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Album · 2012 · Death-Doom Metal
Cover art 5.00 | 1 rating
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When Nothing Remains - As all Torn Assunder

This is a great debute from a promising swedish death/doom metal band. Hailing from Gothenburg, this band know how to pummle out hard, crushing and shugging riffs, but not only do they play heavy brootal metal music, NO!!. They add a symphonic orchestra or some synths in the background which drives the metal instruments. Rather then the metal instruments are driving the music, it is the symphonic backdrop which commands the music and its structure (melodies and arrangements), which makes the music a grand statemen, a powerfull listening experience, and will make this band hit home in a larger field of the metal community then in the doom metal scene.

The music on this album will hit home to fans of power metal, thrash metal, sludge/post metal and progressive metal, there is alot of elements in the music preformed on this album. Very epic, and big at times, i will not take one song over any other as this album must be listend to in one go and all the songs combined makes this album a true listening experience, of both dark horror, but also prestine beauty.

Imagine Danny Elfmen being hosted by Loki. a twisted metal album that mends the dark and light, moody with brisk, to such a listening experience that it will tingle gently all your sences and fealings till you gasp for air of pure extatic sensation. A powerfull statemnt and a powerfull album.

!!!...Essential: a masterpiece of metal music...!!!


EP · 1992 · Alternative Metal
Cover art 4.00 | 3 ratings
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Pluto - far out but also quite familiar.

This is a very good debute EP by a favourite of the Norwegian metal scene, very memorable and the riffs and atmophsre sticks with you.

The best thing with Seigmen is their unrelentles pomeling riffs that promisses some great listening experiences everytime you play the songs, you feal like its the first time everytime. why is it so, you might say?, Well i can only say in one way which makes the music and spessially on this album catch on you, is to just note how innovative it sounds, and how it sounds like to fit into the international scene of experimental metal, Seigmen created their own nieche, which no other metal bands that i have heard have touched, it is almost their own litle domain. though it later is obvious that they took note of what happend in the scene in California and spessially on Tools work, on the album Total, they brought Sylvia Massy who produced Opiate, and Ænima.

This album came out same as Opiate and us unrelated to any Tool inflence this and the later Ameneon, is statement of Seigmens devoted sence of doomy and grungy riffs, adventures, soul searchimg and not quite hard to grasp lyrics about symbolisme, religion, philosophi and other meta-relatedd themes.

best tracks on this album/EP is Fra X til Døden which is a rollercoaster ride and pummles like a rabbid dog thourgh a fast tarraign of doomy landscapes, Kortoget is also another great track, dark, mysterious, industrial, and doom metal at core.

words to discribe this album/EP is mystic and dark, creative and promissing,

Strongly recomended to all fans of doom metal, gothic metal, sludge metal, and post metal.


Album · 1985 · Non-Metal
Cover art 4.52 | 7 ratings
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Night Time - Killing Joke

If you really wants to get what Killing Joke is all about, this is the album that you should listen to, all that Killing Joke is, will be defined by the sonic spectre of this album, all the songs are the peak to what sonicly, vissionaly and artisticaly Killing Joke will pour out, all the songs in this album caries a spessial feal to them.

From the beginning track Night Time it introduces the listner to the raw, gloomy, gothic and deep sound of what the band will explore, and it is working very well for the band to try out the dark sounds of rock, which gives this album a cloustrophobic feal. You can feel the intencety of closed dores around you by listening to this album.

I will not pick out any particular songs as the album should be listend to as a whole, but the songs which i will recomend which stand out from this album is the title track, Darkness Before Dawn, Louder then Low, Kings and Queens and Eightees,

To tell which genere this album falls withing is a difficult task, it fits non but it is also defiened by its era, its 80s new/wave sound, wuth industrual and gothic rock/metal influence. the album is gloomy and powerfull, perfect for a time for reflection and thinking.

