QUEENSRŸCHE — The Warning (review)

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4/5 ·

First studio album but second release by QUEENSRŸCHE, "The Warning" is pretty much in the style of their self-titled debut EP: heavy metal in the vein of MAIDEN, with elegance, melodies and only slight progressive touches. Partially inspired by George Orwell's 1984, the compositions, were quite elaborated and refined compared to other metal bands, and deliver an impression of grace carried by Geoff Tate's incredible vocal range.

The powerful and epic opener "Warning" is just great! "En Force" is also nice with its galloping riff, whereas "Deliverance" is a little more original with its melody changes. More complex and melancholic, "No Sanctuary" calms down the pace, while the cool "N M 156" sounds a bit futuristic. More personal and in the style of QUEENSRŸCHE's next opuses, the aerial "Take Hold The Flame" is touching, due to Tate's particular plaintive and piercing singing.

On the contrary, "Before The Storm" and "Child Of Fire" are neither very original nor remarkable, but remain however pleasant. More interesting is the 10 minutes mini-epic "Roads To Madness", the only genuine progressive track of the disc. On a dark and haunting ambiance, this evolving suite alternates slow, thrilling and hazy atmospheres, as well as heroic passages. One of QUEENSRŸCHE's best tracks from the 80's.

With "The Warning", the Americans have not fully emancipated from their British metallic elder brothers yet. Not as complex and sophisticated as, say, FATES WARNING, the music is still very influenced by IRON MAIDEN. Nonetheless, although lacking originality and personality, the quality and inspiration are already present and the compositions display discrete melodic and progressive elements that will developed in their further records.

A promising and convincing first studio album anyway. I'm warning you: If you're looking for challenging songs, do not pick this one, but if you just want powerful and elegant 80's heavy metal, "The Warning" is exactly what you need!
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siLLy puPPy wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I've never been able to get into this one as much as the debut EP or following Rage For ORder for some reason although i've tried. There are many great tracks on it though. Still a must have
more than 2 years ago
Before the Storm I find pretty memorable. It's not easy to think of a band that would do a similar song except for Iron Maiden. I agree that Rage for Order is a favourite. As I said in my review a while back, when it came out there was nothing like that in metal. Not that I knew of.
Unitron wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I love this one, and Before the Storm is personally one of my favorites. The next album is my favorite from the band, although this is a close second.
more than 2 years ago
I was originally disappointed that it was higher toned and not as heavy as the EP, but I loved some of the original touches such as the whistling and strings in "No Sanctuary", the quick changes in "Deliverance" and the sound effects in "NM 156", which I see as a precursor to "Rage for Order". I always liked side one better but in recent years "Roads to Madness" has also become more interesting.

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