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SEIGMEN - Pluto cover
4.93 | 2 ratings | 1 review
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EP · 1992

Filed under Gothic Metal


1. Fra X til døden (7:00)
2. Mono doomen (3:59)
3. Korstoget (6:22)
4. Skjebnen (2:18)
5. Syndefloden (5:58)

Total Time: 25:38


- Alex Møklebust / lead vocals
- Kim Ljung / bass guitar, vocals
- Noralf Ronthi / drums
- Marius Roth Christensen / electric guitar
- Sverre Økshoff / electric guitar

About this release

EP, Ikon, April 8th, 1992

Originally released on the bands own Ikon-imprint in two pressings (approximately 485 and "a few thousand" copies respectively). Later repressed on 1:70/Sony.

The EP came in three editions: a black CD limited to 500 copies, a clear CD, and a red CD.

Thanks to UMUR for the updates

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Pluto - far out but also quite familiar.

This is a very good debute EP by a favourite of the Norwegian metal scene, very memorable and the riffs and atmophsre sticks with you.

The best thing with Seigmen is their unrelentles pomeling riffs that promisses some great listening experiences everytime you play the songs, you feal like its the first time everytime. why is it so, you might say?, Well i can only say in one way which makes the music and spessially on this album catch on you, is to just note how innovative it sounds, and how it sounds like to fit into the international scene of experimental metal, Seigmen created their own nieche, which no other metal bands that i have heard have touched, it is almost their own litle domain. though it later is obvious that they took note of what happend in the scene in California and spessially on Tools work, on the album Total, they brought Sylvia Massy who produced Opiate, and Ænima.

This album came out same as Opiate and us unrelated to any Tool inflence this and the later Ameneon, is statement of Seigmens devoted sence of doomy and grungy riffs, adventures, soul searchimg and not quite hard to grasp lyrics about symbolisme, religion, philosophi and other meta-relatedd themes.

best tracks on this album/EP is Fra X til Døden which is a rollercoaster ride and pummles like a rabbid dog thourgh a fast tarraign of doomy landscapes, Kortoget is also another great track, dark, mysterious, industrial, and doom metal at core.

words to discribe this album/EP is mystic and dark, creative and promissing,

Strongly recomended to all fans of doom metal, gothic metal, sludge metal, and post metal.

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