KAYO DOT — Blue Lambency Downward (review)

KAYO DOT — Blue Lambency Downward album cover Album · 2008 · Non-Metal Buy this album from MMA partners
4.5/5 ·
Kayo Dot steps forth from the mist in which he is saturated. Kayo Dot strides forward as the shadows shift around him. He breathes the morning air and the limitless potential captive inside its rush. He meanders throughout a rocky waste, dancing, weaving fabric of his thoughts through evenings and pre-dawns. Wherever he goes, the mist writhes about him, and the fabric trails behind. The mist sometimes envelopes the fabric as they are whipped by wind, and they flow as one energy behind Kayo Dot. Kayo Dot is ready to do something that he hasn't done in 2 years. He performs his ritual then begins. He mixes the mist and tapestry and begins making emotions and characters out of it. The characters are shades against a craggy landscape. He makes emotions heavy and profound, swinging them around himself until in a blinding flash, Kayo Dot's job is finished. An etheric vinyl record that was produced by the flash now sits on a small, ornate stone table.

Toby Driver hears that Kayo Dot has come awake again, and he travels to the rocky waste in search of what will come to be known as Blue Lambency Downward. After three nights in the rocky waste, Toby Driver is starting to tire, but he knows that only he can bring this gift to mankind. He presses on until finally, in the afternoon glow, he finds the treasure. Now, he must begin the rocky trek back to town where he will press Blue Lambency Downward and spread it throughout the world. And this time, there are woodwinds.

Rating: 9/10
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Earendil wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Thanks, I really appreciate it. Upon re-visiting this I thought about deleting it because it seemed cheesy, but I thought "eh whatever". I actually thought about asking on your blog thread what you think of the album. It's Kayo Dot's most unclassifiable and inaccessible IMO. I've heard it called a "transition album", etc because it doesn't fit anywhere at all. I think it's hard for people in the metal bubble to connect with and too brutal for RIO. After many listens, I think that I can understand it (mostly) up to the final song, but at that point it seems only understandable as an inversion of the rest of the album. If you end up listening to it, let me know what you think.
bartosso wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I must admit I have never had an occasion to listen to this album but I love how poetic your review is. Only extraordinary albums can inspire such an extraordinary review. I'll hunt this album down asap.

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