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The band was formed in Norway in 1989 by guitarist Tore Østby, singer Dag Østby, drummer Werner Skogli and bassist Freddy Samsonstuen. In 1990, after a demo tape, Arve Heimdal replaced Werner Skogli and Ingar Amlien replaced Freddy Samsonstuen. A year later, Dag Østby quits, and the band is forced to search for a new vocalist. After many auditions, the band hooks up with Roy Sætre Khantatat (Roy Khan), a classically trained opera singer.

Their somewhat short-lived career (the band disbanded in 1997-8) was characterized by a unique and distinct sound on the power/progressive metal genre which was slightly altered with their last studio release, Flow.

Conception was reunited in 2005, playing the important American prog-metal festival Prog Power USA 2005 (Friday September 16) and Norwegian Scream Magazine 15 Years & 100 Issues Festival (Saturday October 1), bringing guitarist Tore Østby (Ark), singer Roy Khan (now lead singer of Kamelot)
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CONCEPTION The Last Sunset album cover 3.38 | 17 ratings
The Last Sunset
Progressive Metal 1991
CONCEPTION Parallel Minds album cover 3.66 | 15 ratings
Parallel Minds
Progressive Metal 1993
CONCEPTION In Your Multitude album cover 3.71 | 15 ratings
In Your Multitude
Progressive Metal 1995
CONCEPTION Flow album cover 3.83 | 9 ratings
Progressive Metal 1997
CONCEPTION State of Deception album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
State of Deception
Progressive Metal 2020


CONCEPTION Power Of Metal album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Power Of Metal
Progressive Metal 1993
CONCEPTION My Dark Symphony album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
My Dark Symphony
Progressive Metal 2018

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CONCEPTION Conception album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Progressive Metal 1990
CONCEPTION Demo `990 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Demo `990
Progressive Metal 1990

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.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Roll The Fire
Progressive Metal 1994
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Progressive Metal 1995
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Progressive Metal 2018

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CONCEPTION Parallel Minds

Album · 1993 · Progressive Metal
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'Parallel Minds', Conceptions second album, vastly improves upon its predecessor. The songwriting seems more confident, with more interesting guitar riffs, a good use of keyboards and vocal melodies that seems more in sync with the music.

Sadly however, despite a few highlights, it's still a rather forgettable record.

Song's like 'Roll the Fire', 'And I Close My Eyes', 'Water Confines' and the title track are all decent enough, but the truth is, this is nothing more than generic progressive/power metal. There's countless other things out there that are so much better and memorable, that I never find myself coming back to this.

It's not a terrible release, and it does have its moments, but ultimately, let's face it, the only reason worth buying this today is if you're a fan of Roy Khan, who's post-Conception career would see him garner worldwide fame with the band Kamelot.

CONCEPTION The Last Sunset

Album · 1991 · Progressive Metal
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Let's be honest here, the only reason anyone actively seeks this band out post-1998 is mostly due to vocalist Roy Khan, who would achieve worldwide success with the band Kamelot after Conception disbanded. And I shamelessly joined those ranks when I tracked down this little nugget of joy; 'The Last Sunset'.

It's an alright album, though to be honest, there isn't really a lot to comment on. The music is decent enough, the playing is of a high standard and Khan's singing is good, but a lot of the vocal melodies aren't very inspiring or interesting. There's some nice exotic-sounding guitar licks which give the band a hint of their own identity, but overall, a lot of the songs seem formulaic.

'War of Hate', 'Fairy's Dance' (admittedly I really like this song), 'Another World' and 'Among the Gods' are all good tracks that make Conception's debut worth checking out, but there's just too much unmet potential here for this to be anything more than a decent outing.

CONCEPTION In Your Multitude

Album · 1995 · Progressive Metal
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Norwegian metal from the 1990s? Oh, OK, so this is going to be some second-wave black metal to burn churches to, huh?

Well, no, not quite - Conception were instead a progressive metal outfit who, based on this album, seem to have a power metal-tinged sound which tends towards the catchier, more anthemic, and occasionally a bit cheesier end of the subgenre. It's certainly a technically competent example of this style and I imagine that anyone with a healthy appreciation for, say, Dream Theater would get a lot out of this, but if, like me, you find this style of progressive metal to be highly hit and miss then you might find this one leaves you cold unless you are in just the right mood for it.

CONCEPTION The Last Sunset

Album · 1991 · Progressive Metal
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I won't lie. I am a bit of a Kamelot fan. How could you not love them. Roy Khan is very much one of the sexiest metal singers alive (I'm relying more on the timbre of his voice, rather than actual a gay man, he is alright looking). When I first got into the band I was shocked to know that he was not the bands original vocalist and that before he even joined the band he was in a full blooded progressive metal band from Norway called Conception. I was even more joyous to find a copy of their first album in a second hand shop. Win win nostalgic situation.

One of the most interesting parts of the bands sound is the interesting mixture of metal and now and then flamenco guitar moments which spruce up. Mostly the band do have a pretty standard prog metal meets power metal sound. Sound wise the band pretty much have it down, but because this is a first album, you can't expect perfection.

One of the biggest problems with this album would have to be the production. Everything on this album sounds very weak and very quiet. The guitar sound especially. The riffs on this album are pretty cool, but the production just makes it sound very weak. The vocals are mixed very badly too, with Khans voice being rather quiet. It really should be against the law to have as little focus put on Roy Khans voice, cause it is very unique, even if he does sound like a pre pubescent teen on this album (which he probably was at this point).

The opening track “Building A Force” is a pretty great opener with one of the best chorus on the album. Killer riffs and some nice vocals from Khan too.

“War Of Hate” is probably one of the most heavy songs on the album. Having some rather groove metal influenced riffs the band show off their heavier sound. Sadly the production doesn't bode well with the heavy sound of this track.

One of my favorite tracks on the album would have to be “Fairy's Dance.” Having some folk influences, the song's lyrics also tell of a rather comical fantasy inspired tale. Some nice guitar work throughout too.

The title track is probably one of the most interesting moments on the album. Showing off the bands more gentler side, Khans vocals are pretty stellar, with him singing some of the highest notes I've ever heard him sing.

The final track “Among The Gods” is the longest composition on the album. The first half is rather interesting, with a lot of interesting tempo changes throughout. The ending is pretty much an extended instrumental section and I believe it overstays its welcome. Bit too long, but still pretty interesting.

In conclusion, for a debut this album is alright. The passion and material is pretty much there, but you can tell this is very much a band trying to find its feet. The band would go on to do better things, both as Conception and other projects which followed.


Genres: Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock

Country of origin: Norway

Year of release: 1993

CONCEPTION In Your Multitude

Album · 1995 · Progressive Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
This is the third album from Norway's CONCEPTION released in 1995. Like the previous one this is an excellent Prog-Metal album and perhaps the progiiest of the first three. My edition has a bonus track called "Gravity" which does justice to the rest of the album. My top three tracks begin with "Missionary Man" with the killer riffs and heavy overall sound. Some blistering guitar later on. "Guilt" is another top three and yes it's also one of the heavier ones and Khan is sounding angry here on vocals. lastly is "A Million Gods" where the rhythm section just kills. An all out assault late on this one. If your into Prog-Metal you should really enjoy this one or their "Parallel Minds" album. A solid 4 stars.

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