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Album · 2007

Filed under Crust Punk


1. Imperivm (39:00)

Total Time 39:00


Guest musician:
- Carlos Santos / guitar

About this release

CD released 2007 on Three Point Records (TPR 007) / Rebel Scene (RS04) / Underhill Records (HG 33).

12" vinyl LP released 2007 on Alerta Antifascista (AA45) / In My Heart Empire (22) / La Muerte De La Noche Records (002) / Rebel Scene (004).

500 copies released on red vinyl and 500 copies released on black vinyl.

Recorded and mixed at Sadman Studios, April 2007.

Thanks to UMUR for the addition and Bosh66, Unitron for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"Imperivm" is the debut full-length studio album by Spanish, Lugo, Galicia based hardcore/metalcore act Ictus. The album was released in 2007 through various smaller labels. It was recorded and mixed at Sadman Studios in April 2007. Ictus were formed in 2004 and have several minor releases under their belt.

"Imperivm" is a relatively unique release as it only features one single track. The track is 39:00 minutes long though, but this is not your "regular" doom metal monolith or progressive metal epic, which is usually the case with one track albums, but instead the music is a combination of aggressive hardcore and melodeath. This is what it would sound like if you mixed Converge with early In Flames and sprinkled a little Burst over it, and then created an album length track out of the stew.

"Imperivm" is predominantly a fast-paced affair, with frenetic D-beat drumming, fast melodic guitar riffs, and a raw screaming hardcore vocalist in front. Ictus do take the pace down a couple of times during the album´s playing time, and around 16 minutes in there´s even a short atmospheric clean guitar section, and around the 25 minute mark there is a heavy mid-paced section, but the music is generally pretty one-dimensionally fast-paced.

The lack of variation becomes a bit of an issue after a while, and you begin to long for those few and far between heavy or atmospheric sections. When that is said "Imperivm" is a both well played and well produced album, and the overall quality of the songwriting is also of a good quality, so it´s only the lack of variation that´s an issue, and I´m not even sure it would have been much of an issue if the long track had been divided into shorter tracks. It might have been easier to handle then. As it is "Imperivm" is still a rather interesting release, and a 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.
A Spanish album I've long considered a personal favorite of mine, and though I don't feel it fits completely in the genre in which it is placed on this site as of yet, I feel obligied to review it regardless. You should not go into this album expecting a pure metalcore assualt for 39 minutes straight. I'd personally view this album as melodic death/heavy metal, with crust punk and hardcore influences up to its ears. Normally this kind of subgenre would not incite a great deal of enthusiasm for me, but this album is a whole different can of worms. This is one 39 minute epic, a suite of massive proportions, and to me, probably the best album of 2007.

I came across this, like 90% of my music through obscure means. Someone mentions a one track album of hardcore crust punk and my ears prick up. My expectations are moderate, I try and maintain a level head. It sounds right up my alley, as some tag it as melodic death metal; so I'm thinking ala Edge of Sanity's seminal Crimson. It's got high praise on other review sites as well, so I'm looking forward to it.

It didn't blow me away the first time I heard it. It definitely has melodic death metal tinges, melodic interludes and a suite like structure. However, I persisted. It stands as a high point above most of, if not all of its respective genre residents, powerful, direct and consistently entertaining. There's no moment that seems out of place or abruptly jarring, its flow is as smooth as they come. The real highlight is the brilliant drum performance throughout, aggressive where it needs to be, suitably melacholy at others, especially melodic breaks.

This is a deeply political album, focused unwaveringly on American political griveances; the scars of which may never stop being felt in countries torn apart by wars or poverty. The band is pointedly direct in their accusations: "It's the world against you."

I embrace the melding of music and political perspective. Art should seep into all aspects of life, and we should be reminded of the cruelties of the world, humans and ourselves through it. I suppose it is a guility pleasure in itself, an album that drives home the point indeliably, but cannot resolve the problems. The thoughts of just how flawed our world truly is rubs off on me with this album. It doesn't soften the blow once it has run its course, but it makes me feel that little more able to deal with the harsh realities. Problems may never be solved. We may never reach a lasting peace. I certainly don't believe this will be the case, and Ictus certainly don't believe so either.

Imperivm represents their ambitious apex of creativity, coming off their similarly melodic EP, Hambrientos De Un Sol Distinto. Aside from its ambitious layout, the album is never wavering in its political drive and consequent brilliance. Every second feels needed, the brief melodic respites from the hardcore onslaught feels welcome every time I hear it, but I, like Ictus, know that this peace cannot last.

One of the few albums I feel is worthy of the big 5.0 stars.

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