosis" (04:03).

Nuclear Blast re-issues comes with metallic cover and two cover songs:
08. Silent Scream (Slayer) (3:17)
09. Don't Stop At The Top (Scorpions) (3:24).
The CD also has enhanced features for the computer like the "Deadnight Warrior" music video.

The Korean edition came with a bonus track from Tokyo Warhearts:
8. Deadnight Warrior (Live in Tokyo) 3:31

The 2008 re-issue comes with bonus tracks:
8. Children of Bodom (Original Single Version) (05:10)
9. Mass Hypnosis (Sepultura Cover) (4:04) *
* at the end of this bonus track is some silence followed by the hidden keyboard solo 'Coda' that was at the end of 'Touch Like Angel of Death' on the original editition of the album.

In the 2008 re-release there are some errors in the booklet.
Under the photo of Henkka Blacksmith, it reads Janne Wirman and under the photo of Jaska Raatikainen it reads Henkka Blacksmith. However the correct names correspond with the photos of Alexi Laiho, Janne Wirman and Alexander Kuoppala.

Thanks to UMUR for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Something Wild" is the debut full-length studio album by Finnish death metal act Children of Bodom. The album was released through Spinefarm Records in February 1997. The album was originally meant to be released on a small Belgian label under the IneartheD monicker, but as the band were not satisfied with the deal, they were forced to change their name to Children of Bodom to avoid legal issues when they signed with Spinefarm Records. The name Children of Bodom derives from an infamous Finnish murder case where three teenagers were murdered at Lake Bodom in the 60s by a still unknown killer.

The music on the album is at it´s core death metal, but there are dominant power metal leanings in the music too. Heavy metal and thrash metal riffing are also used, as well as neo-classical elements. Melodic death metal with power metal styled keyboards is maybe a valid simple description of the band´s music. The vocals are growling yet fully intelligible. Occasionally they enter raspy black metal territory.

It´s pretty obvious that the 8 track, 35:58 minutes long album is a debut. Especially if you´re familiar with the band´s later more mature output. This is pretty raw and unpolished and few of the tracks are particularly memorable. The performance by the band is decent and there are a couple of skillfully played sections here and there, but again it´s obvious that these guys could take it up a notch and would do so on the next couple of albums. The fact that the sound production is a bit thin and maybe a bit too unpolished and unbalanced for the style, doesn´t help on my overall impression of "Something Wild" either. All in all it´s a decent debut album by Children of Bodom, which right away established their trademark sound, but the songwriting is immature and the tracks simply don´t stick, so a 3 star (60%) rating is warranted.
Something Wild is the debut full-length studio album by the Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Children Of Bodom, it was released in 1997 and re-released in 2002 after the band broke through.

If you like Heavy Metal, virtuosic guitar and keyboard playing, technicality and don’t dislike harsh vocal styles, then Children Of Bodom are definitely a band you should consider trying out. If you like Children Of Bodom, at some stage or other, this is a good album to check out.

The album is a brief, seven-track, 35-minute collection of fast, aggressive, melodic Metal. This album has a lot more of a Neo-Classical vibe than their modern albums and more of a slight Black Metal tinge to it (although still not overwhelmingly so) than anything else they ever made.

It also has a rawer production and some less-expensive sounding keyboard noises than their later works, the combination of all these things makes it a pretty unique release, and while it definitely unmistakably sounds like Bodom, it has ideas and sounds you’d never hear on later releases.

What it does share with later Bodom albums is that it is a constant barrage of Thrash Riffs, Death Riffs, Melodic lead guitar, frequent blistering fast guitar solos (all of which are amazing even at this early stage of the band’s career), speedy double-kicks, interesting fills, the bombast and attitude of Power Metal and Alexi’s instantly recognizable voice.

Its difficult to pick highlights since there’s only seven tracks and they’re all so good, but my personal favourite is ‘Lake Bodom.’ If you wonder whether or not you’d like this album, I recommend you give that track a listen before making the decision.

In Summary; Something Wild is a raw, charming and interesting record, that any Children Of Bodom should find an enjoyable addition to their collection.

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