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Timeless Miracle is a Swedish speed/power metal act formed in 2001 by Mikael Holst and Fredrik Nilsson. However, their musical collaboration goes back to late 1995 when they formed the band Trapped together with drummer Kim Widfors. The trio played a couple of gigs but was soon split up when drummer Kim moved abroad.

In 2005, they finally released their debut album "Into the Enchanted Chamber" which is the result of a work with RoastingHouse famous producers Anders "Theo" Theander and Pontus Lindmark. The album delivers mystic medieval tales from the Nordic countries in a blend of metal, folklore, classic, melodies, and fantasy.

Shortly after the release of Into the Enchanted Chamber, work begun on a follow up, tentatively titled Under the Moonlight. After working on the album for a while, the band went on a lengthy hiatus, before returning in 2015 to record a cover of Sonata Arctica's song "Fullmoon".
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TIMELESS MIRACLE Into The Enchanted Chamber album cover 2.96 | 12 ratings
Into The Enchanted Chamber
Power Metal 2005



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In The Year Of Our Lord
Power Metal 2002
TIMELESS MIRACLE The Enchanted Chamber album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
The Enchanted Chamber
Power Metal 2003
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The Voyage
Power Metal 2004

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TIMELESS MIRACLE Into The Enchanted Chamber

Album · 2005 · Power Metal
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MMA Reviewers Challenge: July 2016

I have heard many power metal albums since I started fully exploring the genre around six years ago, and I've certainly been impressed by many of them, including classics from the obvious suspects such as Helloween, Stratovarius, all forms of Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Kamelot, etc. But would you believe it? Out of all the power metal albums I've heard in my life, my all time favorite is not by any of those bands or any other big name band. Nope, it's Into the Enchanted Chamber by the unfortunately obscure Swedish band Timeless Miracle. Not only is this album their debut, but as of 2016 it remains their only release to date, though I'm happy to report the band is currently working on a follow up, tentatively titled Under the Moonlight, and that is obviously my most anticipated album at the moment. But sticking to the here and now, Into the Enchanted Chamber is an example of everything I love about power metal, with its unique sound and focus on speed and melody above all else, while still being quite varied and having several surprising elements as well as some twists and turns throughout. I'll admit it's tough to give this thing a detailed review without absolutely gushing over it, but I'll do my best.

Out of all variations of the genre, I tend to prefer Swedish power metal the most, as it's much more melodic, more flavorful and more epic feeling than most German or American power metal usually is, while also having more of an edge to it than some of the more keyboard driven Finnish power metal bands. Timeless Miracle not only represents everything I love about the style, but they go above and beyond with several elements I wouldn't expect to hear in the genre, but I certainly welcome them. Listeners can expect mostly speedy tracks, with a focus on huge and memorable vocal melodies, as well as some great keyboard work, excellent guitar leads and of course some absolutely killer choruses, some of the best I've ever heard, in fact.

One area where they differ from most metal bands is they actually have a surprising lack of guitar solos. In fact, before hearing the album I was told it featured not a single guitar solo, and while that isn't entirely true, it's not too far from the truth. Usually I'd consider that a warning sign, as songs without guitar solos often tend to feel empty, but with Timeless Miracle that isn't the case at all. Nope, instead they fill tracks in more creative ways, sometimes with the expected synth solos, but sometimes they'll throw in some violin, sometimes other unexpected sounds and on almost every song when you get to a point where most bands will just throw in a solo and move back to the chorus to end the song, they will throw in a mix of instrumental sections and extra vocal sections, managing to fit in a ton of content into songs that, with two exceptions, never go past 7 minutes. So needless to say, while they may not provide many guitar solos, they always come up with great and memorable ways to transition from the expected verse/chorus structure to the end of a song, without the music ever becoming anything less than absolutely amazing.

Another thing about the album is that the lyrics are often fairly dark, which is atypical for the genre. Several tracks deal with themes of death or turning into something evil, and of course there's “Return of the Werewolf”, which feels like a twisted take on a classic fairytale. These lyrics mixed with a slightly darker tone than usual to the music is part of what helps give the album such a unique feel. Epic Lycanthropic Metal, as the band likes to call their style, and that description fits quite well. Adding to this unique feel is vocalist/bassist Mikael Holst. He has a voice unlike any I've ever heard before, and it is quite something. It's really hard to describe and to do it justice, but basically he sounds like a power metal singer but with a very animated, much darker than usual tone to his voice, giving him a somewhat creepy, menacing sound at times, and yet he's capable of sounding very warm at times, and he's extremely emotive. He fits the music perfectly and really is one of my favorite aspects of the album, which is saying a lot.

