METH LEPPARD — Woke (review)

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3.5/5 ·
siLLy puPPy
Grindcore has become the new Comedy Central in the metal world because the core metal bands keep ramping up the hilarious factor several notches. Here’s a great one! Coming from Adelaide, Australia is the noisy as fuck duo of Cheese on vocals and guitar along with Kienen Murray on drums. Together they are METH LEPPARD and while this album may cause you some “hysteria” and drive you to commit “pyromania,” one thing is for sure, you will remain “high ’n’ dry’ because all that fucking METH keeps you from sleeping so you are sooooo WOKE!

This band has been around since 2015 and has released a bunch of splits but WOKE is the first official release that in grindcore tradition takes 16 short but highly bombastic tracks and keeps the album’s run at just over 17 minutes. This is metal at its most primeval anxiety release with extraordinary distorted guitar riffs chugging away and blastbeats fucking pummeling up a storm. Cheese sounds like an angry demon pissed off cuz hell was taken over by politicians and the rhythms are basically chugga chug and i love the alternating guitar effects.

It’s hard to take this too seriously as the tracks tend to sound similar but some of the titles are cool like “Kangaroo Court” and “Thrash Sucks!” This is definitely grindcore 101 since this is just pure spastic rage spewing out at a million miles per second with an incessant flow of gruntcore growling away! There is no bass! There are no keyboards! No sound effects! Just two guys, a guitar (or two) and some drums making as much noise as humanly possible as if there is some sort of deadline to crank these tracks out. OK, you’re certainly not going to play this at your wedding or your gramma’s funeral but WTF it’s a fun little romp into the mucky mocking world of METH LEPPARD where “Pour Some Sugar On Me” takes on a whole new meaning. G’day, mate!
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siLLy puPPy wrote:
4 months ago
I have to admit the band name certainly gave me a chuckle and made me check it out!
Vim Fuego wrote:
4 months ago
It's good fun, this wee album. Glad to see someone else has discovered Meth Leppard.


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