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INCUBUS (CA) - Morning View Heavy Alternative Rock
JUDAS PRIEST - Sad Wings Of Destiny Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Stained Class Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Painkiller Power Metal
METALLICA - Master of Puppets Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Metallica Heavy Metal
ALICE IN CHAINS - Facelift Alternative Metal
QUEENSRŸCHE - The Warning US Power Metal
QUEENSRŸCHE - Rage For Order Heavy Metal
BLACK SABBATH - Mob Rules Heavy Metal
ANTHRAX - Worship Music Thrash Metal
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Thirteenth Step Metal Related
LED ZEPPELIN - Physical Graffiti Hard Rock
LED ZEPPELIN - Presence Hard Rock
METAL CHURCH - Metal Church US Power Metal
PRIMUS - Tales From the Punchbowl Funk Metal
PRIMUS - The Brown Album Funk Metal
PRIMUS - Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People Funk Metal
THE CULT - Sonic Temple Hard Rock

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Hard Rock 519 3.87
2 Heavy Metal 486 4.11
3 Thrash Metal 468 4.11
4 Alternative Metal 272 3.89
5 Non-Metal 240 3.57
6 Nu Metal 188 4.07
7 Industrial Metal 169 3.92
8 Death Metal 132 3.83
9 Stoner Metal 124 4.08
10 Progressive Metal 118 3.07
11 Heavy Alternative Rock 115 3.54
12 Groove Metal 100 3.88
13 Glam Metal 97 4.12
14 Funk Metal 94 4.15
15 Power Metal 88 3.76
16 Proto-Metal 82 3.43
17 Metal Related 79 3.47
18 NWoBHM 73 4.24
19 US Power Metal 72 4.08
20 Sludge Metal 61 4.23
21 Stoner Rock 54 4.19
22 Crossover Thrash 50 3.97
23 Hardcore Punk 49 3.32
24 Black Metal 47 3.53
25 Metalcore 45 3.71
26 Rap Metal 44 3.72
27 Heavy Psych 38 4.04
28 Speed Metal 37 3.80
29 Technical Thrash Metal 37 3.86
30 Melodic Death Metal 36 3.22
31 Folk Metal 32 3.98
32 Traditional Doom Metal 29 4.02
33 Melodic Metalcore 28 3.55
34 Technical Death Metal 27 3.48
35 Avant-garde Metal 26 3.44
36 Doom Metal 24 3.77
37 Symphonic Metal 16 3.53
38 Neoclassical metal 16 3.72
39 Atmospheric Black Metal 13 2.85
40 Gothic Metal 13 3.50
41 Death 'n' Roll 12 3.96
42 Grindcore 11 3.36
43 Brutal Death Metal 11 3.64
44 Melodic Black Metal 11 4.05
45 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 10 3.30
46 Mathcore 10 3.15
47 Symphonic Black Metal 8 2.63
48 Death-Doom Metal 6 3.08
49 Trance Metal 5 2.50
50 Deathcore 4 3.13
51 Goregrind 4 3.63
52 Cybergrind 3 4.00
53 Crust Punk 2 3.00
54 Drone Metal 2 1.75
55 Electronicore 2 2.75
56 Funeral Doom Metal 2 4.75
57 Deathgrind 1 3.50

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Album · 1994 · Stoner Metal
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The first of several fantastic Corrosion of Conformity albums that are all time favorites, Deliverance is the first album of theirs with Pepper Keenan on lead vocals, and what a start for one of my favorite vocalists. A beautiful mixture of grunge, southern rock, heavy metal, and even a moody country song. I've always really liked COC, but it hasn't been until recently when they've become one of my favorite bands. Such a passionate performance, with soulful introspection and they emote so much.

From the lumbering Albatross, the wonderfully melodic Clean My Wounds, the swagger of Senor Limpio, the stomping title track, the country Shelter, the climatic finale Pearls Before Swine, I love it all.


