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Anubis Gate is a progressive metal band originating from Aalborg, Denmark, formed in 2001 by Jesper M. Jensen (guitars, bass, keyboards) and Morten Sørensen (drums). They recorded a demo between the two of them but needed more members for a full band. Torben Askholm joined the band as a vocalist in 2003 and the group recorded their debut album Purification, which was released in 2004. On this album the band was helped out by Kim Olesen (guitars) and Henrik Fevre (additional vocals/lyrical contributions). Both of these musicians were added to the Anubis Gate line-up full time in 2005, with Fevre taking over bass duties from Jensen. Also contributing to the album was Jacob Hansen, both as a producer and guest musician. Hansen was an ex-band mate of Jensen’s, as they had both played in the thrash metal band Invocator together. Coincidently all the members of Anubis Gate bar Askholm had read more...
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Perfect ForeverPerfect Forever
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Andromeda UnchainedAndromeda Unchained
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Detached by Anubis Gate (2009-05-05)Detached by Anubis Gate (2009-05-05)
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Horizons by Anubis Gate (2014-04-15)Horizons by Anubis Gate (2014-04-15)
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Andromeda Unchained by Anubis GateAndromeda Unchained by Anubis Gate
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.. Album Cover 3.74 | 11 ratings
Progressive Metal 2004
.. Album Cover 4.18 | 11 ratings
A Perfect Forever
Progressive Metal 2005
.. Album Cover 4.10 | 31 ratings
Andromeda Unchained
Progressive Metal 2007
.. Album Cover 4.28 | 28 ratings
The Detached
Progressive Metal 2009
.. Album Cover 4.25 | 30 ratings
Anubis Gate
Progressive Metal 2011
.. Album Cover 4.51 | 15 ratings
Progressive Metal 2014

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.. Album Cover 4.07 | 9 ratings
Progressive Metal 2013

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Live at The Rock 2005
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Golden Days
Progressive Metal 2011

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EP · 2013 · Progressive Metal
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I don't know much of Anubis Gate's music, so I can't really compare Sheep to the band's other releases. I have listened to The Detached a few times. I have spent a lot of time listening to this EP, and I'm definitely impressed. It was enough for me to seek out the band's other music. I find the choice of cover songs very interesting. I think Pink Floyd reached their peak about the time of Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, and started to go downhill when Roger Waters started gaining too much control. However, I really like this version of "Sheep".

How many bands, including progressive metal bands, would choose to cover Mister Mister's "Broken Wings"? It's a song I've always liked. Anubis Gate does what a band should do when they're making a cover version. They change the song enough to make it an interesting alternative to the originals. I'm not going to discuss the musicians here; I'll just say that they're talented gentlemen who know what they're doing. In terms of performance, my favorite part of this EP is Henrik Fevre's voice. He has a terrific tenor voice. Over all, this is an excellent CD, and a good introduction to the band.


Album · 2014 · Progressive Metal
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Anubis Gate's sixth album Horizons sees them losing the last of their original members, Jesper M. Jensen and Morten Sørensen. Rather that spell the end of the band they've continued on with new members Michael Bodin and Morten Gade Sørensen and the change doesn't seem to have fazed their vision in any way, in fact I see this as a step back up from their self-titled from 2011.

Whereas I felt that the self-titled didn't break the band any new ground, the only real difference being a vocalist change from Jacob Hansen to Henrik Fevre, Horizons sees the band progressing again. This is, in my opinion, a more atmospheric release from Anubis Gate, featuring some progressive rock elements and a reduction in symphonic stuff, though that still has a presence in the sound. They prove that they're quite capable of producing some intense power metal based stuff too though, such as the song Revolution Come Undone which numbers amongst their heaviest songs. With A Dream Within a Dream they've also produced their longest and one of their best songs. Overall, Horizons is my third favourite by the band.


Album · 2011 · Progressive Metal
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With their fifth and self-titled album Anubis Gate cut their line-up down to four. Henrik Fevre, their bassist and occasional lead vocalist, assumed the frontman role full-time from this point. He actually briefly held the same role before the arrival of Jacob Hansen, but only in the live environment (itself a rare thing for this band). His style of singing is more like Jacob than original singer Torben Askholm, but I think his voice isn't an acquired taste like Jacob's. His melodic singing suits the Anubis Gate sound perfectly. He is actually my favourite voice this band has had.

Though moving away from the concept album structure this time, the album is probably the closest the band have came to a 'more of the same' kind of release. Like The Detached before it Anubis Gate is a polished sounding modern melodic progressive metal album that uses both power metal and symphonic metal elements. It's an excellent album but other than the vocalist change it doesn't bring anything new to their sound and is also the first time where I've found an Anubis Gate release to be weaker than the last one, though to be fair The Detached is a league above most records I'd rate with 5 stars, so that was to be expected. I'd say this one is about on the level of A Perfect Forever; a little better for me personally based on taste.

ANUBIS GATE The Detached

Album · 2009 · Progressive Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Anubis Gate's fourth album The Detached, their only one so far to feature the exact same line-up as the previous one, is easily my favourite release by the band. They've had a strong run of incredible albums starting with their second A Perfect Forever which has still continued to date, their latest release being their sixth, Horizons, but none of those other releases can really touch this one. The Detached shows off every element I've come to expect from an Anubis Gate record.

They've always been a progressive metal band, but this is easily their most progressive sounding release. While still focussed on writing songs over extra long and complex stuff they've left more room for high level playing and instrumental sections. They've always used some power metal elements but here they are more prominent than ever before. It's the closest they've ever come to the prog/power metal branding the band usually gets labelled with actually being justified. There are some symphonic elements in the music which are quite effective too. The album is another science fiction concept piece like Andromeda Unchained, but the music flows even better than it did on that album. Several songs standout as being worth their own mentions, but I'm not going to. The album deserves to be listened to from start to finish without interruption. A masterpiece of modern, melodic progressive metal.

ANUBIS GATE Andromeda Unchained

Album · 2007 · Progressive Metal
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The third Anubis Gate album Andromeda Unchained is the point that for me they really hit their stride. Their last album A Perfect Forever was excellent but this is the point that the band fully morphed into the melodic progressive metal act they are today. Jacob Hansen takes over the lead vocal duties at this point with occasional lead from Henrik Fevre (who after one further album would become the lead singer himself), who also plays the bass for the first time on this album. It really feels like more of a band effort now.

This is a science-fiction concept album, the story of which is available to read on the band's website. That's a good thing as it's not the easiest of concept albums to follow the plot with. What's important though is that the music continues Anubis Gate's increasing strengths. Sacrificing some of the less polished riff based music of album's past for a clearer modern progressive metal sound with power metal elements, which become more distinct in the sound although not any more common, Andromeda Unchained was their best album up until that point. Jacob Hansen's voice might be an acquired taste though and he's quite different to Torben Askholm who sang on the first two albums. He fits the changes in style though whereas I'm not sure Torben's voice would have worked as well as it had done up until this point.

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Unitron wrote:
1 year ago
Purification is my favorite by this band, I've honestly never enjoyed 'Andromeda Unchained' :P
666sharon666 wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Not the biggest fan of the debut Purification, but from A Perfect Forever onwards I'm begnning to think these guys can do no wrong.


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