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Album · 1987


1. Jack Daniel's and Pizza (0:55)
2. Angry Neurotic Catholics (2:47)
3. S.M.D. (2:26)
4. Ground Zero Brooklyn (4:40)
5. Race War (5:55)
6. Inner Conflict (5:02)
7. Jesus Hitler (5:17)
8. Technophobia (3:55)
9. Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix cover) (3:06)
10. U.S.A. for U.S.A. (3:21)
11. Five Billion Dead (3:02)
12. Sex and Violence (3:50)

Total Time: 44:22

Reissue bonus tracks:
13. World Wars III And IV (7:41)
14. Carnivore (3:41)
15. The Subhuman (11:09)

Total time 66:54


- Peter Steele / vocals, bass
- Marc Piovanetti / guitars, vocals
- Louie Beato / drums

- Richard Darkside / Synthesizer

About this release

Roadrunner Records, September 1987

1991 (CD)
2001 (reissue)
2008 (remastered)

All songs written by Peter Steele, except "Manic Depression" by Jimi Hendrix.

CD issued originally in 1987 as part of Roadracer Records's Price Killers series.

Reissued on CD in 1991 without tracks 4 and 9, but with most of "Carnivore" album, cat. nr. of this edition - RR 9323-2

Roadrunner later re-released Retaliation with a cover that has a different color scheme and including the band's 1984 demo as bonus tracks.

In 2008, Metal Mind Productions reissued the album as a digipak edition which includes 3 demo tracks as a bonus. It was digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc and was limited to numerated 2000 copies.

Thanks to Time Signature, UMUR, Unitron, Vim Fuego for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Retaliation" is the 2nd full-length studio album by US, New York based hardcore/crossover thrash metal act Carnivore. The album was released through Roadrunner Records in September 1987. It´s the successor to the band´s self-titled 1985 debut album and features one lineup change compared to that album as guitarist Keith Alexander has been replaced by Marc Piovanetti.

Stylistically "Retaliation" more or less continues the aggressive and intense hardcore/crossover thrash metal style of the debut album, but "Retaliation" generally sounds a bit more angry and the pace is also a bit higher overall. So there are quite a few fast-paced aggressive hardcore tracks featured on the album, but there are also the occasionally more heavy doomy and atmospheric moment featured in the music. Tracks like "Ground Zero Brooklyn", "Race War", the instrumental "Five Billion Dead", and the cover of "Manic Depression" by Jimi Hendrix are examples of the latter. Just as the case was on the debut album lead vocalist/bassist Peter Steele, spews out profanities, anger, and sarcastic comments on social/political issues, and the lyrics certainly aren´t for the faint at heart and song titles like "Angry Neurotic Catholics", "S.M.D. (Suck My Dick)", and "Jesus Hitler" are probably pretty controversial to some people.

"Retaliation" is both well produced and well performed too, and led by the distinct sounding voice of Peter Steele, Carnivore also have a unique sound although most of their core style is actually relatively generic. The combination of biting sarcasm and aggression works perfect for the band, and "Retaliation" is generally a very entertaining release. A 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.
Vim Fuego
The door crashes open, unsteady, urgent footsteps run, sounds of heaving and coughing, and the contents of a stomach splatter into a toilet bowl. After a bit more coughing, puking and spitting, the toilet flushes. This is “Jack Daniels’ and Pizza”, the greatest introduction to an album this side of Slayer's "Hell Awaits". Then the music kicks in. Not just a light tap with the foot, but an almighty great steel capped heave to the groin, off a 10-yard run up! Who knows what Carnivore were railing against on "Retaliation", but it's sure to have been mortally wounded. In the year or so that passed between the self-titled debut and the second album, Pete Steele and co. sent their sound to the gym. The faster parts are faster, heavier parts are heavier, it's vocally more brutal, and lyrically more focused. The band really stepped on the accelerator in all departments right from the opening track of the album, the wonderfully titled "Angry Neurotic Catholics", which sees Pete fighting with inner demons, contemplating suicide to escape sin-induced guilt. This is thrash the way it should be played- heavy, unstoppable, uncompromising, with proto-blast beats, shouty choruses, intense riffing, all with just a hint of melody to hook the listener. These are just downright catchy headbanging tunes. Pete had been pondering religion, the reasons behind world conflicts, and examining the human psyche, which he expressed in his own blunt politically incorrect way. The vocals are delivered with more venom than on the previous album. Steele had developed a more hardcore vocal delivery, and included spoken word rants in several tracks. There was something spookily prophetic about this album too. Two tracks in particular, "Ground Zero Brooklyn" and "USA for USA" both have taken on a new significance since the events of September 11th. "All the bullshit countries who think they'll beat the giant, World peace in upheaval, We'll nuke 'em to the Stone Age, send the message clear, Ya don't fuck with the eagle!" Sound familiar? This is music with balls. Great big hairy tattooed leather-clad ones.
Time Signature
Carnivore for carnivore...

Genre: crossover metal (thrash and hardcore punk)

This album is a legendary crossover metal album whose forte is not so much the music as the hilariously politically incorrect and far out lyrics which deal with just about anything thing that is provocative and controversial.

I mean, how can you go wrong with titles like "Angry Neurotic Catholics", "Ground Zero Brooklyn" and "Sex and Violence" and with choruses like "Jesus Hitler / Adolf Christ / Is this the Second coming / Or the fourth Reich"?. Well, I guess things can go wrong if one fails to see the irony and sarcasm of the lyrics.

The music is very punky, but also draws extensively on thrash metal. Peter Steele's vocals are very different from what Type O Negative fans might be used to, as he makes use of an angry yelling (and often arhythmic) style which suits the lyrics and the music very well. That being said, the track "Five Billion Dead" could have been a Type o Negative song. Amidst all the punk noise, there are some very cool metallic riffs and some surprising tempo shifts.

I think that fans of old school thrash metal and hardcore punk will enjoy this album. If you tend to get easily offended, you should stay far away from it, but if you don't mind a bit of ironic political incorrectness, you might actually see the humor in the lyrics.

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