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Fastway was an hard rock band formed by guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke formerly of Motörhead, and bassist Pete Way formerly of UFO. In 1983 both players had been disgruntled with their own bands and decided to work together in a new outfit. They recruited drummer Jerry Shirley formerly of Humble Pie, and vocalist Dave King and took their name from a combination of the founder-members' names. However, Way then discovered that he could not escape from his contract with Chrysalis Records and also received a tempting offer to play for Ozzy Osbourne, and abandoned the project, forcing Clarke to steer it alone. Bringing in session bassist Mick Feat, the band then recorded debut album FASTWAY.

A critical and moderate commercial success, with successful touring to promote it (with Alfie Angus on bass), the band then recruited Charlie McCracken as "permanent" bassist and released ALL FIRED UP in the following year.
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FASTWAY Fastway album cover 4.25 | 6 ratings
Hard Rock 1983
FASTWAY All Fired Up album cover 3.88 | 4 ratings
All Fired Up
Hard Rock 1984
FASTWAY Waiting for the Roar album cover 3.25 | 2 ratings
Waiting for the Roar
Hard Rock 1986
FASTWAY Trick Or Treat album cover 3.50 | 2 ratings
Trick Or Treat
Hard Rock 1987
FASTWAY Bad Bad Girls album cover 3.00 | 2 ratings
Bad Bad Girls
Hard Rock 1990
FASTWAY On Target (Reworked) album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
On Target (Reworked)
Hard Rock 1998
FASTWAY Eat Dog Eat album cover 1.50 | 2 ratings
Eat Dog Eat
Hard Rock 2011

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FASTWAY The Collection album cover 5.00 | 1 ratings
The Collection
Hard Rock 2000

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FASTWAY All Fired Up

Album · 1984 · Hard Rock
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siLLy puPPy
While many predicted FASTWAY would see its demise after the release of their debut album due to unstable lineups and shaky grounds with record companies, no one could’ve seen the success that the eponymous debut would have earned them which led them to open up for the bigwigs of the day such as Iron Maiden and AC/DC. While success had been more of instant gratification thing on the UK side of the Atlantic, it crept along at a snail’s pace in the US but finally found their just dessert. Due to the unexpected chart hitting debut album that cracked the top 40 on the Billboard charts, the record company was chomping at the bit to release a followup, so into the studio the band went to craft a new batch of heavy rockers to please the newfound fanbase. After a short reprise to recharge their batteries after a brutal and enervating tour schedule, ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke rounded up the troops to record ALL FIRED UP. While Dave King would return vocals and Jerry Shirley on drums, session bassist Mickey Feat was replaced with the full time member Charlie McCracken, former of the 70s band Taste.

ALL FIRED UP pretty much picks up in a logical manner where the debut album left off. It consists of eleven heavy rock tracks with Clarke’s signature early Motörhead guitar riff workouts along with Shirley’s percussive drum roll attacks. The compositions are based in heavy bluesy rock reminiscent of the 70s greats like Led Zeppelin and with Dave King’s vocals firing on full pistons, he once again takes the somewhat retro sound of the songs and adds a youthful turbo boosted mojo to the mix. Once again the tracks are all distinct from one another and flow rather nicely together. While most are heavy with a fast tempo living up to the band’s name, “The Stranger” and “If You Could See” have slow contemplative parts as well. After the release of ALL FIRED UP, the band continued their streak of semi-success without quite blowing up the charts but opened for Rush on their “Grace Under Pressure” tour.

Once again FASTWAY conjured up a heaping batch of heavy rock at its best. All the tracks are catchy, have that ballsy blues rock swagger and totally rock the house. Clarke seems to perform more soloing on this one and King’s vocals display an ever greater range in dynamics making him one of my favorite heavy rock vocalists of this era. While most tracks are top notch heavy rock of the 80s, a couple duds like “Hung Up On Love” and the more pure blues rock “Telephone” with dreadful lyrics like “My baby’s on the phone again….. Screamin’ and a cryin’ like an ol’ hound dog, yeh” make me wanna fuckin’ puke. However, these are the exception as the fiery opening title track, the feisty “Steal The Show” and the rest of the roster more than make ALL FIRED UP an excellent sophomore effort. Personally i prefer the debut to this by a mere smidge but this one has certainly grown on me over time. Both the first two albums are available on CD these days as a 2-for-1.