Of course, it doesn't matter how unique a band sounds, how many unexpected elements they have in their music or how great their singer is if they can't write good songs to go with it. Thankfully, songwriting happens to be one of their biggest strengths of all, and every song here is nothing short of an absolute masterpiece. Starting off, we have one of the 10 best songs on the album in opening track “Curse of the Werewolf”. Beginning with an epic orchestral intro, followed by a calm but rather ominous sounding piano section, Mikael makes his first appearance early on and steals the show right away, before the guitars kick in, the tempo picks up and the song speeds away during its epic first verse, giving way to one hell of an epic and insanely catchy singalong chorus. After this we get an example of their brilliant songwriting, with an awesome quick vocal section to smoothly transition into the next verse, and then later on in the track we get an epic synth solo, leading towards the final run of the chorus, and an ultra epic closing vocal section, where layered backing vocals show up near the end and it just sounds stunning.

Next we have another instant winner in “Witches of Black Magic”, another very speedy track which introduces us to the violin, another highlight of the album. I love how the band mixes the violin so seamlessly into their music, and how they allow it to dominate many sections of the album, such as during the verses of this track, as it works really well along with the leading guitars. Later in the track we even get a really nice violin solo, which is a nice treat. Things only get better after that, with the title track. It begins with some super epic horns in the beginning, and it is certainly one of the more upbeat and happy tracks on the album. Again, the violin works really well when paired up with the guitar during the verses, and the chorus is definitely one of the cheerier and more exciting choruses on the album. Later in the track we get an absolutely stunning sequence where the violin plays a note, followed by the guitar, and it keeps going back and forth for a while, until eventually the track moves on, and not too long after that we get another great violin solo. Next is one of the more unique tracks on the album, “The Devil”. The violin is once again quite dominant in the main melody and the track has more of a folk feel to it than much of the album. It's mostly a more laid back, mid paced track, driven by melodies and vocals. The chorus is outstanding, and while the lyrics, which deal with Lucifer's fall from his perspective, are evil and not something I'd normally enjoy, Mikael is so emotive in his delivery I just can't help but be impressed and become fully invested in the song. A surprisingly speedy vocal section appears towards the end and is one of the highlights of the track.

While it may have a very tough act to follow, “The Red Rose” certainly does not disappoint. It's another fast paced, instantly engaging track with incredible vocal lines and great lead guitar work. Aside from the chorus, its highlights are a rather unique instrumental section about 2/3 of the way through, which starts out very dark and becomes much calmer at the end, the epic vocal section that comes shortly after, and the amazing synth solo towards the end. I've heard some say it's their favorite on the album, and I can see why. It's certainly one of my ten favorites. Next we have the only instrumental track of the album, the orchestral “A Minor Intermezzo”, which is a very nice and relaxing track, with a great use of marching drums towards the end. Speaking of which, those drums return towards the end of “Return of the Werewolf”, one of the fastest and most intense tracks of the album. It also makes great use of symphonic elements right from the get go, before quickly speeding up with some of the best guitar riffs of the album, epic vocals and of course an epic singalong chorus as always, with a great use of horns in the background. The second verse is absolutely killer and has some very twisted yet awesome lyrics. I'll admit, the lyrics here are certainly over the top and will probably give kids nightmares, but they're just so damn fun and addictive, in a really twisted and evil way. In the middle of the track is an epic speedy instrumental section, where the music gets very flashy and super epic, before slowing down and giving way to a much calmer, somewhat folksy vocal section, which then brings us back to the chorus in all its glory.

Yes, the band does know how to tone it down and be slightly less epic when they have to, and they showcase this on the ballad “Memories”. It starts off with a nice keyboard intro, before piano and vocals take over for a while, leading to, you guessed it, a fantastic and instantly memorable chorus. Guitars do kick in after a while, and the track is noticeable for having the one clear guitar solo of the album, and it's a really beautiful one. What follows after that song is yet another of my ten favorites, and for sure the happiest track on the album, “Gates of Hell”. Here we have another mostly mid paced track, dominated by keyboards and orchestra, and there's certainly more of a folk feel to it, especially during one particular instrumental section in the second half. I've talked a lot about great choruses in this review, but oh man, this track has got to have possibly the best chorus I've heard in my entire life! It's extremely upbeat and cheery, with an incredible melody and awesome lyrics, driven by a fantastic performance from Mikael. The track takes a bit of an unexpected turn into darker territory later on, before giving way to the folksy section I mentioned earlier, which then leads to a super speedy vocal section that is awe inspiring, and of course at the end of the track we get an even more epic run through of the chorus, which has to be one of the most epic things I've ever heard. Man, do I ever love this song!

