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REVOCATION are an American, Boston, Massachusetts based death/ thrash metal act formed in 2006 by David Davidson on Guitar, Vocals, Phil Dubois-Coyne on Drums and Anthony Buda on Bass, Vocals. The band was initially using the name CRYPTIC WARNING but later changed their name to REVOCATION. REVOCATION play aggressive yet melodic death/ thrash metal. The band´s first release was the 2006 "Summon the Spawn" EP which was independently released. The band´s debut full-length studio album "Empire of the Obscene" from 2008 was initially self-released but was quickly picked up by Relapse Records, who gave the album a label release. The second full-length studio album "Existence Is Futile" was released through Relapse Records in September 2009.

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Chaos of FormsChaos of Forms
Relapse 2011
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Original recording
Metal Blade 2014
Audio CD$6.73
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Existence Is FutileExistence Is Futile
Relapse 2009
Audio CD$7.99
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MRI 2013
Audio CD$9.08
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Chaos of Forms by Revocation (2011)Chaos of Forms by Revocation (2011)
Audio CD$28.04
Deathless by REVOCATION (2014)Deathless by REVOCATION (2014)
Metal Blade
Audio CD$25.88
Existence Is Futile by 3d Japan/ZoomExistence Is Futile by 3d Japan/Zoom
3d Japan/Zoom
Audio CD$38.66
Existence Is Futile by Revocation (2009)Existence Is Futile by Revocation (2009)
Audio CD$28.04
Revocation - Revocation [Japan CD] YSCY-1264Revocation - Revocation [Japan CD] YSCY-1264
Boundee Japan
Audio CD$19.76
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.. Album Cover 2.98 | 3 ratings
Empire of the Obscene
Thrash Metal 2008
.. Album Cover 3.50 | 6 ratings
Existence Is Futile
Thrash Metal 2009
.. Album Cover 4.00 | 8 ratings
Chaos of Forms
Thrash Metal 2011
.. Album Cover 3.98 | 3 ratings
Thrash Metal 2013
.. Album Cover 4.24 | 3 ratings
Thrash Metal 2014


.. Album Cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Summon the Spawn
Thrash Metal 2006
.. Album Cover 4.23 | 4 ratings
Thrash Metal 2012

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Decibel Flexi Series - "Pull the Plug"
Thrash Metal 2011

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Album · 2014 · Thrash Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Deathless" is the 5th full-length studio album by US death/thrash metal act Revocation. The album was released through Metal Blade Records in October 2014. Since their inception in 2006 (they existed from 2000-2006 under the Cryptic Warning monicker), Revocation has moved fast up the popularity ladder and have fine tuned their brand of technically well played death/thrash metal in the process, and with "Deathless" their high profile is bound to be affected in a positive way again.

Revocation have an easily recognisable sound, and you´re never in doubt that it´s them playing, which is a great strength. To create and perform a distinct sounding musical style is probably THE single most important task for any artist but it´s also the most difficult one. Within a relatively conservative and stylistically narrow death/thrash style it´s probably even harder. The music on "Deathless" in many ways resembles a lot of other death/thrash metal with technically well played thrashy riffing and ditto drumming, raw rabid dog snarling vocals/semi-growling, and a strong focus on aggression and energy. Revocation is generally a bit more inventive than most acts in the genre though (and occasionally a bit more melodic too), and their riffs are often pretty adventurous for the style and generally just incredibly catchy and played with an attitude. The very well played and melodic guitar solos, which are basically very fast played blues based solos, that provide the music with a high energy rock´n´roll feeling, not completely unlike Jeff Waters (Annihilator) solos do sometimes, also deserves a mention, as they are a great asset to the band´s music.

The material are generally of high quality. There´s both focus on aggression but also on sophistication in the way the tracks are arranged. Several of the tracks could be mentioned as highlights, but I think some of the more direct and aggressive tracks like "Scorched Earth Policy" and "The Fix" deserve a mention, as well as the instrumental "Apex", which is a track displaying that lead guitarist/vocalist David Davidson could easily release an instrumental guitar album sometime in the future, if he should wish to. In addition to the original material on the 10 track, 48:31 minutes long album, Revocation have chosen to include a cover of "Sworn to the Black" by Morbid Angel on the deluxe version of the album.

"Deathless" features a powerful, clear, and raw sound production too (courtesy of Zeuss, who the band had worked with before on the "Teratogenesis (2012)" EP), which is another asset along with the relatively adventurous songwriting, and the high level musicianship. The sometimes silly progressive excursions, that Revocation have occasionally ventured into in the past, are kept to a minimum on "Deathless" ("Apex" is the track, which features most adventurous ideas, and even that track still works well within the concept of the album), and personally I´m happy they´ve opted to weed out those little tricks, because to my ears those were unneccesary distractions from an otherwise great product. As mentioned the music is still relatively adventurous for the style, but the band have become better with the years to incorporate their most innovative ideas in the basic structures of their songs, instead of having them pop up unexpected to bewilder the listener. Overall "Deathless" is another high quality release by Revocation and a 4 - 4.5 star (85%) rating is deserved.


Album · 2014 · Thrash Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Time Signature
Madness opus...

