FLAW Through the Eyes

Album · 2001 · Nu Metal
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4/5 ·
Along with 40 Below Summer's "Invitation to the Dance", I consider this to be the strongest debut release to come from the tail end of nu metal's mainstream popularity (late 2000-2001). I mean, you can't even argue that this has more heartfelt artistic integrity than the poppy label manufactured nu metal of bands like Adema and Linkin Park, who also came out around this time.

On the whole, there is obviously nothing innovative about the chunky riffs or good/bad cop vocal stylings of Chris Volz, but all these elements meld together very nicely on this album. The heavier songs such as "Reliance", "Amendment", "Payback" and "Scheme" are just pure aggression with intense screams and wall to wall badass riffs. The softer ballad type songs are a bit more of a mixed bag. When they do them right, they are great (eg "Inner Strength", which has an outstanding chorus), but some of these songs end up nearly resembling bad radio rock/post-grunge. The legendary David Bottrill probably helped steer those songs in more of a Tool direction rather than a radio rock direction though (I suspect this was also the case with the Bottrill-produced Mudvayne album "The End of All Things to Come"). Unfortunately, Flaw's next album was literally nothing but soft rock-ish radio ballads, which is not surprising at all considering thats where all the money was post 9/11.

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7 months ago
I really love this album. Really played it to death as a teen. So underrated. Shame they never got bigger.
Bosh66 wrote:
7 months ago
Not a huge nu-metal fan but this was a very decent album.


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