BLOODHOUND GANG — Use Your Fingers (review)

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2/5 ·
Vim Fuego
The totally unofficial Bloodhound Gang `Use Your Fingers' Q&A

Q: So was the mega-successful, multi-platinum Rock/Hip-Hip crossover masterpiece `One Fierce Beer Coaster' the Bloodhound Gang's first album? A: No, it wasn't. The band's first album was `Use Your Fingers', released in 1995.

Q: So how come I've never heard of it? A: You haven't been looking in the bargain bin at your local record store.

Q: Was it any good? A: The record-buying public didn't seem to think so, and neither did the band. Bloodhound Gang actually split up after the release of `Use Your Fingers' because of the poor response it received, but reformed again.

Q: So what's the title all about then? Is it referring to Guns n Roses or female masturbation? A: Yes to both.

Q: So what's it sound like? A: It sounds just how you might imagine the predecessor to `One Fierce Beer Coaster' would sound.

Q: So it's got the funky beats then? A: Er, sort of.

Q: And it's got the silly lyrics? A: Yes.

Q: And the dumb bits between the songs? A: Of course it does. It's a Bloodhound Gang album isn't it?

Q: And does the CD have some dumb instructions on it? A: Yes! These questions are really dumb!

Q: Sorry, but I'm doing my best. There are lots of obscure references to American pop culture here. Can you help me out? A: I'll try...

Q: Is that really Rip Taylor on the first track? A: Yes, it is.

Q: So who's Rip Taylor? A: A camp American comedian, famous for being fat, having spiky hair, throwing confetti when he tells jokes, and being camp. Also known as the Prince of Pandemonium.

Q: And what is a sprinkle genie? A: You really, really don't want to know!

Q: Who are Vera, Flo, and Mel? A: All three are characters from the sitcom "Alice". Vera and Flo are waitresses, while Mel is the cook who owns Mel's Diner.

Q: Who are Jerry's Kids, and why do they need a sponsor? A: Comedian Jerry Lewis got all serious when he started getting old, and started a charity for disabled children. The children helped by the charity are known as Jerry's Kids.

Q: What was the Rockford Files? A: It was a 1970s police show starring James Garner.

Q: What are spaghettios? A: Little rings made of spaghetti, shaped like the letter O.

Q: What was Barbara Eden doing in a bottle? A: She was Jeannie in the sitcom "I Dream Of Jeannie", where she was a genie who lived in a bottle. Look, this is getting boring. Ask some questions about the music!

Q: Er, OK, I'll try. Um, did Bloodhound Gang write all the music? A: Of course not! They ripped stuff off all over the place and covered Kim Wilde's "Kids In America". However, The Cure wouldn't let them rip off a sample, which is probably a good thing, because this album is bad enough on it's own.

Q: Is it as good as Lawnmower Deth's "Kids In America"? A: No.

Q: Is "One Way" a Blondie cover, "Go Down" an AC/DC cover, and "No Rest For The Wicked' an Ozzy Osbourne cover? A: Sort of, no, and no.

Q: Are any of the songs clever and funny? A: No, but some are stupid and funny, like `You're Pretty When I'm Drunk', and he's pretty fucking drunk.

Q: So what else can you tell us about the music? A: That's a stupid question! Um, well, it sounds like the demo tunes on tinny little hand held keyboards, but it took five guys to make the sounds. Occasionally a guitar pops up, but not often enough.

Q: So, um, is this like, any good, or worth getting? A: It depends. If you like other Bloodhound Gang albums, then you might like this. If you are just a casual observer, who quite liked "Fire Water Burn" then you'd probably be very disappointed.

Q: So it's rubbish then. A: I wouldn't go quite that far, but it's not a masterpiece. Finished with the questions?

Q: Yes. A: Good.
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Vim Fuego wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Yes, I just added them in the past couple of days. The albums are done, but I still have to do the singles and compilations.
more than 2 years ago
Another creative Vim Fuego review! I love these. The Man-O-War one is still my favourite.

Wait! Bloodhound Gang are on MMA?!!

martindavey87 wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Haha nice review. :D
Vim Fuego wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Well, formatting fucked me on this one...

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