Genre: tech death-thrash

Returning with a follow-up to 2013's eponymous full-length, America's premier tech death-thrashers Revocation are back with "Deathless" which was released in November via Relapse Records.

The band have obviously found a golden formula from which they do not deviate, as no major changes have been made between the preceding couple of albums and this one (except maybe there is a tad more melody on "Deathless". And why should they make any changes, when their style works brilliantly? As on the previous albums, the listener is treated to well-crafted and challenging death-thrash tunes characterized by eclecticism (just check out the title track) and top notch musicianship. Despite the level of technicality, there is still a lot of soul and aggressive emotionality to the tracks.

With this sort of music, a crisp and well-defined production is required, and that is just what the listener gets here.

Fans of tech thrash, death, and death-thrash metal should definitely check this one out.


Album · 2013 · Thrash Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Time Signature
The gift you gave...

Genre: tech death-thrash

The death-thrash virtues in Revocation released their fourth album, eponymously titled "Revocation", earlier this fall. Revocation are renowned for their technically advanced style of deathl-thrash, and for being more multi-facetted than most of their death-thrash peers.

Not much has changed since their last release, but Revocation's style is in itself so original that it would be incorrect of accusing them of not being innovative on this album. If you know Revocation already, then you know what you are in for: technically well played and tightly composed death-thrash which more often than not ventures into progressive territory. Revocation successfully combine extreme aggression in the form of blasteats an death metal influences with melody in the form of melodic leads akin to those the Jeff Waters are so famous for. That is, you are treated to aggressive, but sophisticated death-thrash which should appeal to your inner beast and your intellect at the same time. There seems to be an influence from the likes of Atheist, Cynic and Carcass on this album, ut not to the extent that this takes over from the band's own creative input (there are cases where the influences are quite obvious, as in 'The Gift you Gave' which defintiely pays its dues to Cynic).

The production is cean-cut and well defined, which suits this type of technical musc very well, and the musicianship is impeccable. I particularly enjoy the compositions themselves and the melodic guitar solos.

Fans of tech/proch extreme metal should definitely check this album out.


Album · 2013 · Thrash Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Revocation" is the eponymously titled 4th full-length studio album by US, Boston, Massachusetts based death/thrash metal act Revocation. The album was released through Relapse Records in August 2013. The regular edition of the album features 10 tracks while the deluxe edition features a bonus track, which is a cover of "Dyers Eve" by Metallica.

If you´re familiar with the technically well played death/thrash metal style of Revocation, the music on this album won´t be much of a surprise. It´s sharp, fast-paced, aggressive, energetic and technically well played death/thrash with a sneering rabid dog vocalist in front. Revocation are a bit different from most other death/thrash acts as they incorporate stylistic elements from other genres like blues, fusion (check out "Spastic") and occasionally even progressive metal, and also because there´s an uplifting feel about their music even though the band retain aggression throughout.

The musicianship is excellent. The rythm section is tight, the vocals are delivered with fierce conviction and the riffs are powerful and raw. One great asset to the band´s sound that deserves a mention are the many melodic guitar solos. I´m often reminded of Jeff Waters (Annihilator) because of the fast-paced blues based and melodic soloing.

The sound production is also professional, clear and powerful, so all in all "Revocation" is yet another great album release by Revocation. I´ll still allow myself to be slightly disappointed though as I felt the band really hit something special with their "Teratogenesis (2012)" EP and while "Revocation" overall certainly is a high quality death/thrash release, I don´t really feel that the band have developed their sound much. So while a 4 star (80%) rating certainly is deserved, I do feel this album is a bit too "safe" or "by the numbers" if you will.

REVOCATION Teratogenesis

EP · 2012 · Thrash Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Teratogenesis" is an EP release by US death/thrash metal act Revocation. The EP was released for free download through Scion A/V in September 2012. The band have three full-length studio albums under their belt and have built a strong reputation and following in their active years. A free download release is always a great teaser for people who are not yet aquainted with a band´s sound and a great present to those who already do.

"Teratogenesis" is no exception and to that rule and succesfully manages to be a good starting point for newcommers as well as a great addition to a fan´s collection. From start to finish we´re presented to Revocation´s clever yet still raw and aggressive death/thrash metal style. It´s damn aggressive but still very catchy and certainly not devoid of melody and memorable moments. While it may give the wrong impression, I´d even call some of the moments on the EP semi-progressive. Take for example one of the short atmospheric middle sections in "Maniacally Unleashed". It reminds me of something as unlikely as "Into the Everflow (1992)"-era Psychotic Waltz. It´s just a very brief moment, but it explains well the eclectic nature of the band´s influences and how they incorporate them in their core death/thrash sound. Another example of the band deviating from their caustic aggression is the brilliant last couple of instrumental minutes of the closing track "Bound by Desire", but all 5 tracks on the 21:38 minutes long EP, are intriguing and varied.

The fact that "Teratogenesis" features a powerful and detailed sound production courtesy of Zeus, is just another great asset to an already great release. The guys in the band are extremely well playing too and the snarling acid filled vocals are also delivered with great conviction. So all in all a very high quality release that fully deserves a 4 - 4.5 star (85%) rating.

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