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Album · 2019

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Born To Lose (6:18)
2. Bad Romance (4:38)
3. Fire & Stone (6:52)
4. Land Of Our Fathers (6:32)
5. Make A Dream (Last Forever) (3:58)
6. Money (4:18)
7. Old Scratch (5:56)
8. Road To Damascus (4:36)
9. Who Will You Run To (5:22)
10. T Y Ochen’ Krasi Vaya (5:08)
11. Years Slip Away (5:13)

Bonus (vinyl only)

12. Southbound Whistle (3:58)


- Bobby Barth / Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals, Keys
- Bob Harris / Vocals, Keyboards
- Gerald Berger / Bass
- Scott Misner / Drums
- Brad Banhagel / Guitars
- Craig Gysler / Keyboards

Additional players & singers:

David Landes, Ray Patterson, Greg T. Walker,
Billy Kitchens, Thana Harris, Nate Harris

About this release

Released by Escape Music, 20th September 2019

Thanks to Kev Rowland for the addition


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Kev Rowland
I can’t have been the only person to be rather surprised to hear there was a new Axe album available, given that the only releases in the last 19 years have been an anthology and a live DVD. But yes, singer/guitarist Bobby Barth has pulled together another band under that moniker and here we have the first new music since ‘The Crown’. Given that most of the years since that release in 2000 Barth has been involved with the other band for which he is most regarded, Blackfoot, it isn’t surprising that there is only one other survivor from the last Axe album, namely co-singer and keyboard player Bob Harris. This is the seventh album to have the Axe name but given that Barth is now 67 and four of the albums were released before 1984 the title of this could well be accurate if history is anything to go by.

Talking of history, one wonders what would have happened with the band if Barth and guitarist Michael Osborne hadn’t been involved in a car accident in the summer of 1984 which saw Barth badly injured and his friend pass away. Axe were finished that day in many ways, yet they had started with major promise in that the whole band were all veterans of many years playing clubs and cover music, with four lead singers, and all writers. They signed a deal before they ever played a gig, and like any young metalheads at the time I certainly knew of them back then. But what was this album going to sound like? Was it going to be heads down and meet you at the end? Look at the cover, a double-headed battle axe which is transformed into a guitar, but that certainly doesn’t describe what is inside.

I understand why the album was released under the name Axe, as it certainly made people like me sit up and take notice who remembered them, but I only hope the name and imagery doesn’t put others off who may not have heard of them before as this is polished and gorgeous from the start to the very last note. This is an album which could have been released by Axe at the height of their powers, and it is as if the last 35 years just haven’t happened as they mix and move through different styles of melodic hard rock. There is restraint, and the voices as well as the approach have matured, and the songs are all the better for it. In some ways it reminded me somewhat of the latest Black Oak Arkansas, more in approach than sound, as old rockers show the rest of the world they still have a great deal to offer and there is no doubt we are all richer for having this made available. Eleven songs on the CD but Escape Music have also released this on vinyl and for that there is one extra. If you had ever wondered what had happened with Axe then wonder no more, as with this release they are very much back centre stage and anyone who enjoys melodic well-crafted hard rock will find much on here to enjoy.

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