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Moldovian band NEUROMIST was formed in the fall of 2004, with Mike Petriuk (guitar), Kirill Zmuciuk (guitar) and Serghei Petrenco (drums) as the founding members. With bands like Atheist, Meshuggah, Cynic and Dream Theater as some of their main influences, their aim was to help create a new wave of heavy technical music in their native Moldova. Laurent Lozan (vocals) and Andrey Parshutin (bass) soon hooked up, and in the spring of 2005 they had their live debut as openers for Austrian band Possession at a concert in Chisinau.

Shortly after Parshutin and Serghei Petrenco left the band, and new men in were Alex Petriuk (bass) and Eugene Petrenco (drums). This revamped line-up continued working the live circuit, and in the winter of 2006 they hit the studio to record their first venture, the 3-track EP Age of Human Errors, which was issued shortly after.

In the fall of 2006 Petrenco was
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NEUROMIST Move Of Thought album cover 3.69 | 9 ratings
Move Of Thought
Technical Death Metal 2010

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NEUROMIST Age of Human Errors album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Age of Human Errors
Technical Death Metal 2006

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NEUROMIST Move Of Thought

Album · 2010 · Technical Death Metal
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"Move Of Thought" is the debut full-length studio album by Moldovan death metal act Neuromist. The album was independently released as a free download in March 2010. Neuromist were already formed in the fall of 2004, but several lineup changes have postponed the release of "Move Of Thought". The album was originally planned for a 2007 release.

The music on the album is technical death metal with progressive elements thrown in (semi-jazzy/fusion soloing). The musicianship are excellent and the band are more than capable of playing the many tempo- and time signature changes featured in the tracks. Although I hear influences from a varity of technical/progressive extreme metal acts in the music I´m actually mostly reminded of two of the probably lesser known acts in the genre in Tholus and especially Theory in Practice.

The sound production is decent, but a slightly more professional sounding production could have done wonders to an otherwise really great album. It´s especially the drums that feature a cold digital sound that doesn´t suit the music that well. However just to set things straight I´d like to point out that it´s a minor issue that doesn´t in any way ruin my listening experience.

"Move Of Thought" is overall a very intriguing debut album by Neuromist and despite my minor issue with the sound production, there´s little to complain about here. The songwriting is strong and at times very intriguing but without ever losing brutality and aggression and as mentioned above the musicianship are very strong too. This is definitely a band I´m going to follow. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

NEUROMIST Move Of Thought

Album · 2010 · Technical Death Metal
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A progressive death metal band from…Moldova? I don’t even know where the hell that is. Fortunately, Neuromist figure that their country probably isn’t on most metalheads’ radar, so they’ve released their full-length debut Move of Thought for free on their website. Of course, my cheap ass can’t turn down free stuff no matter where it comes from, so this album was worth a few listens to me based on that alone. And after listening to it…wow. Me likey Moldova.

First, you’re going to want to throw out all of your preconceived notions about free (and legal!) downloads before listening to Move of Thought. No, it doesn’t sound like it was recorded with a cellphone; it’s mixed properly, the sound isn’t fuzzy, etc. The level of musicianship is high, as usual for bands of this genre. It actually sounds like a professional band and not some garage act full of teenagers. You get the point!

Anyway, Move of Thought is a very interesting release in that it has only 7 tracks, but each of them are quite distinguishable from one another, given enough listens. This isn’t a case of the album not having “flow,” either; listening to it all the way through is no problem. Believe it or not, there aren’t many progressive death metal albums that I can say that about, so Neuromist definitely scores some points here.

Songwriting is an area in which Neuromist clearly excels. It takes a few listens to fully understand this, sort of a “why do I like this so much?” thing, but these guys really have a great feel for writing technical metal that’s not a total wankfest. This being progressive death metal, there are time changes flying everywhere, but Neuromist make the transitions between them seem so smooth, so natural, where you can just keep on enjoying the music and not have to stop to digest everything that’s being thrown at you. Aiding in this are drums that are not all over the place, allowing the bass to be turned up nice and LOUD, and, what’s that? Riffs! Plenty of great death metal riffs. While the guitar tone is pretty clean, there are moments on Move of Thought that assure you Neuromist know when to let loose and riff away, despite their wide range of progressive influences. Finally, the jazzy sections are melodic enough to be enjoyable and maybe even a bit fun, without disrupting the flow of the metal too much. Look to about the 1:15 mark of “Inner Voids”-see? Isn’t that a fun little doodle?

