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Mirrorthrone was born in June 2000, Switzerland, when Vladimir Cochet, the sole member of the project, decided to create a more eclectic and symphonic music than what he was used to do in his other musical activities. Two demo CDs were recorded respectively in February 2001 and December 2002. The latter drew the attention of Red Stream Inc. who released in May 2003 the first official Mirrorthrone album entitled "Of Wind and Weeping", a collection of early recording and demo tracks. This debut CD got an overall positive welcome from the specialized press and other music enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2006, Mirrorthrone released "Carriers of Dust". Keeping the radical Romantic and Baroque base lead by a blasting extreme metal pace that had built the identity of the previous release, this new opus integrated more diverse influences which give an almost progressive taste to the music. Benefiting from a massively improved production,
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Symphonic Black Metal 2006
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MIRRORTHRONE Carriers of Dust

Album · 2006 · Symphonic Black Metal
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"Carriers of Dust" is the 2nd full-length studio album by Swiss symphonic/progressive black metal act Mirrorthrone. The album was released through Red Stream, Inc. in January 2006. Mirrorthrone is a one-man act featuring Vladimir Cochet on Bass, Drum programming, Guitars, Keyboards, and Vocals. Cochet formed Mirrorthrone in 2000 and released the debut full-length studio album "Of Wind and Weeping" in 2003. Cochet also releases albums under the Weeping Birth and Unholy Matrimony monickers.

While "Of Wind and Weeping (2003)" predominantly consisted of previously recorded demo tracks, and as a consequence suffered from a couple of sound production issues (mainly the poor sounding programmed drums), "Carriers of Dust" is a whole other story. "Of Wind and Weeping (2003)" showed promise. "Carriers of Dust" delivers that promise.

Stylistically "Carriers of Dust" features a symphonic/progressive extreme metal style that is most close to black metal but also features death metal traits (growling vocals in particular lead my thoughts toward death metal). There are quite a few classical elements included in the music and while they are created on keyboards, they sound suitably "organic" (strings, hapsichord, organ) and provide the music with both finesse, sophistication, and variation. The vocals are predominantly raspy black metal type vocals, but as mentioned there are occasional growling vocals in the music too. "Carriers of Dust" also features clean vocals, which Vladimir Cochet delivers with conviction. The lyrics are in both French and English.

The music is very powerful, commanding, and epic and the tracks feature great structural variation. Tempo changes and great dynamic between subtle classical tinged parts and more aggressive yet still melodic extreme metal parts. "Carriers of Dust" features 4 tracks and a 46:43 minutes long playing time. Two of the tracks are around 10 minutes long and "Ils Brandiront leurs Idoles" features a 22:09 minutes long playing time, so this is structurally pretty challenging/progressive music. Cochet is both a skilled and clever composer as well as a great musician fully able to deliver his musical vision in a tight and convincing fashion. As the case was on "Of Wind and Weeping (2003)", the drums on "Carriers of Dust" are also programmed, but this time around they are well programmed and feature a powerful sound production, which really provide the music with the boost it deserves. They don´t necessarily sound "programmed" either. They could just as well have been played be a human drummer and triggered afterwards.

"Carriers of Dust" is one of those albums where my jaw hits the floor several times during the playing time. The high level musicianship, the powerful sound production and the intriguing and adventurous songwriting are all elements so impressive that I can´t help think of Vladimir Cochet as anything other than a musical genius. This is not something any musician can carry out with such a successful end result (I guess I should add here that the album is also recorded, mixed and mastered by Vladimir Cochet) and a 4 - 4.5 star (85%) rating is deserved.

MIRRORTHRONE Of Wind and Weeping

Album · 2003 · Symphonic Black Metal
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"Of Wind and Weeping" is the debut full-length studio album by Swiss black metal act Mirrorthrone. The album was released through Red Stream, Inc. in May 2003. Mirrorthrone is a one-man act consisting of Vladimir Cochet who handles vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and drum programming. The material on the album was recorded at Vladimir Cochet´s home between 2001 and 2003. Most of the tracks (6 out of 8) were released on the "Promo December 2002" promo, which was limited to 100 copies and only distributed to labels. Vladimir Cochet also releases albums under the Weeping Birth and Unholy Matrimony monickers.

The music on the album is symphonic and quite epic black metal. The song structures are progressive with multible sections. The music is synth heavy and often the synths emulate a classical orchestra (albeit with a more synthetic sound). There is generally a very strong influence from classical music on the album. It´s obvious that Vladimir Cochet is a very talented composer and musician and he handles both clean and raspy singing in great style and in addition to that he also handles both bass, guitar and keyboards on a pretty high level. Therefore it´s a bit of a shame that his drum programming isn´t up to par with the rest of the quality elements on "Of Wind and Weeping". I can live with the programming style, which is pretty decent, but I can´t live with the thin, artificial and soulless drum sound on the album. When I try and block out the drums the music sounds pretty good even though it´s more ambient in style, but then the out of place and rather awful sounding drums return and I´m left with a feeling that one element destroys my listening experience.

So the fact that I still want to hand out a 3 star rating to an album where one of the instruments really distract me, should be a testimony to how well composed and well performed the rest of the album is. I´m intrigued and at times impressed but not fully content.


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