DREAM THEATER — Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York

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DREAM THEATER - Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York cover
4.67 | 38 ratings | 2 reviews
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Movie · 2001


1. Act 1, Scene 1: Regression (2:46)
2. Act 1, Scene 2: Part I. Overture 1928 (3:32)
3. Act 1, Scene 2: Part II. Strange Deja Vu (5:02)
4. Act 1, Scene 3: Part I. Through My Words (1:42)
5. Act 1, Scene 3: Part II. Fatal Tragedy (6:21)
6. Act 1, Scene 4: Beyond This Life (11:26)
7. John & Theresa Solo Spot (3:17)
8. Act 1, Scene 5: Through Her Eyes (6:17)
9. Act 2, Scene 6: Home (13:21)
10. Act 2, Scene 7: Part I. The Dance of Eternity (6:24)
11. Act 2, Scene 7: Part II: One Last Time (4:11)
12. Act 2, Scene 8: The Spirit Carries On (7:40)
13. Act 2, Scene 9: Finally Free (10:59)

Bonus Tracks:

1. A Mind Beside Itself I: Erotomania (7:22)
2. A Mind Beside Itself II: Voices (9:45)
3. A Mind Beside Itself III: The Silent Man (5:09)
4. Learning to Live (14:02)
5. A Change of Seasons (24:35)

- A feature-length commentary track by all five members of Dream Theater.
- A behind-the-scenes documentary.
- A photo gallery of the Metropolis 2000 world tour.

Total Time 190:00 approx.


- James Labrie / vocals
- John Petrucci / guitar, backing vocals
- John Myung / bass
- Jordan Ruddess / keyboards
- Mike Portnoy / drums, percussion, backing vocals

- Theresa Thomason / guest vocals on "Through Her Eyes" and "The Spirit Carries On"
- Beverly McKenzie, Carlensha Bethea, Carmen Brown, Chandra Simmons, Clarence Burke Jr., Clinteeyah Brooks, Cynthia Ogbur, Dale Scott Robinson, Denise Hilton, John Williams, Mary Canty, Rennelle Martin / Gospel choir on "The Spirit Carries On"
- Jo Marno / Choir Coordinator
- Kent Broadhurst / spoken word (The Hypnotherapist)

About this release

Label: Elektra Records
Release Date: April 21, 2001

Recorded on August 30, 2000 at Roseland Ballroom, New York. The entire concert available on CD as Live Scenes From New York.

Produced by Ron Bennington

Thanks to Stooge for the addition and Pekka for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

This is a special release for me, as it is my first true music DVD that I purchased myself (unless you count Spinal Tap). It was around a year since attending my first Dream Theater show, and memories from the show were beginning to fade. Luckily, this DVD re-assured me that my admiration of the Dream Theater live show was well justified.

The heart of this DVD has Dream Theater performing their 1999 album, Metropolis Part II: Scenes From A Memory, in its entirety. That album probably ranks around third place in my favorite Dream Theater albums, and they have video releases that are technically better edited, but I have yet to witness a DVD of theirs that I prefer more than this. The timing of this concert was a bright patch in their career where they decided to take full creative control and make less commercial compromises. The band seems very at ease on the stage, looking like they’ve been playing with keyboardist Jordan Ruddess for years, and their execution is spot on.

The bonus features are a very notable aspect of this release, especially the additional concert material. This is highlighted by the performance of their 25-minute “A Change Of Seasons”. Through the song’s instrumental passages, you can get a taste of the Dream Theater live experience as they throw in quotes of “The Simpsons” theme, and the sporting event classic “Charge!”. Combining this with the main feature, the “A Mind Beside Itself” suite, and “Learning To Live”, you have a stunning song selection that is sure to please fans of progressive metal. The only upsetting aspect is that more songs are included on the CD version of this concert, but I suppose it makes sense from a business perspective. The documentary is a nice touch, and their band commentary, while I’ve only listened to it once, makes me wish that more bands would add such insight to their videos.

You will not regret buying this DVD!

Members reviews

Since this DVD is a live interpretation from the studio album of the same name, and the source material is great, of course the concert is also a great experience. Of course, having the plus of seeing the band perform is a great advantage for this release, specially given that watching this guys play is a great experience. However, one big disapointment from this release is that it misses many other songs that are included on the CD release of this live album, which I really wanted to see them perform. The performance of the songs is really great, with everyone in fine form... except perhaps LaBrie who at times can't keep to his studio performance. My favourite songs are "Overture 1928 / Strange Deja Vu", "Fatal Tragedy", "Home" and "Finally Free". Now, the video from this concert has many acted scenes from the story inserted throughout the performance, which is kind of nice for it helps to keep track of the story... however, on "Fianally Free", this scenes got extra annoying, and blocked the performance of the band throughout the whole murder part, which is perhaps one of the strongest parts of the album and one I would have loved to see them performing (well, at least the second time they play a very similar section near the end of the song we can actually see the band playing it, but still it is annoying). "Beyond this Life", is also a very cool song, specially at the beginning, but then it kind of drags on and loses some of it's spark. "The Dance of Eternity", however, is one song I still can't get into, just a bit too messy and full of fast and technical playing just for the sake of it.

On the other hand, what usually draggs this bands albums are their ballads. The one ballad I actually liked on the studio album was "One Last Time", though something kind of doesn't work so well on this release... I guess it's the vocals and backing vocals, which are kind of weaker here. However, "Through her eyes" and "The Spirit Carries On", are really upgraded here, with extra vocals from Theresa Thompson and gorgeous guitars from Petrucci.

From the extra songs, I was never a big fan of the "Mind Beside Itself" set of songs, but "Learning to Live" and "A Change of Seasons" are both among my favourite DT songs, and having them on video here is a great thing.

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