Getting near the end of the album, we have “Down to the Gallows”, another very fast paced and heavy track, which has the distinction of being probably the most upbeat sounding song I've ever heard on the subject matter of a man being sentenced to death and repenting his sins at the last minute. As always, the verses and chorus are just perfect, and near the end we get an epic section where they add in clapping to it, and it's just awesome. After that we have the very brief track “The Dark Side of the Forest”, which continues with the theme of death, and it is unsurprisingly a very ominous sounding mostly orchestral track, with just a bit of singing near the end. It makes for an awesome transition into the final track, which leads us to.....

Grand finale time! Indeed, the band decided the rest of the album just wasn't awesome or epic enough already, and so they had to save the best, most progressive and most ambitious track for last. Here we have the 14 minute epic “The Voyage”, a track which begins with keyboards and a very classic prog feeling instrumental section to being, before the expected change of tempo around 2 minutes in, giving way to the incredible first vocal section. This basically works as a mini song in and of itself, with fast paced verses filled with great guitar work, and an epic chorus. After this we get a calmer section, driven by keyboards and vocals, before the guitars come back and Mikael sings “I feel something going on inside of me it's changing me”, leading to a part that while very brief, is perhaps my favorite vocal section of any power metal song ever, it's that epic. Following this, we get an amazing speedy instrumental section, which leads to several more awesome sections, continuously mixing between speedy sections and calmer sections, before eventually bringing us to the end. The final section is rather calm, and features a great use of symphonic elements, to go along with one outstanding mini chorus to end the album. As the album closes, we can hear Mikael as well as some marching drums in the background, and man is it ever an epic ending to an epic album. I know I probably broke the record for how many times I said “epic” in this review, but I really did mean it each and every time I said it. What I love so much about this song is how it manages to throw in so many parts in 14 minutes, constantly changing tempos and switching from section to section more than enough times to keep the music fresh over such a long time, while also including several memorable, super catchy vocal sections. It truly is my favorite power metal song of all time, my favorite epic length song of all time, and quite possibly my favorite song ever. I have a bad habit where every time I hear an epic length track on a power metal album I judge it against this one, and every time whatever track comes against it is found lacking by comparison, because this song can't be touched.

I've said a lot about Into the Enchanted Chamber already, so I'll keep this conclusion short: It's an incredible, super epic power metal album full of catchy choruses, memorable songwriting, great vocals, great musicianship, unexpected elements, and darker lyrics than one would expect in the genre. It's a Timeless classic and its existence should be considered nothing short of a Miracle, because albums of this quality are far too rare to take for granted. I'm both extremely excited and nervous to hear their second album when it finally comes, but one thing's for sure: I'll be along for the ride, hoping for nothing but the absolute best.

TIMELESS MIRACLE Into The Enchanted Chamber

Album · 2005 · Power Metal
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Formed in 2001, Timeless Miracle is a Swedish power metal band. Although I believe the band still exist and seem to be in the throes of putting together a second album, to date their only release excluding a few demos is Into The Enchanted Chamber which was released way back in 2005.

It’s difficult for me to be objective about Timeless Miracle because European power metal is not a genre I’m a big fan of with a few exceptions. The band can certainly play and the guitars of Sten Moller and Fredrik Nilsson can riff with the best of them, though surprisingly few leads. However, they could do with setting them to stun now and again but I guess that’s more the fault of the production which is a bit sterile. Drummer Kim Widfors is also a great player having the necessary chops and throwing plenty of fast double bass drum work when required. Mikael Holst has a very clean nasally voice and is a singer very much suited to power metal though lacks the raw edge for my own personal taste. Perhaps the weakest link is the keyboards which whilst they’re played well enough sound a bit cheap and naff at times.

