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METALLICA - St. Anger Thrash Metal | review permalink
METALLICA - Hardwired... to Self-Destruct Traditional heavy metal | review permalink
ESOTERIC - The Maniacal Vale Funeral Doom Metal | review permalink
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid Traditional heavy metal
SLIPKNOT - .5: The Gray Chapter Alternative Metal
SLIPKNOT - Iowa Nu Metal
DREAM THEATER - The Astonishing Progressive Metal | review permalink
DREAMSLAIN - Tails of War Progressive Metal
DREAMSLAIN - Break Down The Walls Progressive Metal
SORCERY (US) - Sinister Soldiers Traditional heavy metal
METALLICA - Lulu (with Lou Reed) Traditional heavy metal | review permalink
CRUTHU - The Angle Of Eternity Doom Metal | review permalink
SORCERY (US) - Till Death Do We Part Traditional heavy metal

Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Traditional heavy metal 5 3.40
2 Progressive Metal 3 3.17
3 Thrash Metal 1 5.00
4 Alternative Metal 1 5.00
5 Doom Metal 1 2.00
6 Funeral Doom Metal 1 5.00
7 Nu Metal 1 5.00

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ESOTERIC The Maniacal Vale

Album · 2008 · Funeral Doom Metal
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I'm a little bit of a newbie to doom metal, but so far I love the thirty or so albums I've listened to... And this is the best one!

Each piece flows beginning to end and into the next. The atmosphere this album explores is crafted in the most beautiful way, and the layering adds so much to the pieces. The heaviness is so heavy it's awesome!

I can't wait to hear the rest of this band's work, but I doubt it'll be as good as this... Honestly, I'm just baffled by this masterpiece!

To conclude, I really liked this album - everything about it!

METALLICA Lulu (with Lou Reed)

Album · 2011 · Traditional heavy metal
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Overall, LuLu is a good experimental album.

It has some drawbacks: it doesn't flow good, and I don't think Lou Reed's voice really fits with the instrumentals.

I love both Metallica and Lou Reed.

Metallica have always been ridiculed for their new material. St. Anger is one of my favorite albums of all time, and yet no one could stand their sound on that album. Metallica's new album is also awesome, yet people look down on it just because "the old stuff is better".

Lou Reed is an old rock n' roller, and a true 70s experimentalist. He has a real great voice; he's so talented with words. The Velvet Underground were groundbreaking when they came out - they are still a real treat.

Put that together... these artists were having fun. Atonal pieces are hard to get into; this one wasn't done the best either. Still good, though... Why all the hate?

CRUTHU The Angle Of Eternity

Album · 2017 · Doom Metal
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MMA Reviewer Challenge: Album selected by Nightfly

Cruthu is a traditional doom band, based in Lansing, Michigan. The band began recording in the spring of 2014, and though their goal is not to innovate, they say they are more focused on creating good music.

The Angle of Eternity is the band's first album. It achieves a very rich sound - one that shows it was recorded very well. The album has very thematic lyrics; its music has roots in heavy music from the 70s.

Yet, as good as it might be, it is so not new... How many bands sound almost exactly like them?

The reason I gave Cruthu's latest album 2 stars is because, honestly, I doubt I will be listening to this album in a few months. It is not only that, but also the fact that I probably won't even remember them in a year - both are signals that this album just did not do enough for me.

If any of you disagree, feel free to comment below!

DREAM THEATER The Astonishing

Album · 2016 · Progressive Metal
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Bands change, right? That could be used to argue Dream Theater's case, but they never actually changed, did they?

"The Astonishing" is in itself a rather terrific concept album, and it explores very interesting territory in both its lyrical and its musical approach.

Even though I can totally say that the lyrics fulfill their job, they don't really do much more for me - probably since I don't really understand the astonishing concept that they do so much to explore. The music, though, seems to have given the word "progressive" an entirely new meaning. The band brilliantly crafts through symphonic passages and short blurbs. Standalone songs, such as "The Gift of Music" and "Our New World" help create checkpoints for listeners first exploring the three hours of snippets of vocals, guitars, and synthesizer solos.

If Mike Petrucci was there, they probably would have never created this album. Even though I prefer John Petrucci to Mike Mangini, it seems a real good thing that Mike Mangini took over on drums.

Many cheers for this great album - may it shine on, and hopefully, pave the road for future Dream Theater albums of the same sort.

METALLICA Hardwired... to Self-Destruct

Album · 2016 · Traditional heavy metal
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5/4/17 (3 1/2 stars) - "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct" was 5 stars when it came out. Each single was major, and I stayed up all night listening to the album on the day of its release. What's more, that day I was packed with so much energy - in short, the album rejuvenated me.

The problem with the album is not that it isn't as good as Metallica's earlier stuff because honestly, it is still really good. Rather, the problem is that it just doesn't last. Unlike the true goodies and all the 5-star albums out there, it does not guarantee all those months and even years of listening. Hardly can most imagine the next generation listening to this album, and rather obvious is that absolutely no one in the generation afterward would have even heard of it.

As far as the album goes, people have managed to agree that it is pretty much modern-sounding thrash. "Hardwired" is most likely the craziest song on the album, with its three minutes of chaos. All the other songs are pinned at six or seven minutes, a reasonable length. While the first disc is half singles and all epics, the second disc is made up of slightly more gradual pieces. That is to say, they are still all thrash and epic, but not to the same extent as the first disc's

"Spit Out The Bone" was the perfect song to end the album, and the deluxe version's third disc had all of the right songs, as well. "Ronnie Rising Medley" and "When a Blind Man Cries" would have went unnoticed if they weren't included, and the older Metallica songs were surely some of their best.

In short, "Hardwired... To Self Destruct" is a fantastic album for Metallica to have released as possibly their last new studio work. On the other hand, it will be lost in time, and it has already lost its appeal to most of those that have excessively listened to it. It is quite sad... well, it is still awesome that they have made it this far. If Metallica can release another album just as good, I'm sure everyone will be flattered.

5/18/17 (EDIT: 5 stars) - I made the mistake to review this album before I saw most of it live. The second Metallica started with "Hardwired" my mouth dropped open and I was lost in a world of crazy fantasy. Honestly, as they continued through "Atlas, Rise!", "Moth Into Flame", and "Now That We're Dead"... It is awesome how my opinion changed so drastically!

This is an album for the centuries, and nothing Metallica has done or will do will EVER go to waste!

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