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EVANESCENCE - Fallen cover
3.12 | 22 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 2003


1. Going Under (3:34)
2. Bring Me to Life (3:57)
3. Everybody's Fool (3:15)
4. My Immortal (4:24)
5. Haunted (3:06)
6. Tourniquet (4:38)
7. Imaginary (4:17)
8. Taking Over Me (3:49)
9. Hello (3:40)
10. My Last Breath (4:07)
11. Whisper (5:27)
12. Breathe No More (4:15)

Total Time: 48:34

Bonus disc
1. October (acoustic) (6:26)
2. Going Under (acoustic) (3:09)
3. Bring Me to Life (acoustic) (3:54)
4. My Immortal (acoustic) (4:29)
5. Heart Shaped Box (acoustic) (2:49)

Total Time: 20:50


- David Hodges / piano, keyboards, string arrangements
- Amy Lee / vocals, additional vocal layers, choir arrangements
- Ben Moody / guitars, percussion, co-producing

Guest musicians/performers:

- Francesco DiCosmo / bass guitar
- Josh Freese / drums
- Paul McCoy / guest vocals on "Bring Me to Life"
- Millennium Choir / background choir on "Everybody's Fool", "Haunted", "Imaginary" and "Whisper"
- Graeme Revell / string arrangements, orchestral conduction
- David Campbell / additional string arrangements

About this release

Label: Wind-Up Records
Release Date: March 4, 2003

Numerous variations exist

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

During my years in the government school system, while I was checking out bands that would sculpt my present ideology as a Christophobic death and black metal fan, my classmates were listening to music that passed itself off as metal but I found rather irksome. One of the most irksome was "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence. I did not like that the alleged gothic metal tones weren't even there, I did not like the simple and commercially streamlined riffing pattern, and I really did not like Paul McCoy's hip-hop/nu metal flavored guest vocals. A couple of years later, I've decided it's time to kill the weed by strangling it's root and give the album 'Fallen' a listen.

And right away, I can see my dislike justified. I'm greeted with these boring, uninspired, unvaried chug chords. For some reason, some people have gotten the impression that this album is gothic metal simply due to the orchestral instruments and Amy Lee's singing style, but if those elements were taken away everyone would call this alternative rock. In fact, those elements might as well be taken away because they come across as a gimmick to cover up how lame the guitar work is: all chug, zero substance. It doesn't help that all the songs are in this mid paced tempo, further increasing the boredom.

Also not helping are the stupid, angsty, tear-jerker lyrics which are not entertaining in the slightest. For that reason, I don't just hate this album for what it is but also for what it represents: whiny angst. This is a teen targeted theme and the reason why I didn't like it then is because I was above the idea of self-loathing so I didn't like the idea of the commercialization of self-loathing.

But alas, this was March 4, 2003. I would have been in the latter half of my 5th grade year, and the world would be worse than the month before. Yes, I suppose Amy Lee has some pipes, but that means nothing to me when she's a poster girl for angst. 'Fallen' is a very vapid album that is not worth any attention.

Members reviews

Fresh and accessible

If I have to describe Evanescence in simple words I might use the words fresh, tuned, good and accessible. Yeah, maybe that won’t interest to many people, especially those who think this is bubble gum rock, but I seriously advise a detailed hearing to this great production.

This production has a wonderful quality of sound, with fresh songs that have merge between heavy riffing guitars, piano and strings phrases and wonderful female vocals, not as operatic as Tarja Turunen but very good and dramatic. I don’t find any “gothic” reference besides the make up that Amy Lee started to use after she became famous.

Well, pay attention to the guitars, this guy was very clean and accurate to play and had great ideas and wonderful sound effects, very controlled and focus. While the melodic and dramatic voice of Lee fits great with any piano phrase, strings or heavy riffing. I found interesting songs like BRING ME TO LIFE, IMAGINARY, TOURNIQUET and TAKING OVER ME.

The production had a little electronic vibe, like a surrounding of atmospheric noises and electronic beats that helps to have a fresh mood through all the album. Please, don’t pass away this particular CD, because the compositions of Ben Moody who left the band just after the release of this production. 4 stars. One of my favorite commercial albums of this millennia.

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  • 666sharon666
  • Necrotica
  • aglasshouse
  • uranus_mystic
  • Unitron
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  • Daniel de Oliveira
  • spitf1r3
  • bassgeezer
  • Colt
  • Uknowntoall
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  • adg211288
  • Metallica999
  • Bartje1979

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