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Album · 1996

Filed under Doom Metal


1. Like Gods of the Sun (5:41)
2. The Dark Caress (5:58)
3. Grace Unhearing (7:19)
4. A Kiss to Remember (7:31)
5. All Swept Away (4:17)
6. For You (6:37)
7. It Will Come (4:29)
8. Here in the Throat (6:20)
9. For My Fallen Angel (5:55)

Total Time: 54:11


- Aaron Stainthorpe / Vocals
- Andrew Craighan / Guitars
- Calvin Robertshaw / Guitars
- Adrian "Ade" Jackson / Bass
- Martin Powell / Keyboards, Violin
- Rick Miah / Drums

About this release

Peaceville Records, October 7th, 1996

The Digipak version came with a bonus track and some of them came with two:
10. It Will Come (Nightmare Remix) 5:36
11. Grace Unhearing (Portishell Remix) 7:04

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siLLy puPPy
MY DYING BRIDE had been riding high since their critically acclaimed debut “As The Flower Withers” with their unique mix of early Celtic Frost darkness and Candlemass doom metal heft however most of all what really allowed them stand out from the pack was the additional gothic touches that included a haunting violin. They would soon hit musical perfection on the following second and third albums “Turn Loose The Swans” and “The Angel And The Dark River” which transformed them into one of the most interesting metal bands of the 90s. While the band hit the ground running with a completely unique style, experimentation was also a factor and on each album as they would shift the dynamics slightly and change around the dominating roles of the instruments without sacrificing the plaintive doom metal dirge feel that they made theirs alone.

On the third full-length release LIKE GODS OF THE SUN, a new formula was implemented to create an entirely new way of mixing their classic elements together. While “Turn Loose The Swans” had moments that dropped the guitar, bass and drum metal aspects and instead focused on the lugubrious violin wails and synthesized atmospheric bleakness, “The Angel And The Dark River” on the other hand added more metal oomf to the process and avoided such downtime. On LIKE GODS OF THE SUN however, the metal elements got turned up a few notches which is immediately noticeable on the opening title track that let’s loose the heavy distorted guitar riffs without a violin to be heard, however while subjected more to the background still remains a vital part of the band’s overall sound as the atmospheric backdrop makes landfall.

The 90s was a strange time when everything alternative was en vogue and it has always fascinated me how the immense popularity of a particular style flexes its gravitational pull and makes established bands do very strange things and it seems MY DYING BRIDE was not immune for despite having produced some lauded albums, still found themselves adopting some of the alternative metal playbook elements on LIKE GODS OF THE SUN. First of all, the tracks are much shorter. There are no sprawling epics that delve into long meandering violin fueled cloud drifts as in the past. The song structures are concise and to the point with the chugging riffs while retaining a doom metal vibe implement alternative metal and even thrash metal delivery. Ever so graceful in how the changing things up can make or break an album, MY DYING BRIDE nevertheless pulls it off quite successfully with the heavier guitar heft being smoothed out by the admittedly less frequent but fully functional combo effect of the violin and synthesized ambience.

For all its emphasis on a greater metal bombast which very well could’ve resulted from the band’s tour with Iron Maiden, MY DYING BRIDE ends the album letting the listener know that they are essentially the same band with the only track “For My Fallen Angel” that eschews the metal elements altogether and focuses on an ambient synthesized swirl that supports a mournful violin solo performance with Aaron Stainthorpe’s vocals parked on poetic narration instead of the usual gothically tinged romanticism that graced the rest of the album. While the band focused on more metal heft on this album, they did not however return to the death metal growls nor implement the aggressive riffs of the past. LIKE GODS OF THE SUN nicely weaves together the band’s classic sound with an alternative metal presentation that happen to find a few thrash influences in the mix. Overall, this is another stellar album however a clear sign that the sheer perfection of the past masterpieces had expired. While clearly a step down in epic quality, a step down from perfection is nevertheless still a great album.
Having excised the death metal DNA from their sound on The Angel and the Dark River, My Dying Bride would go on to continue that album's gothic-tinged doom metal sound on this release. This time around, however, things seem to have evolved a little, with a wider emotional palette present; in particular, the music no longer seems to be entirely succumbing to melancholy, with the compositions starting to show a bit of defiant grit to them that was absent before. For those who specifically look to My Dying Bride for the purpose of hearing the most miserable metal music on the planet, this may be disappointing, but for my part it is a welcome shift in their sound which stops this from simply being a bland remake of The Angel and the Dark River.

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