Into The Enchanted Chamber is an album very much typical of the European style of power metal with a strong emphasis on melody of which there is no shortage here. The riffs, lacking the heaviness of the USA style of the genre will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the continental distinctions and are sugar coated with classical leanings and folk elements thrown in. Curse Of The Werewolf gets things off to a fine start but is very generic as it gallops along at a frantic pace for the most part with rolling double bass drums and sounds like something I’ve heard many times before. Still, there’s no doubt about it having a strong hook and likewise following track Witches Of Black Magic. The Devil is one of the heavier songs and I found myself really warming to it with its irresistible hook. A couple of classical infused instrumentals act as interludes though add little. The band saves the best for last with The Voyage, a 14 minute epic. This is the song that got me most engaged as being a big prog fan I’m a sucker for music with plenty of changes and this never sits still long enough to get bored with and they’ve saved some of their best riffs for this one too.

Despite as I said earlier I’m not a big fan of this type of metal and I can certainly think of better examples with more clout. However, there’s no denying that Timeless Miracle are a class band and anyone who loves European power metal should check this out. Nothing original here but then I guess that’s not the point.

TIMELESS MIRACLE Into The Enchanted Chamber

Album · 2005 · Power Metal
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MMA Reviewer's Challenge: July 2016

Swedish power metal act Timeless Miracle are one of those bands who have seemingly been on my list of artists to check out for forever. Released in 2005, Into the Enchanted Chamber is the band's first and so far only full-length album. Perhaps if they had been more active so as to get mentioned in the metal circles I frequent more often I would have given these guys the time of day before now, but better late than never I suppose. Apparently after more than a decade there actually is a follow-up album in production, though I don't know when it's due to be released, but now does seem a pretty good time for those who, like me, haven't given Timeless Miracle a try yet to do something about it.

For my part though, I'm surprised to be left a little underwhelmed by what Timeless Miracle offers up on Into the Enchanted Chamber. I wouldn't call it a weak album by any means, in fact if I'm being completely fair its a very well done power metal with strong symphonic elements and a penchant for folk melodies. Being one of my favourite genres of metal, on paper I should be all over this album. After all it ticks all the boxes. The music is energetic. Their sound is reasonably varied. The songs are catchy to listen to. The singer has a clear voice to carry the music. The ballad isn't atrocious. So what exactly is the problem?

Well for me its that I don't find too much of the album to be all that memorable after I finish listening to it. Give it an hour or two and I look at most of the track names and even after at least half a dozen listens to Into the Enchanter Chamber I can't remember anything about some of the tracks. I enjoy it a lot while I'm listening to it and I've got good lasting impressions of the early songs which includes the opening Curse of the Werewolf, which neatly sets up what Timeless Miracle's music is all about, as well as Witches of Black Magic and the title track that immediately follow. But after that the album starts to suffer from a problem that I find a lot of power metal albums to have; it falls into monotony. Not in a way that the songs are no good, as that isn't the case, but every time I listen to it I do start to feel my interest waning after a time, and as such I don't remember much about the later songs after a point, nor does the album have me rushing to give it another spin. The album is quite long, which I normally don't have an issue with, but it doesn't help my experience here. I will mention Return of the Werewolf as a highlight though, as it feels a bit more aggressive than the album typical serves up, with some harsher, more edgy, vocals used as well (not growls), which make it stand out more. Into the Enchanted Chamber could do with a few more of moments like that, as by the time of the final song The Voyage I've just about had my fill of the album.

A difficult album for me to rate fairly, as there's technically nothing wrong with it, but as it didn't completely click with me, I'm going to go with 3.5 stars.

TIMELESS MIRACLE Into The Enchanted Chamber

Album · 2005 · Power Metal
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MMA Reviewer's Challenge: July 2016

Into the Enchanted Chamber is the debut, and so far only album, from power metal band Timeless Miracle.

The band's name, album title, and album cover all paint a good picture of the type of power metal that awaits on this release. This is folk metal-infused Euro power metal, blending the speed of bands like Dragonforce, the catchy melodies of Blind Guardian, symphonic instrumentation, and varying folk elements. The band blends all these traits quite well, especially with the tracks "Witches of Black Magic", "The Devil", "The Gates of Hell", and the title cut. The latter's symphonic features are reminiscent of the serene strings of classic progressive rock band Curved Air. "The Devil", "The Gates of Hell", and "Down to the Gallows" are easily my favorites, which all have fantastic sea-shanty/folksy melodies that are pretty addicting.