Album · 1988 · Heavy Metal
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Danzig's self-titled album perfectly combines the groovy energetic and gloomy mood sides of early metal, with Danzig's Elvis meets Jim Morrison vocals backed by the sounds of Black Sabbath and Buffalo. His first three albums are all fantastic and perfect that sound, and while Danzig II is pretty close, Danzig's debut has always been my favorite (though tied with November Coming Fire as favorite Danzig relate album in general). Punchy opener Twist of Cain, Am I Demon, classic Mother, and swaggering Evil Thing are some particular favorites, but She Rides takes the stage as the best. The slow lumbering drums and beautifully melancholy mood makes this blues metal perfection.

Danzig's songwriting style and atmosphere is like no other band, and this is its best display.

SCORPIONS Animal Magnetism

Album · 1980 · Heavy Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
The sound of Animal Magnetism is often what I first think of when I think of the Scorpions. Even though Taken By Force beats this by a little bit as my favorite from them, Animal Magnetism just has a unique sound and atmosphere that is just pure pre-power balled Scorps. It blends the big and loud sound of 80's metal with this real dark and seedy atmosphere. It makes me feel like I'm walking in some shifty alleyway where there's no telling what goes bump in the night. Meanwhile I'm being serenaded by Klaus Meine's absolutely sublime melodies and the beautiful guitar harmonies and pumped up riffs.

The fast jams like Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep) are an absolute blast to listen to, especially with the fistful-of-power sound of Herman Rarebell's drums, but a lot of the album relies on this thumping plod that's brought to life by Francis Buchholz's real deep bass sound. It's no more apparent than on the final two songs The Zoo and the title track. Ever since first listening to these guys years and years ago, The Zoo's always been an absolute favorite. The whole song balances melody with this dark swaggering march of a hook, and Only a Man does as well and takes the cake as my top favorite on the album.

Though when it comes to foreboding and absolutely massive sounding, the finale title track takes the cake. I remember when I first heard this song when I first spun the vinyl for the entire album, and what an ending. I never knew anyone could make a song about sex sound so fucking threatening, but it is darkly beautiful and almost has a meditative quality.

Few other albums blend beautiful melody with a lumbering darkness as good as this.

POPPY I Disagree

Album · 2020 · Alternative Metal
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After years of scorn, nu metal has since began to make a comeback. With that said, nu metal still goes misunderstood most of the time. It's the black sheep of the metal family, taking direct influence of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle's discarding of genre norms. After Korn's debut displayed a combination of groove metal with many other musical elements, other bands followed suit with combining metal with whatever they felt like. Purists didn't like this, and it didn't help that in the early 2000's many generic alternative metal bands were being mistaken as nu metal and some nu metal bands went soft or in a more standard metal direction, and the genre lost steam.

Much of the nu metal revival was ignited by metalcore bands starting to bring in turntables and other different instrumentation. Poppy however, comes from a completely different background outside of metal. Originally playing electro-pop and ambient music, into metal comes I Disagree (though with some metal before). I had no interest in what she was doing previously, but a pop artist going nu metal in 2020 is a pretty odd thing and sparked my interest.

Whether influenced by them or not, I Disagree reminds me of the Finnish nu metal band Velcra in her attempt at blending metal, hip hop, pop, and various electronic styles. While Velcra shows how fantastic that combination can be in the hands of great songwriters, I Disagree suffers from genre clashing. At its worst, you have opener Concrete. You get this hardass fantastic screeching nu metal hook, then it just goes into a sickening, quirky, and sugary J-pop sound right out of Babymetal. It completely conflicts with the mood and sounds like a completely different song. Pop is perhaps the most difficult to combine with metal successfully, as most pop music lacks the edge and angst that metal typically requires. It takes a very skilled songwriter to blend what are often opposite styles of music in a way that works and sounds good. It makes sense that on Poppy's first album length attempt at metal that she wouldn't master all the elements she wishes to combine though.

