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DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA - Pandora's Piñata cover
4.10 | 18 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 2012


1. Voodoo Mon Amour
2. Guerilla Laments
3. Kevlar Sweethearts
4. How to Organize a Lynch Mob
5. Black Box Messiah
6. Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball
7. Aurora
8. Mass Rapture
9. Honey Trap Aftermath
10. Of Kali Ma Calibre
11. Justice for Saint Mary


- Andy Johansson / Bass
- Johannes Bergion / Cello
- Pontus Mantefors / Guitars, FX
- Daniel Håkansson / Guitar, Vocals
- Annlouice Loegdlund / Vocals
- Petter Karlsson / Drums
- Daniel Hedin / Trombone
- Martin Isaksson / Trumpet

About this release

Released by Ascendance Records, April 2012.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Diablo Swing Orchestra offer up exactly what they imply in their bad name: they combine the devil's own metal with, of all things, the classic sepia-toned sound of big band swing, with a flair for the dramatic and a big sound to add a little orchestral gravitas. The cartoonish collision of disparate genres represented here certainly wins points for originality, though personally I found this album is diminished by repeated listens - once the novelty of their schtick begins to fade they offer a flashy cross-genre sound but not much emotionally resonant substance to give meat and long-term staying power to their music.
I have to admit...this band has flown by me these past few years. But thank the lord for relationships because they definitely bring in new music.

I have to admit, when first hearing this band, one of my first thoughts was, “Oh luck...a gimic band.” But, as I was shown more and more stuff from this band, I was slowly becoming more impressed and becoming rather guilty at liking the very odd mix of swing and metal.

Now, most people associate these guys as “swing metal.” Now, to a degree they are, but they are so more. Basically, these guys aren't afraid to dip their toes into a lot different genres, with a lot of surprises throughout.

Musically the band is just perfect. With an incredibly large ensemble, making rather complicated music could seem a challenge, but these guys pretty much are able to take a lot of styles and fuse them together without worry.

The opener “Voodoo Mon Amour” is the perfect opener for the album. With a very catchy chorus and a danceable groove, this song just makes you want to get on a table and dance like your in the 50s.

The single that was released from the album “Black Box Messiah” is a very odd and interesting song. With a chorus that sounds like every J-Pop song compressed into one and some rather odd instrumentation throughout just add to the oddness of the song. Also, if you don't mind having an epileptic seizure, I recommend you watch the music video for this song.

One of the biggest highlights on the album has to be “Aurora.” Very much an aria, the song is a beautiful blend of orchestration with an absolutely jaw dropping mezzo soprano from Annlouice (Tarja...eat your heart out).

“Honey Trap Aftermath” is definitely one of the more easy listenable songs on the album with a very funky bassline on it. The mix of male and female vocals go very well together.

My personal favourite track has to be “Of Kali Ma Calibre.” This has to be one of the best symphonic metal songs I have heard in the past few years, and probably of all time. With an incredibly boisterous vocal performance from Annlouice and an absolutely astounding instrumental performance, taking power and rhythms to new heights.

The final track, “Justice For Saint Mary” is an epic blend of an acoustic ballad and an over the top orchestra. With a beautiful falsetto based vocal from Daniel, the song is an absolute masterpiece. The ending, which received a lot of mixed looks with the dubstep sounding electronic bits. Personally, I really like it and I think it's an insane way to end an album.

In conclusion, these guys are doing something very different to what most bands are doing now. They're fun, enjoyable and very entertaining. Musically they are spot on, vocally they blend styles very well and they compose some pretty impressive music. The album seems to be their best effort so far, and only shows that this band's next release will just be as exciting as this album.


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