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Album · 1971

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Under My Wheels (2:51)
2. Be My Lover (3:21)
3. Halo Of Flies (8:22)
4. Desperado (3:30)
5. You Drive Me Nervous (2:28)
6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (3:39)
7. Dead Babies (5:44)
8. Killer (6:57)

Total Time 36:54


- Alice Cooper / vocals, harmonica
- Glen Buxton / lead guitar
- Michael Bruce / rhythm guitar, keyboards
- Dennis Dunaway / bass guitar
- Neal Smith / drums

- Bob Ezrin / keyboards
- Rick Derringer / additional guitar (track 1)

About this release

November 1971
Warner Bros

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Mostly a refinement of the approach adopted on Love It To Death, Killer includes Western-styled tributes to Jim Morrison in Desperado (and check out Alice's Morrison-inspired croon on there), an attempt at a prog rock epic in the form of Halo of Flies which doesn't really approach the technical complexity of most prog rock from the era but is still a hell of a song - and still provides the excuse for the obligatory drum solo during Alice's concerts to this day - and a whole bunch of other highlights besides. Turning up the gruesomeness a notch with songs like Dead Babies helps keep the band in controversial territory - and even if it sounds tame today, just remember that no other group of the time would even *THINK* about including a song about such a subject on an album. Groundbreaking in its subject matter, lean and dirty musically, Killer is a filth-spattered glam rock classic.
Alice Cooper (the band)- Killer

Yeah the title says it all...KILLER, this album is a Killer album from the first track to the last noise part on the title track. Let me say this, not one song here seems out of focus, lack of creativity or lack of context. They all say something to you, speaks to you.

I will not go track by track; I will instead try to explain some songs, where to place this album stylistically and its metal credibility. First you will notice is that this is a band effort not a solo project. It is also a mirror of the adult American home/reality/pop culture portrayed satirically through biting thought provoking lyrics.

Some of the highlight songs here are the song that starts the show, Under My Wheels - which is a great rocker, full speeded guitar with twang approach - you surely will dance to this song it really aches in the dance foot.

The second highlight is the EPIC Halo of Flies - WOW this track is 8:00 minutes long prog rock with heavy guitar, a song which goes through different awesome passages, some LoonyToon parts, mellotron's, vaudeville like parts. This song is HUGE in every aspect, the more you hear it the brilliant it gets IMO.

The third and fourth highlights are Dead Babies and Killer both caries some sort of DOOM metal flavour, dark menacing songs, with some art rock moments. Both songs gives this an haunting, epic and grandiose end to this record, And for safety reasons be careful if you have the volume loud and are relaxing to this album the title track ends in a loud noise. BE AWEAR!

What styles are presented on this album, well first thing that may cross some minds is, "is this Alice Cooper" because it’s pretty artsy. Second it is not 100% metal or glam metal (more glam rock since I can hear some similarities to early Bowie, Lou Reed and Slade here) but the guitar and song topics are heavier and darker, thus gives it a metal edge, like I said a bow some Doom metal like atmosphere. Other songs like Desperado and Halo of Flies is not what I would call metal.

but the album as a hole, yeah totaly uniq piece of proto metal with glam overtones.

Enjoy Chris

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