BUCKETHEAD — Pike 296 - Ghouls of the Graves (review)

BUCKETHEAD — Pike 296 - Ghouls of the Graves album cover Album · 2021 · Alternative Metal Buy this album from MMA partners
3/5 ·
siLLy puPPy
Hello kiddies. It’s time for another ride at BUCKETHEADLAND.

The cotton candy machine is plugged in and the roller coaster awaits.

Today’s wild adventure will take us to the GHOULS OF THE GRAVES

The PIKE 296 express is ready to board so please get your tickets ready.

Today’s excursion will feature three soundtrack pieces.

The first will be the title track to GHOULS OF THE GRAVES. 
Please keep your hand in the ride.

These ghouls are mischievous and known to snip off a finger or two.

Please focus on the alternative metal instrumental that finds our multi-instrumentalist and chicken enthusiast BUCKETHEAD handling all the instrumentation on board. This track will remind you of soundtracks of yore with crunchy guitar riffs, pronounced bass lines and heavy percussive drive. It will be a warmup piece as the good stuff is yet to come.

Next stop we see a “Starserpent” and the accompanying soundtrack features a more ambient intro with an atmospheric swooping behind the already established alternative metal guitar antics. Very similar to our first presentation, this one is a bit longer and offers glimpses into the past where BUCKETHEAD has crafted many similar sounding instrumental rockers.

The majority of today’s adventure will be spent at the “Glass Mines.” The accompanying soundtrack will take up most of your ride’s length as it is just shy of 21 minutes in length. This musical score starts off slow and silky like the glass once it’s been polished so carefully however this is an alternative metal journey so let the guitars, bass and drums out of the cage where they can play with the softer sounds in an orgy or aural resplendence! Each dropping of the rock aspects will allow the atmospheric ambience to build into towering crescendoes so magnificent that miners rejoice as they toil away in the dark pits from which glittering glass is extracted. This particular score is a favorite of our cast members who find it a stimulant in their mood modifying stay at BUCKETHEADLAND. The cyclical guitar hooks allow the theta brainwaves to adapt to the turbulent task afoot and today is the day that YOU get to hear it! While 21 minutes may SEEEM like a long time for a track, this one has a way of rewiring your brain circuitry to like it! Don’t worry there are no long lasting effects and you will have splendid dreams tonight! Besides it really IS a good tune with a few progressive touches even!

Following our 29 minute and 27 journey into the GHOULS OF THE GRAVES, our adventure has woefully come to an end but do not dismay for another ride is coming soon to BUCKETHEADLAND where you can experience another slice of heaven on Earth! Thank you for coming and do mind the gap upon exiting. Cheerio, maties!
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