If there’s one complaint I have, it’s that the vocals on Move of Thought are very inconsistent. I wouldn’t say that Vladimir Ghilien is a bad vocalist, but it seems like he’s trying to do too much on this album; a Patrick Loisel (Augury) impression, if you will. To me, this album would seem a lot more cohesive if Ghilien stuck to the more guttural stuff instead of trying so many different styles.

Neuromist aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel here; Cynic and Atheist comparisons are inevitable when listening to Move of Thought. But hell, originality isn’t a big deal to me when a band can execute their ideas this well and then release it for free. So while you’re waiting for Pestilence to get their act together and Necrophagist to do SOMETHING, give Neuromist a shot.

NEUROMIST Move Of Thought

Album · 2010 · Technical Death Metal
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Conor Fynes
'Move Of Thought' - Neuromist (6/10)

From a miniscule Eastern European republic that has only garnered recent musical attention for their dance-pop Eurovision contestants, one might not expect a death metal band from Moldova. However, where there's a will, there's a way, and death metal act Neuromist has been able to break out of their country onto a more international market, despite very little initial exposure from the outside world. However, in a region of the world that can be said to have had a very dark and turbulent history, this band seems to have found a perfect birthplace for a metal band. As their debut, 'Move Of Thought's strong display of talent and band tightness will undoubtedly make them one of the up-and-comers in the world of metal, but there are a few issues this band needs to rectify, before they will be able to create something excellent with their skills.

The music here falls very deeply within the realm of technical death metal, an American scene-inspired, bass heavy mix of dissonance, rhythmic experimentation, jazzy elements and alot of heavy riffs. In a way, this band shares the same field as veterans such as Florida metallers Athiest, but to a lesser degree of innovation. However, the songs flow very nicely between the heavy and mellow, jazz-guitar elements. The highlight and go-to track here is 'Rebuilt Babylon', which closes off the album with an epic flair, the first sign of clean vocals, and throws in riffs that are as memorable as they are heavy.

One of the more recurring issues I have with the album here are the vocals of growler Vladimir Ghillien. While not necessarily a bad growler, his delivery is quite inconsistent. At times, he will go from some decent grunts that are reminiscent of Kidman from Meshuggah, but at other times it sinks to the point of a amateurish huff.

Instrumentally, the band upholds their technical death metal label quite well. Of particular note is the bass playing of Alex Petriuc, who- quite simply- steals the show. While many bands of similar ilk drown out their bassists in the mixing, Alex's dystopic style of playing is often at the forefront of the music. With that being said, Neuromist certainly shows promise as an up-and-coming death metal act, but with a little work towards finding an individual identity in the metal scene, the band could easily break out of the Eastern European scene to the rest of the world's metalheads.

NEUROMIST Move Of Thought

Album · 2010 · Technical Death Metal
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The Block
Reason Crusade

There are many reasons to like Neurmist’s first full length album. Whether it be the rock solid guitars, beautiful drums, or Vladimir Ghillien’s vocals. One other cool thing about this album is that the songs blend well into each other, creating a nice fluid sound. Occasionally this fluid sound is broken up with sharp drum beats that intervene every so often, or a screaming guitar lick. The sound is a cross between Death and Opeth, especially in the song “Lost Grip” where some of the vocals are very Opeth like.

“Lost Grip” may be my favorite song on this album since everything seems evenly balances. In most of the other songs the growls seem to be, not exactly in the major key, but fairly close to it. In this song, however, the growls are at least a half step lower and deeper; instead of the higher pitched vocals that they usually use that more closely resemble later Death-era vocals. Kirill Zmurciuk really shreds up the guitar here, complimenting Mike Grigorash’s drumming very well.

On this album they also use their fair share of weird sound effects. One of the, ironically enough, being in the song “Bizarre” where after the Opeth like beginning they use swooshing sounds to transfer into some great vocal pieces. The growls have a nice crescendo to them, but then at the end, slowly fade into some ok bass and guitar work.

The production on this album is very clean and crisp. But, in this way, it is also very much like every other newer death metal act out there, too. I don’t know if it would’ve sounded better with a less crisp feel, since it sounds so good already, but it would’ve been interesting to hear. Especially, if the growls were lower in this mix, if would’ve had a much eviler sound to it that could have made it better.

This band also did something very smart. They released this album for free download. Now people can get to hear their sound, get into it, and hopefully buy their next album. In this way I hope it reaches more people like me, who thoroughly enjoy their sound, very much. For their great debut, Neuromist gets 4 stars.

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