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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Non-Metal 169 3.01
2 Progressive Metal 136 3.92
3 Alternative Metal 133 2.94
4 Avant-garde Metal 104 3.97
5 Hard Rock 99 3.53
6 Black Metal 92 3.72
7 Metal Related 78 3.53
8 Heavy Metal 63 3.77
9 Technical Death Metal 61 3.96
10 Death Metal 56 3.75
11 Thrash Metal 45 3.66
12 Proto-Metal 37 4.00
13 Atmospheric Black Metal 35 3.67
14 Sludge Metal 23 3.70
15 Power Metal 22 3.86
16 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 17 4.09
17 Folk Metal 17 3.88
18 Melodic Death Metal 17 3.79
19 Hardcore Punk 16 3.41
20 Death-Doom Metal 16 3.72
21 Symphonic Metal 16 3.78
22 Technical Thrash Metal 16 3.81
23 NWoBHM 15 4.07
24 Doom Metal 15 4.00
25 Glam Metal 15 3.57
26 Brutal Death Metal 14 3.50
27 Industrial Metal 13 3.62
28 Funk Metal 12 4.17
29 Grindcore 12 3.58
30 Metalcore 12 3.46
31 Symphonic Black Metal 11 4.14
32 US Power Metal 11 3.77
33 Depressive Black Metal 11 3.14
34 Deathcore 11 3.32
35 Mathcore 10 3.95
36 Groove Metal 9 3.39
37 Heavy Alternative Rock 9 3.00
38 War Metal 9 3.44
39 Speed Metal 8 3.50
40 Stoner Metal 8 3.69
41 Neoclassical metal 8 3.69
42 Melodic Black Metal 8 4.06
43 Heavy Psych 7 3.93
44 Funeral Doom Metal 7 4.07
45 Gothic Metal 7 3.43
46 Pagan Black Metal 6 3.83
47 Traditional Doom Metal 5 3.60
48 Drone Metal 5 3.50
49 Melodic Metalcore 5 3.10
50 Goregrind 5 3.10
51 Crust Punk 4 3.38
52 Crossover Thrash 3 4.33
53 Nu Metal 3 3.33
54 Stoner Rock 2 4.25
55 Rap Metal 2 2.00
56 Viking Metal 2 4.00
57 Deathgrind 2 3.50
58 Electronicore 1 2.00
59 Cybergrind 1 3.50
60 Death 'n' Roll 1 3.50
61 Metal Related Genres 1 4.00
62 Trance Metal 1 1.00
63 Nintendocore 1 3.50
64 Pornogrind 1 0.50

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RAVEN Rock Until You Drop

Album · 1981 · NWoBHM
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Newcastle upon Tyne, England was clearly the hotbed of inspiration in the 1980s by not only producing the earliest extreme metal offerings from Venom but also the phenomenal success of Dire Straits and also we can add to that resume the inspirational sounds of the early New Wave of British Heavy Metal band RAVEN! Oh yeah! This band has been cited as one of the earliest that influenced the thrash metal world that would emerge. Hard to believe that RAVEN started as far back as 1974 by the Gallagher brothers, vocalist / bassist John and guitarist Mark. Almost as if RAVEN was the inspiration for the Spinal Tap film where drummers spontaneously combusted and disappeared, so too did RAVEN have a hard time keeping a percussionist but Rob Hunter had the honor of appearing on the band’s first album.

It’s also hard to believe how incredibly complex the metal universe has become and when you go back to these humble beginnings when metal was proudly and defiantly emerging from its parent hard rock sounds of the 1970s, it’s refreshing to eschew the modern murkiness of tech death metal, avant-garde excesses and progressive metal compositions that rival any Western classical masters and just go back to when heavy metal was about adolescent fantasies and party rock! RAVEN’s 1981 debut ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP was the perfect album to usher in the early world of the NWOBHM without all the philosophical existential quandaries and intellectual headiness that would follow. This album just simply celebrated banging your fucking head and rockin’ yer ass off!

