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WEREGOAT is an American death/black metal act from Portland, Oregon. They were formed in 2009 and released their debut EP, "Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity", in 2011.

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Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity by Weregoat (2013-08-03)Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity by Weregoat (2013-08-03)
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Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity
Death Metal 2011

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WEREGOAT Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity

EP · 2011 · Death Metal
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After the battering that Ritual Necromancy provided last year with their debut full length release Oath of the Abyss, drummer Nocturnal Hellfucker returns on bass and vocals on yet another savage black/death metal band Weregoat through the release of the band's debut EP, Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity. With goats, moon and a name as such, this certainly promises to be one hell of a journey ahead.

The darkness that befalls the listener begins right from the very beginning of Nuclear Cunt, with the sounds of the impending doom that eventually gives way to crushing guitar riffs and the insane distortion/feedback helping to reinforce the already barbaric/savage atmosphere that the band has forged with that filthy production quality. Nocturnal Hellfucker's vocals are monstrous and sound extremely huge, not unlike those of similar bands such as his other band, Ritual Necromancy, threatening to devour all in the band's path. The usage of echoes also make it sound almost as if they were recorded in a cave, helping to give the music on Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity an extremely primitive feel.

Music-wise, the band leans close to bands such as Nocturnal Blood, though there is definitely a rawer edge to Weregoat's music and the production quality on here helps to bring out and accentuate the aggression and destructive potential of the band's music. The lead guitar lines of Indiscriminate Impregnator almost have no sense of melody or coherence to them and the drumming of Sadoseducer are bestial as fuck, but this is precisely the point of Weregoat, helping to further smear the scene with even more chaos than there already is, putting out any glimmer of hope that one may have. There are even times when the lead guitar lines such as the pick scratch and the song progression on Abysmal Whore remind listeners of the style of war metal horde Revenge, and this is definitely pleasing to the ears of those who are fans of brutal black/death metal. The black metal element in the band's music seeps out on tracks like Antichrist Kommand, where the underlying riffs are undeniably black metal, perhaps giving some sense of sanity to the continuous 18 minutes of onslaught thus far.

Those unaccustomed to music like those on Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity would perhaps dismiss this as yet another of those primitive and untalented bands' failed attempt to be brutal, but for the more knowing fans of the aforementioned bands like Nocturnal Blood and Ritual Necromancy, this is perhaps one of the best representations of raw, filthy and bestial black/death metal yet.


WEREGOAT Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity

EP · 2011 · Death Metal
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Weregoat is a death metal trio featuring members of Ritual Necromancy, Aldebaran, Engorged, Lord Gore, and many other revered underground extreme metal acts from the Portland area. The lineup consisting of Nocturnal Hellfuker (Kevin Schreutelkamp) on vocals and bass, Sadoseducer (Tim Call) on drums, and Indiscriminate Impregnator (Adam Wheeler) on guitar will likely grab the attention of a few underground metal aficionados, but I think the greatest appeal of this band is their downright filthy musical approach. On their debut EP, Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity, Weregoat takes absolutely no prisoners with their filthy, sinister onslaughts of old school death metal. While it hardly offers anything in the way of originality, this is a very competent EP that fans of early nineties' death metal should probably pick up.

Although death metal keeps becoming more polished, technical, and sterile as the years progress, Weregoat leaves behind all of the modern aesthetics in favor of a completely old-school sound. The compositions are short and powerful, the riff structure isn't too complex, the drumming hardly veers outside of blast beat territory, and the production is obscure and muddy. This sound may not appeal to everybody, and occasionally I do find the music a bit monotonous, but those who appreciate the grimy atmosphere of early death metal are bound to enjoy Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity quite a bit. Weregoat does an exceptionally good job at creating a punishing musical atmosphere, and I do think this is their strongest asset on this EP. The muddy production and obscure vocals sound downright evil at times.

Clocking in at just under 25 minutes, Unholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity is the perfect length for music this dense and cacophonous. Monotony does occasionally set in, but the EP is short enough that I still end up with a positive taste in my mouth when it's over. Overall, Weregoat has offered us a very solid debut offering in the vein of Autopsy, Carnage, and Entombed, and fans of unpolished old school brutality should find a lot to enjoy here. Weregoat has a long way to go in terms of originality, but they do what they do pretty damn well.

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