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Album · 2014

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CD & download version:
1. Cloudwalker (A Darker Blue) (6:05)
2. Ghost (6:37)
3. On a Plate (4:08)
4. The Promise (4:39)
5. Kvæstor (incl. Where Greyhounds Dare) (7:09)
6. Hell, Pt. 4-6: Traitor / The Tapestry / Swiss Cheese Mountain (12:24)
7. Entropy (7:22)
8. The Magic & the Wonder (A Love Theme) (4:40)
9. Hell, Pt. 7: Victim of Rock (7:35)

Total Time 60:40

Vinyl version:
1.Instrumental 1 – 3:58
2.Instrumental 2 – 3:42
3.Cloudwalker (a darker blue) (Sæther) – 6:06
4.Ghost (Sæther) – 6:38
5.On a Plate (Ryan/Sæther) – 4:09
6.The Promise (Ryan/Sæther) – 4:40
7.Kvæstor (incl. Where Greyhounds dare) (Kapstad/Ryan/Sæther) – 7:09
8.Hell, part 4-6: Traitor/The Tapestry/Swiss Cheese Mountain (Ryan/Sæther) – 12:21
9.Entropy (Sæther) – 7:23
10.The Magic & The Wonder (A Love Theme) (Sæther) – 4:41
11.Hell, part 7: Victim of Rock (Kapstad/Ryan/Sæther) – 7:36

Total Time 68:20


- Bent Sæther / vocals, bass, 12- & 6-string acoustic and electric guitars, mellotrons, percussion
- Hans Magnus Ryan / vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
- Kenneth Kapstad / drums

- Reine Fiske / electric and acoustic guitars, mellotron (present on all tracks except "On a Plate")
- Thomas Henriksen / piano (on "The Magic & The Wonder")
- Ole Henrik Moe / saw (on "Cloudwalker"), viola (on "Ghost" and "Kvæstor"´)
- Kari Rønnekleiv / violin (on "Ghost")

About this release

Label: Stickman Records/Rune Grammofon, March 7, 2014

Vinyl sides are as following: A: 1 & 2; B: 3-6; C: 7 & 8; D: 9-11.
CD and download version omit tracks 1 & 2 (instrumental tracks).
Authors of the instrumental tracks are not mentioned on the record sleeve.

Thanks to UMUR for the addition and adg211288 for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Motorpsycho are a diverse band who love to try out all sorts of different sounds, which has made for a long and prolific career but can also mean that each new album has to win its over on its own terms. I'd loved their avant-proggy Death-Defying Unicorn, but this time around on Behind the Sun they aren't really going there, instead turning out a style of neo-psychedelic rock which puts me in mind of the more lukewarm and tepid efforts of Mercury Rev - and leaves me just as cold as Mercury Rev's less spellbinding works do. It's fun, it's competent, but it doesn't really speak to me.
"Behind The Sun" is the 16th full-length studio album by Norwegian psychadelic rock/hard rock act Motorpsycho. The album was released through Stickman Records/Rune Grammofon in March 2014. "Behind The Sun" is available on CD, vinyl and as digital download. The CD and digital download versions of the album feature nine tracks, while the vinyl version features two instrumental bonus tracks. As an interesting gimmick the two vinyl bonus tracks are cut in parallel, which results in the needle randomly playing one of the two tracks, providing the listener with a suprise opening to the album upon each listen (the two tracks are placed as the first track(s) on side 1).

It hasn´t been much more than a year since the release of "Still Life With Eggplant (2013)", but Motorpsycho have as always kept busy and have among other things toured Europe. Prolific Swedish musician Reine Fiske (Landberk, Paatos, Elephant9...etc.) once again helps out on electric and acoustic guitars and mellotron. The latter instrument is heard on almost every track on the album. Other than the more regular rock instrumentation of guitars, bass and drums (and the mentioned mellotron), which are for the most part played by the three-piece band, Motorpsycho are also helped out by Thomas Henriksen who plays piano (on "The Magic & The Wonder"), Ole Henrik Moe who plays saw (on "Cloudwalker (A Darker Blue)") and viola (on "Ghost" and "Kvæstor") and Kari Rønnekleiv who plays violin (on "Ghost").

Stylistically the music on "Behind The Sun" pretty much continue down the same psychadelic rock/hard rock path which "Still Life With Eggplant (2013)" also followed. To an extent where I´ll dare call them sibling albums. The band are as always incredibly well playing and "Behind The Sun" is packed in a powerful, organic and warm sound production, which suits the music perfectly. "Behind The Sun" are among the most consistently great albums yet by Motorpsycho. There are zero filler material and no sections or tracks that don´t feel like they belong. The album also features a great overall flow and even though it´s around an hour long, it never feels like it overstays it´s welcome. In fact I feel a strong urge to put it on again right after the busy jamming track "Hell, Pt. 7: Victim of Rock" closes the album.

While the tracks on the album are both consistent in quality and style, Motorpsycho are not a one-trick pony by any means. The core of their music might be rooted in psychadelic rock/hard rock of the late sixties/early seventies, and references to artists like (early seventies) Pink Floyd, Wishbone Ash (in their early seventies prime), Jefferson Airplane and Cream are valid enough, but they successfully incorporate stylistic elements from their influences to their music to create their own unique style, even adding a progressive element now and again. Hard rocking riffs, acoustic sections, psychadelic effects, mellow vocals and harmonies and the occasional mellotron wave are some of the elements that make up the band´s sound on "Behind The Sun". Highlights include the 12:24 minutes long "Hell, Pt. 4-6: Traitor / The Tapestry / Swiss Cheese Mountain", the opening track "Cloudwalker (A Darker Blue)", the mellow "Ghost" and the above mentioned busy jamming track "Hell, Pt. 7: Victim of Rock", but as mentioned "Behind The Sun" is a very strong release throughout. A 4.5 star (90%) rating is deserved.

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