KAYO DOT — Choirs Of The Eye (review)

KAYO DOT — Choirs Of The Eye album cover Album · 2003 · Avant-garde Metal Buy this album from MMA partners
4.5/5 ·
Kayo Dotted

I hate reviewing albums older than 10 years, critically acclaimed, or albums unique to the point where any comparison to other stuff is nonsensical. Guess what, Choirs of the Eye matches every single of these criteria. I've been postponing this for far too long, though. No more silence! No more running. Let's do it! Kayo Dot, the veterans of all things experimental, extreme and eclectic, can't wait to hear me singing their praises. Oh, and I shall... even though I lied, they don't give a shit.

Choirs of the Eye's the first album from Kayo Dot but by no means should it be considered a debut. Toby Driver and his crew were already seasoned musicians back than in 2003, having released three maudlin of the Well albums and some other stuff on the side. Now, this album can't be perceived as metal, or even experimental rock for the very structure of it follows modern classical/chamber music standards. And yes, the pace may remind you of doom metal, some themes draw heavily on black and death metal and soothing presence of post-rock sound is undeniable. Still, the core of this record is the modern classical background of Toby Driver. Unlike many modern composers, however, Toby focuses on the emotional impact and artistic expression rather than form and pure experimentation. And that's exactly what makes this album a deep and thrilling experience.

Kayo Dot is one of those bands that you just shouldn't overlook. If you do, you miss an opportunity to experience something unique and deeply moving. Kayo Dot prove that pushing the envelope can result in something more than a mash up of genres. And if avant-garde experimentation not only with sound but with the very form too doesn't repel you, give it a go. It truly is postmodern music at its finest.
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more than 2 years ago
My favourite album by my favourite band. Other than Sunn O))) of course.
bartosso wrote:
more than 2 years ago
yeah, there's definitely some resemblance in tone. I wouldn't say he "adopted" the sound, as post-rock in general was heavily influenced by it, but you have a point, especially when it comes to vocals :) Coffins on Io is going be non-metal but judging by the song they released it's awesome.
siLLy puPPy wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I like this album too but if you listen to Slint's Spiderland you will hear the influences Toby Driver adopted. I like his more advanced adaptation of the sounds but gotta give credit where its due. Also love the next album even though it is a little less metal


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