Back to the band. RAVEN existed from 1974-79 as a hard rock band so got more than its share of influences from all those bands that had their heyday in that era but with patience waited seven years until its debut album was released. The band did get a lot of attention with the 1980 release of its first single “Don’t Need Your Money” and opened for many of the big players of the day such as Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead, Whitesnake and even an early Iron Maiden. When the band finally released ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP, a heavy metal starved public was eager to embrace any band that had the gusto to take things to the extreme and therefore this debut was met with enthusiasm. RAVEN was also known for its fiery live performances and has even been referred to as athletic metal due to the bombastic nature of the band’s playing.

ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP could never be mistaken for having debuted at any other timeline than the early 1980s with simple compositions that basically take the hard rock paradigm of blues oriented riffing and simply augmented with faster tempos, more extreme guitar solos, more ambitious drumming and a somewhat goofier vocal style where John Gallagher juxtaposes macho growling vocals with sudden King Diamond-like falsettos. The tunes are all catchy but not sophisticated. The album comes off as somewhat of an AC/DC styled blues hard rock only sped up a few notches with more biting irreverence that would fuel the world of speed metal along with the darker sounds of Venom that would inspire new bands to develop the world of thrash metal.

Yeah by the standards of the 21st century RAVEN can sound a bit goofy as the band was more of an inspiration much like neighboring Venom than actually crafting anything that could be the pinnacle of achievement but sometimes just plain old good fun is enough to win the day. ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP was for all intents and purposes a really rockin’ good party metal album somewhat in the vein of the attitude of KISS but only more interesting in a musical sense. The band also paid tribute to its antecedents such as the excellent Sweet cover of “Hellraiser / Action.” In short, RAVEN perfectly caught the real zeitgeist of the early 1980s with ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP. Metal about this time was all about just getting wild and crazy without overthinking things. Sometimes less is more and in the case of RAVEN’s debut, the bold and brash performances outweigh any criticism over production values, artistic statements or avant-garde eccentricities. Basically this is just a really enjoyable good old fashioned metal classic.

BUCKETHEAD Pike 291 - Fogray

Album · 2021 · Heavy Alternative Rock
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And although almost a week after Easter 2021, a new egg has hatch in the coop of the eccentric BUCKETHEAD who has taken on another weird trait of releasing his PIKE series out of numerical order with PIKE 291 - FOGRAY coming out before any sign of #s 290 and 291 not to mention that #s 285 and 286 are still missing from the cue. As with other album titles i have no idea what FOGRAY refers to as it’s probably some weird puzzle reference. This is the 3rd PIKE of 2021.

This standard 30-minute PIKE only features 2 tracks, the short less than 6-minute alternative rocker “Piston” which takes on that by now all too familiar style that BH has released on numerous PIKEs but doesn’t really add anything new to the mix. In other words it’s a throwaway track designed as a musical fluffer i guess.

The album is basically nothing more than the 24-minute title track that pretty much follows the opening tracks slightly faster than mid-tempo grooviness with rockin’ bass and drums and a few breakdowns for some guitar antics. There is a noticeable dark ambient atmosphere that sort of swirls around in the background while the chugga chug guitar parts create some nasty grungy sounds. The tones and timbres are quite well polished even if the music itself is fairly by the books. It’s yet another one of those familiar tracks that pretty much engages in a monotonous cyclical loop of grooves that adds a few guitar tricks here and there but doesn’t justify the playing time.

I’ve grown quite bored with most of BUCKETHEAD’s recent editions to the PIKE universe because as someone who has taken the time to listen to every single one of the near 300 installments, i have to say that dude has simply been recycling the same old tired ideas now for quite some time and clearly more interested in quantity over quality. Despite it though i still continue to check out every new PIKE because every once in a while the chicken lover pulls a diamond out of a hen’s arse and actually rocks my friggin world.

