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Album · 2008

Filed under Alternative Metal


1. The Redeem Team (5:01)
2. Siege Engine (8:12)
3. Pink Eye (3:24)
4. Dawn at the Deuce (4:17)
5. Flee Flicker (2:34)
6. Symmetrical Slug (2:50)
7. The Bight of Benin (1:36)
8. Fear of Salt (2:56)
9. Spooner Arks (2:43)
10. Electric Bell Blanket (0:54)
11. Tide Pools (2:44)
12. Shell Substitutions (1:51)
13. Forgotten Trail (1:07)

Total Time 40:09


- Buckethead / Guitars and slug decoloration
- Dan "Brewer" Monti / Programming & production
- Travis Dickerson / Additional guitar recording & graphic design

About this release

Released September 17, 2008 (Worldwide Dec 1, 2008) on Hatboxghost Music.

Thanks to Bosh66 for the addition and adg211288, siLLy puPPy for the updates

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siLLy puPPy
The only album to come out in 2008 under the sole moniker BUCKETHEAD although ALBINO SLUG was recorded with Dan Monti and Travis Dickerson as was “The Dragons Of Eden” (although they got artist credit on that one.) ALBINO SLUG is the 22nd solo album of the chicken lover and was originally only available for sale on tour but since has been made available through TDRS Music. To make things even more convoluted in one of the most ridiculously complex canons of the music universe, on 18 March 2009, a seven minute solo was added to the track “Forgotten Trail” when the album was released on iTunes. As of current date, the album will be re-released once again on 15 Nov 2017 it will be given a new title, new cover artwork and the tracks “Redeem Team” and “Siege Engine” will be re-recorded. Whew!

Unfortunately the packaging, rebranding and minutia of ALBINO SLUG are much more complex than the music that it contains. This is one of BUCKETHEAD’s more straight forward alternative metal type of albums with less emphasis on progressive elements, experimentation and wild frenetic unhinged episodes. For the most part this one is a by-the-numbers guitar / bass / drums affair with repetitive chord sequences and bluesy lead guitar solos over the grungy metal haze. The tracks are generally quite short with the eight minute plus “Siege Engine” being the sole exception and that easily could’ve been trimmed in half and then it still would’ve been too long as it has little variations and just coasts on a 4/4 parade of a repetitive riff. Tracks like “Pink Eye” offer a bit more variation in terms of surprises and time signature deviations but still retains an alternative metal approach. “Flee Flicker” is also a nice little unusual number with an unusual rhythm accompanied by the expected alt metal guitar and a sizzling solo.

While there are a few bona fide moments of interest on ALBINO SLUG, overall i just feel this to be a bit lazy in the BUCKETHEAD universe. While nothing is overtly horrible and unlistenable, neither is it refreshing, creative and innovative in anyway. This is simply BH’s techniques going through the recycling bin and thrown back out and recorded. At this stage before he was pumping out a gazillion albums a minute, his albums were much more varied and often generated more mood shifts. ALBINO SLUG just covers the gamut of crunchy alt metal chords with a few freaky things thrown in here and there to keep us from thinking this is an experimental Foo Fighters album or something. Good but doesn’t blow me away either. Luckily there is always another BUCKETHEAD album to check out!

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