Album · 1983 · Hard Rock
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siLLy puPPy
The band FASTWAY was an interesting creation of the 80s that was founded by disgruntled members of successful 70s bands who decided to have a go at some sort of veteran’s supergroup. The band was pioneered by guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke who played with Motorhead from 1977-82 and bassist Pete Way who played with UFO from the beginning in 1970 until 1982. The duo recruited another seasoned musician with Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley and then topped off the final seat with the completely unknown Dave King, the Irish vocalist and harmonica player who would become more famous with his Celtic punk band Flogging Molly. Ironically Pete Way discovered in the process that he was obliged to fulfill his previous recording contract and also got a lucrative offer to play with Ozzy Osbourne thus leaving the band before they even began to record their eponymous debut album. The session bass player Mickey Feat was recruited to fill his shoes and finally in May 1983 the band released their first album to find an unexpected bout with success mostly due to the heavy MTV rotation of videos for “Say What You Will,” “We Become One” and “Easy Livin” (which is not a cover of the Uriah Heep track of the same name)

Musically FASTWAY is a heavier version of 70s hard boogie blues rock incorporating the sounds of their previous bands. Anyone familiar with Motorhead’s early canon will immediately recognize Clarke’s distinct guitar riffing chops that are quite similar to those on albums like “Ace Of Spades” although FASTWAY has a more diverse sound in the compositions than any of the bands that the three veterans had been a part of. Despite many feet still in the 70s, the youthful energy of vocalist Dave King is what really puts this band on a higher level. With his Robert Plant looks and vocal control to match along with the help of early glam metal hairspray action allowed their sound (and looks) to catch on with a younger audience and become one of the earliest Led Zeppelin styled bands to garner minor success via the MTV video revolution. With heavy bluesy grooves, heavy driving bass lines and King’s distinct passionate vocals FASTWAY proved that the 70s thing was still a viable musical expression despite the world seemingly being taken over by new wave and synthpop.

While the lyrics are typical “sing-about-nothing” type glam metal, musically the tracks are quite catchy with a fast tempo heft that stomps out one head bangin’ groove after the next. King’s voice elevates the music to ecstatic heights and the fact that the tracks all sound distinct from one another makes FASTWAY a pretty addicting repeated listen. The pure blues rock track “Far Far From Home” appeared originally on vinyl pressing but was actually a promotional single and was excluded from many other formats. The track has been included on CD releases but not on the 2-fer “Fastway / All Fired Up” comp of their first two albums. If you ask me, i’d say at this stage FASTWAY sound like a hybrid of early Motorhead and Led Zeppelin at their heaviest. While i like every track on this one, i find tracks like the acoustic opening “Another Day,” the slinking groove of “Heft!” and the multi-moodswing oriented “We Become One” gets my vote as best tracks although the catchy straight forward tracks like “Easy Livin” and “Say What You Will” are excellently addictive injections to grab your attention. Somewhat forgotten in the vast annals of music history but FASTWAY still has a few staunch followers mostly due to this excellent debut.


Album · 2011 · Hard Rock
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FASTWAY didn't want to miss the revival party of hard rock in 2011 but without Lea Hart on board, I doubt it will please me as they pleased me with 'On Target'. Apparently, my hesitation turns out right, and even though I think Toby Jepson is a terrific singer, all blames are on Eddie Clarke for bringing up a terribly mediocre output, if not harshly weak.

I'm not sure why 'Deliver Me' was put in the beginning, a poor track and a bland hard rock thing, and the next track after it, 'Fade Out', isn't better. The riffs are average, the verse/chorus isn't appealing, and I even spotted a grungy feel to it. Bad start! Luckily, 'Leave The Light On' steers the wheel on the right track. Great riffs, nice hard rock, they should have made this kind of track to populate the whole album but instead, they keep pumping out fillers, 'Lovin' Fool', 'Dead And Gone', 'On And On', and 'Only If You Want It' is just the worst of em all.

'Sick As A Dog' is acceptable, energetic song with great riffs and 'Freedom Song' is also okay, but I don't think 3 good songs is enough to keep this album. If they didn't go the melodic way or the right path, I think FASTWAY should just fold the cards and say goodbye.

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