As for PIKE 291 - FOGRAY, this one is just one more instrumental reworking of countless tracks on numerous PIKEs from the past and although performed well and engineered perfectly i’ve long grown weary of this incessant cookie cutter approach. What happened to all that energetic passion from the early days? Dude doesn’t even crank out metal much any longer as this is nothing more than heavy alternative rock. Oh well. OK but certainly not a PIKE i will ever be revisiting for sure.

JINJER Inhale. Do Not Breathe

EP · 2012 · Melodic Metalcore
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JINJER (pronounced like “ginger”) started out as a melodic metalcore band having formed in Gorlovka near Donetsk, Ukraine in 2009 but has evolved into a more progressive metalcore band in the vein of bands like Between The Buried And Me. After releasing the debut EP “Objects in Mirror Are Closer than They Appear,” the band struggled to find its own distinct sound until the addition of bassist Eugene Abdukhanov, lead guitarist Roman Ibramkhaliov and new lead singer Tatiana Shmailyuk.

The fist release to come out with this lineup was the EP titled INHALE, DON’T BREATHE which originally featured seven tracks but subsequent versions also included three extra live bonus tracks. For whatever reason the EP only shows five tracks on JINJER’s Bandcamp page. At this stage JINJER featured no progressive features in its compositions and squarely fit into the world of melodic metalcore with a groove metal flow including a few deviations into alternative rock during brief slower moments. The most distinct feature of the band is probably the fact that this style of extreme metal is fronted by a female singer.

This band has been quite popular in its native Ukraine as it became more varied over its three album run but at this point the band had pretty much only gotten its head around being a band and was content simply sailing in the groove fueled metalcore style that served as an underpinning of its later releases and the band wouldn’t really take off until 2016’s “KIng Of Everything.” Not much to say about this one. The tracks are a bit too similar as the same groove and chord progressions pretty much haunt every track and the same tradeoff between clean and shouted extreme vocals never deviates from the plan.

I can’t say this is my favorite style of metal first of all but i can appreciate some good metalcore that infuses heavy doses of creativity in unexpected ways however JINJER does none of that one this early offering and wouldn’t really branch out for a few more years. For my ears this is a pretty average if not dull example of melodic metalcore that sounds very amateurish and uninspiring however there is nothing absolutely horrible either. It’s just that there is no variation between tracks and the one-trick pony show gets old very quickly. Probably interesting for true fans of the band who need to explore the origins but honestly i don’t like the band’s name, don’t like its sound and am confident i’ll never be retreading this generic grounds again.


Album · 1993 · Progressive Metal
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Despite sounding like a brand name for some kind of kitchen appliance, MAYFAIR was actually amongst good company in the first wave of early 1990s progressive metal having formed in 1989 in the far western city of Frastanz, Austria situated directly next to the tiny micronation of Liechtenstein. This band released three albums in the 1990s with the first one being this debut titled BEHIND… After a long hiatus MAYFAIR returned in 2013 with “Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage” and then released another couple albums after that.

While the lineup has changed in its second coming, the early members included Mario "le Fate" Prünster (vocals), René (guitar), Mötle (bass) and Little (drums). Despite having been together for over three decades now, MAYFAIR still remains a mysterious and oddball band which sounded a bit different than anything that has existed ever since. The original 1993 release of BEHIND… featured six strong tracks that barely seeped past the 29-minute mark on the General Inquisitor label but has since been reissued in 2013 on the Pure Prog label with a bonus CD of unreleased tracks, various demos and alternate versions of the tracks.