At it's absolute best however, like with Bite Your Teeth, Poppy delivers a nu metal banger. The searing riffs and discordant breakdown conjure up a similar noisy factory atmosphere as Arch Enemy's Doomsday Machine, but with a pop-esque (but not sugary or sickeningly sweet) vocal performance. There's even a short melody that sounds right out of a Pain of Salvation album. The great thing is that everything fits into place and feels like it belongs. Fill the Crown is another good song but with a Marilyn Manson-esque vibe to it. The industrial and glitchy electronic and hip hop elements fit well mostly, making sense as electronic and especially hip hop are closer in attitude to metal.

Poppy's metal debut is inconsistent and even at times hard to listen to. However, it shows promise. As of now, it makes me want to listen to Velcra. With some honing of sound though, I think Poppy could deliver a great addition to the nu metal revival.


Album · 1978 · Hard Rock
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In the world of guitar virtuoso's, several can obviously play with great technical skill, but few were able to master songwriting. This took away from their ability to appeal to more than just guitar nerds. I went through a brief phase of delving into that scene, but apart from the first couple Satriani and Malmsteen albums, it just doesn't hold up to a guy like me who just wants to enjoy some great music. The way to truly become one of the greatest guitarists of all time to the ears of many music lovers, is to not only master your craft in a technical sense, but also master songwriting and be a true team player in a band where each member has equal importance and never outshines another.

This is what made the original lineup of Van Halen such legends and Eddie Van Halen one of rock and metal's most celebrated guitarists. The band had pure chemistry, with each member being a master in their field. David Lee Roth sings with so much exuberance and charisma that few other frontmen have been able to match. Eddie Van Halen plays fantastic melodies, hooks, and solos that always fit into the song. Michael Anthony's bass thumps, pops, and stands out in a way that is usually only reserved for funk bassists, and Alex Van Halen's drumming is rambunctious, driving, and along with the bass makes for an incredibly energetic rhythm section.

Van Halen's debut set the blueprint for future Van Halen albums, with the band taking their songwriting even into the organization of tracks making it all fit together perfectly. The guitar solo track Eruption could easily just come across as showing off with any other band, but it sounds great between the two classics that bookend it. Ice Cream Man, while good, wouldn't make a good ending. That's why On Fire follows as a fittingly fiery encore with some fantastic frantic and anxious sounding melodies.

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love's opening melody is one of the most iconic in rock and metal, and never gets old no matter how many times you hear it. I'm the One's Doo-Wop bridge screams with personality and what other band could make it blend perfectly with roaring heavy metal? The moody Little Dreamer with its heavy bass kind of reminds me of Budgie. Even with all these highlights, Atomic Punk's always been my personal favorite. There's just so much attitude with one of the band's most commanding performances.

Van Halen's debut is simply a legend, and while I think Women and Children First and Fair Warning are my personal favorite albums from them, this isn't far behind at all. It's an iconic album that, along with the following few albums, shows how important band chemistry is to creating an awesome winning sound. The band may be called Van Halen, but each member is an absolute star here.

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    [QUOTE=adg211288]Can't speak for the Rage album, don't have it, don't recall having heard it. They're far too prolific though with a cap of six albums per artist, one or two really good ones were bound to get shafted. I would refute that Sigh No More is Gamma Ray's best though. To my dying breath actually. Which isn't a comment on it being no good, it's just well, those others exist. Land of the Free/Somewhere Out in Space - for my money the best stuff Kai ever put out. Keeper 1 & 2 included. [/QUOTE] lol I'm probably the only one who's favorite Gamma Ray album is Sigh No More. It didn't used to be, but I realized a couple years ago it has some of their catchiest songs. We Won't Stop the War and Countdown especially are great.I highly recommend checking out that Rage album though, just instant hooks on that album.
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    Got 30.Missing the best Gamma Ray and Rage albums though, Sigh No More and Reflections of a Shadow.
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    I'm guessing I actually had just seen them talked about being added and they just never did get added, as that's all that comes up in a search.


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