This album is a recomandation to all fans of metal in general, this is a different sounding band/album yet a vry important step for the development of metal, and this album is one of the most important steppingstones for alternative rock/metal scene.


DØDSVERK Fun For All The Family

Album · 1997 · Avant-garde Metal
Cover art 5.00 | 1 rating
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Fun for the Family - Dodsverk,

i really did not expect anything when i stumbled upon this band, but what i stumbled on was something unexpected and fearly insane prog metal, which blends jazz and avantgarde with jazz.

This album is the more mature brother of the debute album, more refined and added to the all a mellotron which gives the heavy, crazy music a vintage depth which only the mellotron can give.

the singing is in Norwegain, and can therefor be compared to Seigmen, but that is a missleading carcterestic, which the band themselvs would loudly say NO WE DON'T. but it is to lie to tell that the two bands share some similar traits, but more in that they sound like nobody else, Dodsverk sounds like nobody else as far as i know, this album sounds like nothing youve ever heard, bold statement is bold, this is a genious metal album, and in the Avant garde section this album would be a good investigation for those who like the strange in the metal world, the techicality of the musicians involved is staggering, the controll on isntruments are done by masters of ceveral genres not only metal, they go from metalcrushing riffs, to cabaret style music, to swing jazz in one hit on the snaredrum, but it is unmistakable avantgarde metal, an experiment with metal by taking in sounds from avant garde,

fans os maudlin of the Well, Kayo Dot, Sleepytime Gorilla Museeum, Shining will cherish this album... also fans of the RiO scene will like this album many would like this album

recomended songs, Mer, Zoolist, Sr 2, Sr 3, 846 484 and Apati...


Album · 1993 · Alternative Metal
Cover art 3.94 | 4 ratings
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Seigmen - Ameneon

Seigmen seems to be quite an unknown metal act outside of Scandinavia, which is a pitty couse they rocks... if their is one reason there be that most of their albums are sung in Norwegian, but the musical quality of the music played on this album should be of interest to metal music fans world wide, as this is a very original and experimental metal music act that shows an uncanny abilaty to create unique atmopheres, you might get opiphanys when you listen to this album, it is in my opion quite a mark in the evolution of post-metal, i know i make a huge statement, but Seigmen should be regarded as one of many bands to predesses post-metal.

I Find very few metal acts out there who desplays such an intensity to an album as i find in this 93 release of the Norwegian act Seigmen, from first to last song you have varied riffs, atmopheric bass lines, rasping vocals, clean vocals, semi-growls, prestine clear and solid drums, that have never sounded better on a metal album (drummers is gonna love the drums on this record, atmophseric guitar playing, layering, soundshaping, shoegaze/post-rock elements etc there is alot to put your metal teaths in.

the music in itself on this album stylewise is a hybreed, of doom metal, gothich sounding metal, alternative metal and post-metal in its earlyes embryonic face, it also have an atmosphere similar to black metal but it is far from being black metal, more gothic/doom metal overall with several sub-genres of metal visitting, in and out of songs, the title track is a pure melancholic folk instrumental, and their is a classical piano interlude to the track Negativ,

I will state that, to fans of Tool, Neurosis, Melvins, Kyuss and other dark alternative, sludgy and atmophserical bands this album are recomendable

it is a good/even great addition to any fans of metal, if you want original, fresh, innovative metal in, the borders doom metal and gothic metal, then this album is probably one of the defining album in that respect.

MASTODON Remission

Album · 2002 · Sludge Metal
Cover art 3.84 | 44 ratings
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Remission is a heavy, it is brutal and it is a fierce, what Mastodon have done on this album is nothing short of amazing. Song after song on this album are ether intense, claustrophobic or eyescratching violent, it plays on your subconscious and it plays on your adrenaline, because it somehow invokes your primeval and violent subconscious mind.