While coming off as an eccentric style of progressive alternative metal with a hypnotic cyclical loop riffing style that reminds a little bit of Tool, MAYFAIR adds the exotic flair of exquisite ethnic percussive nuances with sophisticated drum rolls and varying percussive sounds as well as implementing what sounds like Euroopean folky melodic touches making it all sound quite unique. What really makes MAYFAIR stand out though has to be the dramatic vocal antics of lead singer Mario Prünster who has the flamboyant tendencies of Devil Doll but sounds a bit like a trippier Geddy Lee of Rush at times. What also comes to mind is the metal version of Gnidrolog at least in terms of the vocals and idiosyncratic unorthodoxies.

BEHIND… implements a very hypnotic atmospheric approach yet features strong bass grooves, grungy yet melodic guitar heft and a nice diverse palette of percussion. The compositions are fairly short for progressive metal with no tracks exceeding six minutes but the composiitons are a bit avant-garde in how they unfold. In some ways, MAYFAIR reminds me of an alternative version of the French band Ange as it comes across as somewhat theatrical yet carries an alternative metal heft in vein of Tool and similar 90s alt metal bands. Despite the influences MAYFAIR sounds utterly unique with plenty of creative mojo firing on all pistons. Not the heaviest or fastest metal you could experience but certainly one that carries mystique and subtle beauty.


Album · 1972 · Heavy Psych
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Another one of the many short-lived bands that jumped into Germany’s Krautrock scene in the early 1970s was the Marburg based DSCHINN which originated in a response to the Beatles-mania that took over the world in the 1960s. Starting out as The Hurricanes, the smitten group of Bernd "Capo" Capito (lead guitar, vocals), Peter "Eddy" Lorenz (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Silvio Verfürth (bass, vocals), Athanasios "Jacky" Paltoglou (drums, percussion) and Uli Mund (drums, percussion) were successful in scoring live gigs all throughout Germany including the famous beat clubs such as the StarDust in Hamburg.

All of this touring caught the attention of a successful businessman who became one of the band’s biggest fans and proceeded to fund a few singles but under the condition that the band changed its name to Dischas under which three singles were released including the first one "Here What I Say/Come Back To Me" which actually made it into the top 10 on the Austrian singles charts. Unfortunately the band was unable to continue the momentum and changed its game plan altogether as the pop rock beat and mod styles of the 60s were quickly falling out of fashion.

The band not only changed its sound to a more progressive style of heavy psych but adopted the more mysterious moniker DSCHINN or in English, jinn or jinni which in the Koran and Muslim traditions is a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over human beings. Likewise the band developed a more sophisticated sound and although lumped into the early world of Krautrock was in fact a hard rock band with heavy psych influences from the late 1960s. The band released this one self-titled album in 1972 with a trippy Dali-esque album cover which featured nine vocal oriented tracks that featured heavy bluesy guitar riffs, beefy bass lines, intricate percussion sounds and even a harmonica part or two.

Unlike much of Germany’s Krautrock artists who were entering the twilight zone with freaky tripped out sounds designed for a trip to the cosmos and beyond, DSCHINN was much more down to earth and in reality sounded much more like an Anglo / American hard rock band of the same era with lyrics about freedom, love and other everyday affairs. The music wasn’t particularly complex and instead revolved around catchy blues based melodies. While the music itself was fairly average by the era’s standards, DSCHINN did stand out in the fact that it had two percussionists and delivered strong polypercussive grooves that adopted some of the ethnic influences of the Middle East somewhat in the vein of Agitation Free only in the context of bluesy hard rock.

Another immediate standout was the vocal style of Peter Lorenz which sort of sounded like a more exotic version of The Guess Who’s Burton Cummings only with a slight accent. The band itself seems to have picked up a few tips from bands like The Guess Who or Grandfunk Railroad and was clearly looking to the English speaking world for inspiration. This all but forgotten obscurity from Germany’s diverse Krautrock scene may not go down in history as the most essential of artifacts from the early 1970s but it is an interesting slice of heavy psych laced with period pop rock along with a few Krautish elements that remind me of Amon Düül II at times but these are just accents and only complement the staunch blues rock worship. Not a bad album at all but not extremely creative either.

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