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EP · 2012


1. The Grip Tightens (04:10)
2. Spurn the Outstretched Hand (04:07)
3. Maniacally Unleashed (03:41)
4. Teratogenesis (04:06)
5. Bound by Desire (05:34)

Total time 21:38


- Dan Gargiulo / Guitars, Vocals
- Phil Dubois-Coyne / Drums
- David Davidson / Guitars, Vocals
- Brett Bramberger / Bass

About this release

Released by Scion A/V, September 25th, 2012

Free for download here:

Miscellaneous staff:
- Zeuss / Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Thanks to tupan for the addition and UMUR for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Teratogenesis" is an EP release by US death/thrash metal act Revocation. The EP was released for free download through Scion A/V in September 2012. The band have three full-length studio albums under their belt and have built a strong reputation and following in their active years. A free download release is always a great teaser for people who are not yet aquainted with a band´s sound and a great present to those who already do.

"Teratogenesis" is no exception and to that rule and succesfully manages to be a good starting point for newcommers as well as a great addition to a fan´s collection. From start to finish we´re presented to Revocation´s clever yet still raw and aggressive death/thrash metal style. It´s damn aggressive but still very catchy and certainly not devoid of melody and memorable moments. While it may give the wrong impression, I´d even call some of the moments on the EP semi-progressive. Take for example one of the short atmospheric middle sections in "Maniacally Unleashed". It reminds me of something as unlikely as "Into the Everflow (1992)"-era Psychotic Waltz. It´s just a very brief moment, but it explains well the eclectic nature of the band´s influences and how they incorporate them in their core death/thrash sound. Another example of the band deviating from their caustic aggression is the brilliant last couple of instrumental minutes of the closing track "Bound by Desire", but all 5 tracks on the 21:38 minutes long EP, are intriguing and varied.

The fact that "Teratogenesis" features a powerful and detailed sound production courtesy of Zeus, is just another great asset to an already great release. The guys in the band are extremely well playing too and the snarling acid filled vocals are also delivered with great conviction. So all in all a very high quality release that fully deserves a 4 - 4.5 star (85%) rating.
Don't listen if you're pregnant!

Thanks to Jonas aka UMUR and the list of the best free & legal metal music, I've discovered Revocation and their newest EP - TERATOGENESIS. Yep, it is released for free and it's great! What a treat! Fast, furious and adventurous ride! Thrashy, deathy, hair scorching bomb blast! Teratogenic roller-coaster it is!

TERATOGENESIS is one of those modern death/thrash metal albums that you're tempted to call progressive but that's not really the case. Every genre can be original to some extent without necessarily being "progressive". The music here is a modern sounding, groovy technical thrash metal with semi-death/semi-thrash vocals, a little bit reminiscent of metalcore screaming. The album boasts quite unrestrained songwriting within the scope of the genre, intriguing diversity of moods and, most of all, an excellent flow. Besides classic thrash metal riffs, the band interspersed the music with clever tech death themes, cool melodic solos and quite elaborate variations that keep your attention riveted throughout.

I haven't heard any of Revocation full-length albums but I'm pretty sure that calling TERATOGENESIS their showpiece wouldn't be an exaggeration. It's an extremely enjoyable piece of technical death/thrash metal that combines tradition with modernity. Essential to all thrash metal fans.

- Available for free download on -

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