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Album · 2012

Filed under Deathcore


1. Holomovement (6:30)
2. Feedback Loop (5:08)
3. Causality (4:28)
4. Sequential Vision (3:55)
5. Geocentric Confusion (5:50)
6. Dreaming Schematics (4:36)
7. Anatomy Anomalies (5:01)
8. Cortical (4:43)
9. Solipsis (1:36)
10. Parallel Trance (3:21)

Total Time 45:08


- Jonathan Carpenter / vocals, keyboards
- Chris Tilley / bass
- Joey Baca / drums
- Cameron Maynard / guitars
- Robby Baca / guitars

About this release

Released on Good Fight Music, July 13th, 2012.

Thanks to UMUR for the addition and Time Signature, Bosh66, Unitron for the updates

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Time Signature
Feedback loop...

Genre: progcore

The Contortionist are described as a deathcore band, and, if there is one genre that I tend to find hideously unimaginative and uninspiring then it is deathcore. There are only a couple of deathcore bands that appeal to me - I simply find the genre boring. Now, The Contortionist are not your average duh-duh-duunn-duunn deathcore band. In fact, I don't even think they are a deathcore band as such. To my ears, they are an progressive band who draw on deathcore among other metal-genres.

And, indeed, "Intrinsic" is far from boring. It does feature the heavy grooves and stereotypical breakdowns known from deathcore, but these are just one ingredient in a musical mixture that also includes djent, jazz rock and more traditional progressive metal elements. The jazz rock aspect of the album is reflected in the use of dissonant jazz-typical chords as well as guitar solos and keyboard figures which most of all remind me of Chick Corea Electric Band. These elements appear side by side with djent-inspired odd metered metal grooves and vocals which are sometimes harsh and sometimes melodic (but without being poppy, like you hear in some branches of metalcore). As a whole, this album is characterized by dynamic song structures with numerous twists and turns and, personally, I really enjoy listening to it.

There seems to be a considerable inspiration from Cynic which is ubiquitous on the album and there are certain similarities with the jazz-driven djent project Animals As Leaders, but this does not mean that "Intrinsic" is not original.

Fans of tech/prog metalcore and djent as well as jazz metal should definitely chick this fine album out!

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