This is the kind of power metal that many would probably describe as "cheesy". While I usually dislike it when bands like Dragonforce are just passed off as being cheesy, I do have to admit that this album certainly does have it's moments of cheese. This is heard mostly in the vocals and lyrics, and the keyboards can also get a bit overbearing. Sometimes the melodies can also be a bit too lighthearted, such as the main chorus found on "The Red Rose", which just gets grating after awhile. Multiple choruses follow this pattern of being too happy and going on for too long. On the other hand, "The Dark Side Forest" is too short as it has the makings of a pretty stellar folk metal piece.

Lyrically, it's pretty hit or miss, sometimes they're decent and then generic at times such as the aforementioned "The Red Rose". However, with "Return of the Werewolf", the lyrics reach their lowest point. The song's lyrics relating to Red Riding Hood just end up being laughable. It's hard to take lyrics related to fairy tales seriously, especially in metal. It just ruins the song, which is a shame because the music is pretty good. Mikael Holst does a decent job with the vocals for the most part, having a very melodic voice that is well-suited for folksy power metal such as this; however, his vocals can be a bit annoying at times. Take the first time you hear his voice on the opening track for example, it sounds like someone with an already nasal-y voice inhaling helium. Fortunately, the album ends with the killer epic "The Voyage" which easily makes up for the off-putting opening. Especially the end of the epic is fantastic, mixing grandiose melody with killer riffs and percussion.

While it can get a bit too cheesy at times, Into the Enchanted Chamber is still a pretty good power metal album, and blends all of it's attributes quite well. If you're a power metal fan looking for some symphonic and folk metal as well, this would certainly not be a bad choice.

TIMELESS MIRACLE Into The Enchanted Chamber

Album · 2005 · Power Metal
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MMA Reviewer's Challenge: July 2016

There are bands out there who seem to make just one album and then fade into oblivion. For a long time now Timeless Miracle, a power metal act from Sweden, has seemed to be one such act, Into the Enchanted Chamber (2005) being their sole studio album, released over a decade ago. From what I've seen online recently that may be about to finally change in the near future but even if this was destined to be these guys only album together, at least they really made their mark with it.

While sticking to the tried and tested melodic power metal brand at heart, Timeless Miracle flavour their music in a number of different ways to keep it interesting including some progressively inclined keyboard bits as well as a hefty plastering of symphonic backing and a dash folk elements here and there, allowing Into the Enchanted Chamber to at different times offer up a selection of different power metal sounds. That is I think somewhat necessary in a genre where more straight-up power metal acts are a dime a dozen if you're wanting to produce something that more easily stands out, but it isn't what makes a great album in itself.

No, what makes Into the Enchanted Chamber the great album it is, not unlike any well made power metal album really, is the energy produced by the band. When you listen to as many power metal albums as I have you start to be able to tell the difference from a band who handles the fast riffs and rhythms convincingly from those who just seem to be going through the motions to get the job done. Into the Enchanted Chamber is not a generic album so my words here shouldn't be taken out of context, but it is this sort of thing that can make all the difference in a power metal album even if it doesn't bring anything new to the table. And when you get this plus a power metal album that isn't generic, that's the point when you're dealing with something that can be counted among the upper echelons of the genre.

But is Into the Enchanted Chamber one of those rare albums that will also appeal to those to don't like the power metal genre all that much? No, I highly doubt it, as Timeless Miracle really go full force on the catchy and melodic way of writing their songs. It is what detractors of the genre will deem as cheesy which is also exactly what fans of the genre will love about it, so ultimately I'll be rating the album with the latter group (which includes myself) in mind. It has admittedly taken me a few spins to really appreciate everything it offers, but its been very rewarding to have a bit of patience with it. I'd say that the best tracks for me are the title track, and Return of the Werewolf. The speed of the latter really hits the spot for me. The album has a couple of interlude pieces in A Minor Intermezzo and The Dark Side Forest that don't really add much, despite the latter having vocals, while Memories is the obligatory ballad. It's better than most of its kind, but not as good as the best.

And so in conclusion I think that Into the Enchanted Chamber is an excellent power metal album. My personal tastes in the genre usually lie more with bands with a bit of bite than what Timeless Miracle play, like the German scene, but its difficult not to be won over by them on this album. Had Timeless Miracle managed to follow this up and keep at it I imagine they'd have honed the ideas heard here into something even better by now. As the long awaited follow-up to Into the Enchanted Chamber looks to be a very real thing that will be happening sometime in the near future, and I'm definitely interested to hear their comeback.


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