It is hard to describe one song in particular that makes this album what it is, but I will try to take on three songs

March of the Fire Ants, is intense and brutal it shows the bands skills folding out both as a uncompromising metal band that can melt rocks, but also as kinetic unit who’s minds is so tightly tide up to each other that technical parts goes of like it is a delicate piece of apple cake, with wiped cream on top. this song is like molted rocks and apple cake with wiped cream (solid but also tasty).

Ol'e Nessie - is the beauty and the beast in one song first 3 min is a calm melodic submarine travel on discovery channel the next 3mins are a bumpy ride in a submarine with no air left (claustrophobic). (Trainwreck and Trilobite awoke the same feeling).

the tree headed beast on this album are the heavy trunks of songs, Where Strides the Behemoth, Trampled Under Hoof (underrated song)and Mother Puncher, this songs are so brutal they can lit water, crunch rocks and melt led, with their sludging menacing powers, and intense heat.

So if you like to intense, fierce and claustrophobic music get this album... if not get Crack the Skye.

sold 5 star album


Album · 1971 · Hard Rock
Cover art 4.29 | 45 ratings
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Alice Cooper (the band)- Killer

Yeah the title says it all...KILLER, this album is a Killer album from the first track to the last noise part on the title track. Let me say this, not one song here seems out of focus, lack of creativity or lack of context. They all say something to you, speaks to you.

I will not go track by track; I will instead try to explain some songs, where to place this album stylistically and its metal credibility. First you will notice is that this is a band effort not a solo project. It is also a mirror of the adult American home/reality/pop culture portrayed satirically through biting thought provoking lyrics.

Some of the highlight songs here are the song that starts the show, Under My Wheels - which is a great rocker, full speeded guitar with twang approach - you surely will dance to this song it really aches in the dance foot.

The second highlight is the EPIC Halo of Flies - WOW this track is 8:00 minutes long prog rock with heavy guitar, a song which goes through different awesome passages, some LoonyToon parts, mellotron's, vaudeville like parts. This song is HUGE in every aspect, the more you hear it the brilliant it gets IMO.

The third and fourth highlights are Dead Babies and Killer both caries some sort of DOOM metal flavour, dark menacing songs, with some art rock moments. Both songs gives this an haunting, epic and grandiose end to this record, And for safety reasons be careful if you have the volume loud and are relaxing to this album the title track ends in a loud noise. BE AWEAR!

What styles are presented on this album, well first thing that may cross some minds is, "is this Alice Cooper" because it’s pretty artsy. Second it is not 100% metal or glam metal (more glam rock since I can hear some similarities to early Bowie, Lou Reed and Slade here) but the guitar and song topics are heavier and darker, thus gives it a metal edge, like I said a bow some Doom metal like atmosphere. Other songs like Desperado and Halo of Flies is not what I would call metal.

but the album as a hole, yeah totaly uniq piece of proto metal with glam overtones.

Enjoy Chris

SOUNDGARDEN Badmotorfinger

Album · 1991 · Alternative Metal
Cover art 4.18 | 62 ratings
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Well this is my first album review ever so this will be exiting.

First let me tell you what an awesome album I have in front of me know, just pure heavy, angst full, and raw metal. this is Soundgardens third album release I have not heard the two previous to this, but from what I have read from other sources they are murkier and much harder and the punk influence clearer. But let’s get back to the Badmotorfinger review... this album is certain to give you a crazy ride, through angst filled, and angry Seattle natives minds, the musicians’ on this record are Chris Cornell (vocals, guitar, most of the words, and main tunesmith), Kim Thail (guitar), Matt Cameron (drums and backing vocals) and newcomer Ben Shepherd (bass and some Lyrics) I will not go overly technical regarding instruments or music theories but i will explain the album track by track with the best of my ability.

