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"U.S.A. for M.O.D." is the debut full-length studio album by US, New York based crossover thrash metal act M.O.D. (Method of Destruction). The album was released through Caroline/Megaforce Records in 1987. M.O.D. was founded in 1986 by S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) vocalist Billy Milano after it was clear that S.O.D. was a one-off project (at least that was the case in 1986) and the other members of the band opted to focus on their main acts Anthrax and Nuclear Assault. Milano however didn´t have a main act to return to and as a consequence formed M.O.D. to continue what he had helped start with S.O.D....

...and that`s politically incorrect crossover thrash metal delivered with an attitude. While "U.S.A. for M.O.D." isn´t as surprising nor as revolutionary as "Speak English or Die (1985)" by S.O.D., the musical style of the latter is pretty much continued on "U.S.A. for M.O.D." with very few changes to the overall musical/lyrical concept despite most of the personel having changed.

Most tracks are structured with a heavy groove oriented section first and then a fast-paced hardcore section to close the track. There are exceptions to that formula like some of the very short tracks in "That Noise" and "Short but Sweet", which are respectively 13 and 7 seconds long. There are a couple of more tracks that are as short as those two, but most tracks on the 22 track, 40:32 minutes long album are between 1 and 3 minutes long. Short bursts of aggression and often oddball politically incorrect lyrical themes (like making fun of fat people on "Bubble Butt" and "Spandex Enormity", or of gays on "A.I.D.S."). But the lyrical themes are actually quite varied as you´ll also find social/policial commentary as in "Aren´t You Hungry" and "Get a Real Job", or some silly humorous lyrics like in "Don't Feed the Bears" and "Ode to Harry".

"U.S.A. for M.O.D." was produced by Alex Perialas and Anthrax/S.O.D. guitarist Scott Ian (who also handles some guitar/backing vocals, and co-wrote some of the material featured on the album), and the sound quality is decent. The guitar tone is a bit thin and the punch is slightly lacking from the sound, but considering the fact that "U.S.A. for M.O.D." was recorded and mixed in 4 days, the sound production is of a pretty good quality. The organic and somewhat lo-fi nature of the sound is definitely not without it´s charm.

So upon conclusion "U.S.A. for M.O.D." is a relatively entertaining debut release by M.O.D.. It doesn´t quite live up to the quality of the legendary "Speak English or Die (1985)" by S.O.D., but if you enjoyed that album, there´s a good chance you´ll find at least some enjoyment in "U.S.A. for M.O.D.". A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.
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UMUR wrote:
9 months ago
As far as I remember I´ve reviewed Surfin´ MOD but the review is in backlog to be posted. Gross Misconduct is NeXT :-)
Unitron wrote:
9 months ago
I've never heard Surfin' MOD, but maybe I should pick it up. There's a ton of cassettes of it at one of my local record stores.
Vim Fuego wrote:
9 months ago
I know you're not talking to me, but personally I love Surfin' MOD. ;)
Unitron wrote:
9 months ago
I like this one, though I prefer the following Gross Misconduct. What do you think of that one? (Though I'm guessing you'll be reviewing it at some point)
UMUR wrote:
9 months ago
I think it´s a great historical document of the ignorance of a lot of people back in the eighties when the virus was first discovered. Billy Milano was always the outspoken type, and here....yeah he missed that a bit didn´t he :-)
Vim Fuego wrote:
9 months ago
Love this album, despite the political incorrectness... Billy Milano has now said he regrets writing the song A.I.D.S..

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