1. Rusty Cage - First this song rocks! What a great starter, it really settles the album in high gear, you can feel thees guys are ready to conquer the world with this song. the guitar are playing a dissonant riff, with a rumbling bass, and great drum performance. the vocals by Chris are top notch he have an incredible range. the song goes on for a while in high tempo, then a bridge, then suddenly starts the time-signature rollercoaster ride 3/4, 2/4 and 5/4 are the signature that carry us through this whit an awesome drummer and "metronome" Mr. Cameron. Trivia, this song was covered by the legend Johnny Cash. 5/5

2. Outshine - this song starts suddenly after the first, with a crunching guitar riff, one of the top Soundgarden songs and most famous, also one of the first examples of alternative metal, this song is quite complex and carris us through heavy, light and dark passages. great drum preformance. the pre course is cool 5/5

3. Slaves & Bulldozers - starts with a low tuned bass guitar, then some vocal, this song is dark and slow, almost sludge metal, the vocals by Chris on this song is inhuman sometimes he hits really high notes, it's even hints of growling on the last part. 4,25/5

4. Jesus Christ Pose - this song is like the craziest rollercoaster ride you will ever take. It feels like being sucked in to a worm hole of fire and heat. Heavy metal at its best, rumbling rock, angry and pointing a finger against religion. Technical guitar riff and drum pattern. Some of the best riffs I’ve heard in a long time. It got banned from MTV because of its anti-relgious message. 5/5

5. Face Pollution - is a short song which is a mix of heavy metal and punk rock, fast and catchy yet contribute some surprises a long the way, a Rush-like section were they somehow point a finger against the other grunge bands "try to do this after us" still crazy drum performance and impressive bass line as well. 4/5

6. Somewhere - have a overdrive bass effect which is the standout feature on this song because it creates a cool sludgie groove in the verse and in the bridge, some interesting guitar plucking in second verse, really cool song which gets better each time you listen to it and good corous, nice fade out with awesome bass overdrive line then the song increase back again COOL. 5/5

7. Searching With my Good Eye Closed - starts with a funny spoken word part then this turns into a groovy alternative metal song. Nice groove. But also the song closest to grunge on this album, albeit this is grunge it is in the highest quality of their pears. Not the best song on the album but it's still more then good enough 4/5

8. Room a Thousand Years Wide - hard crushing heavy metal riff, some odd-time signatures, sludge metal. this song also features some saxophone this automatically gives this song a jazzy feel (almost avant-garde) 4,25/5

9. Mind Riot - starts of with some nice bass guitar then some cool guitar riffs, this song have a nice atmosphere Chris Cornell sings really well here. I really like the guitar melodies here. Matt Cameron really brings some creative drum patterns here. I feel this song contribute to the overall good feeling of this album, the feeling of creativity gives this album a rare quality thanks to songs like this 4/5

10. Drawing Flies - is probably my favourite song on this album after Outshine. a really funny song, mind-blowing metal riff, again you hear some jazz instruments this time the sax, is complained by trombone and there is some really cool bass grooves, this song is all about groove, but with what i will cal, hints of free jazz 5/5

11. Holy Water - a very good hard rock song with lots of variation and layers, with a catchy and infectious corous, nice guitar solo, great song and Matt Cameron have some backing vocals (he also have backing vocals on Outshine)5/5

12. New Damage - this song is EPIC really shows were the band is heading, and it shows what the later album Superunkown will sound like. this song is almoust boundring to Stoner Metal. The sketches for Black Hole Sun are laid here. a slow menacing song, the psychedelic elements is strong here, and it builds and builds, intense song that demands concentration from the listeners (still after 50 minutes.) the epic finale 5/5

this album is a masterpiece of metal, but this album is not just a metal album, the song writing here is really the magical recipe here, top notch musicians, with Chris Cornell as the top chef and Matt Cameron as the steersman who sails the ship, with Kim and Ben adding the nuances. Soundgarden was not only one of the founding grunge band but also the band who draw the links between Alt rock and Alt metal closer, they contributed alot to the development of both Sludge metal and Stoner metal. you can bet the progmetal band Mastodon learnd a few tricks from Badmotorfinger and the later Superunkown.

Easy 4 and a half star almost 5

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