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Funeral is a funeral doom metal band from Drammen, Norway. They were formed in 1991. Their first demo Tristesse consisting of 3 extreme doom compositions made them one of the first pioneers in the sub-genre of Funeral Doom. Later they moved on to more gothic direction.

Funeral have had two key members commit suicide. First was Einar Andre Fredriksen, the bass player who offed himself in 2003. The other is Christian Loos, a guitarist who died in 2006.
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FUNERAL Tristesse album cover 4.50 | 1 ratings
Funeral Doom Metal 1994
FUNERAL Tragedies album cover 4.67 | 2 ratings
Funeral Doom Metal 1995
FUNERAL In Fields of Pestilent Grief album cover 4.50 | 1 ratings
In Fields of Pestilent Grief
Doom Metal 2002
FUNERAL From These Wounds album cover 4.29 | 3 ratings
From These Wounds
Doom Metal 2006
FUNERAL As the Light Does the Shadow album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
As the Light Does the Shadow
Doom Metal 2008
FUNERAL To Mourn Is a Virtue album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
To Mourn Is a Virtue
Doom Metal 2011
FUNERAL Oratorium album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Doom Metal 2012

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FUNERAL Tragedies

Album · 1995 · Funeral Doom Metal
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Although 'Tristesse' was something more of a demo, I still think it's one of the most influential funeral doom metal releases. Now, there's 'Tragedies', a much more filling album than its 40 minute older brother. So, obviously, there's going to be some amount of expectations of this album. Five songs this time around; let us begin this melancholic journey.

The opener, "Taarene", starts off with acoustic guitars. Nothing out of the ordinary since the first album. After it ends and the funeral doom begins, we see the first major difference: female vocals. I definitely thought that Funeral had a gothic appeal in 'Tristesse' with the way they layered the clean and harsh vocals, but they just take it to the next level now. There are some harsh vocals in this album, but they take more of a secondary role. Looking at the instrumental aspect, Funeral have improved on their production slightly. With the melodic sounding guitars going along with the female vocals, the album is made more sorrowful sounding. We have a guitar solo around the six minute mark of this opening song, and I'm glad they didn't throw those away. I'm also pleased to see a break in the song with only acoustic guitar and the female vocals.

"Under Ebony Shades" begins with both the acoustic guitar and the female vocals. This time, the vocals are singing a bunch of "nah-nah-nah"s before returning to actual lyrics when the funeral doom begins. There are some harsh vocals here too; and at one interesting point, they're actually layered with the female vocals. All the correct elements in the first song are in this song too. Beautiful sad atmosphere, female vocals, and a nice guitar solo. I'm glad this one is in English though because the lyrics are so solemn yet effective:

"Emaciated by their faulter moves, they hide under the cloak of blasphemy. Desperately yearning for love, finding only misery Avount

Now I loath the presence of God, whom I had such trust in. Only to be abandoned, my hardest of times."

Anyway, next we have "Demise", a nice break from the songs exceeding twelve minutes in length; but it still is almost nine minutes long so keep your attention span from drifting.. Here, the harsh vocals are given a twisted and distorted effect to them at one point as if recorded backwards or something.

The only other thing special about the remaining tracks is the violin/cello/whatever played in "Moment In Black" to further increase the already high flow on the melancholy aspect. Otherwise, pretty much everything about the songs has been already been described by me.

This is quite the step above 'Tristesse' and yet another example of how Funeral are one of the most unique, yet under-appreciated funeral doom metal bands to exist. Their gothic flavor is a welcome way to further set them apart from their contemporaries. Yet, this may be their last funeral doom metal album as they would later go onto make some more clear cut gothic doom metal that is definitely impressive on its own. Nevertheless, 'Tragedies' is definitely a sad trip, but one you don't want to miss.

FUNERAL Tristesse

Album · 1994 · Funeral Doom Metal
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As influential they were to the funeral doom metal genre, Norway's Funeral haven't totally gotten the respect they wholly deserve. Any of the attention and praise that could have gone to Funeral's debut 'Tristesse' instead went to Skepticism's 'Stormcrowfleet' or Esoteric's 'Epistemological Despondency', both amazing albums in their own right. But no, I am here to shine the spotlight on Funeral.

We start off with "Thoughts of Tranquility". The first minute or so is taken up by mournful sounding acoustic guitar, a perfect mood setter for a funeral doom album. Within this song, we have the typical early funeral doom atmosphere and tone. Production is raw but now too raw. There are clear points of the song where the change in the riff occurs, which is good to know so you don't think of it getting too monotonous. Another interesting attribute I've noticed is the layering of the death growls with cleaner sounding vocals. This is somewhat of a precursor to Funeral's gothic phase they're involved in now, but it's appeal that helps Funeral set themselves apart from Skepticism and Esoteric even more.

Next comes "A Poem for the Dead". Another acoustic guitar intro present, but this one only goes on for about 30 seconds. The other eighteen minutes is funeral doom sorrow. Though initially slow as usual, the song does vary by breaking into a faster chugging at the 1:25 mark, then returns to slowness about thirty seconds later. The song varies again with the double bass drums pounding at 2:32 with the guitars still playing long chords. This double bass rhythm reappears at 4:43. The rhythm goes on for 45 seconds until the break signals a speed up to chugs on the rhythm guitar as well as a well placed guitar solo. There are more timing variations present after a prolonged period of crushing funeral doom atmosphere. Another cool guitar solo comes in at 13:07, but then that fades out to an acoustic guitar passage before finishing the funeral doom trip. This single song was an amazing presentation of funeral doom metal.

Last song is "Yearning for Heaven". No acoustic guitar to start this song off. Instead, there's a slow bass rhythm before shortly cutting to the actual funeral doom riffing. Though the riffs clearly change in the song, there are otherwise no outstanding variations in terms of timing changes. There is a guitar solo in the later end of the 7 minute mark. Oh wait! They stuck the acoustic guitar in the outro. Nicely solemn way to end this album.

I actually credit this album for making me truly understand the funeral doom metal genre. I've listened to Skepticism's 'Stormcrowfleet' before listening to this and didn't think too much of it because of the lack of clean production. Then I listened to 'Tristesse' and found it mind-blowing. On my return listen to 'Stormcrowfleet', I totally loved it. 'Tristesse' may also be the most ideal path for outsiders of funeral doom metal to get in due to it being about 40 minutes with three songs, shorter than most funeral doom albums. Well done, Funeral!

FUNERAL From These Wounds

Album · 2006 · Doom Metal
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Having already made a name for itself amongst in-the-know lovers of doom-laden sounds, Funeral has returned with yet another testament to mourning made music. “From These Wounds” explores a tactful variety of sonic textures, from woe-begotten dirges to lingering, evocative melodies - in doing so, fully encompassing despair in most of its possible musical utterances.

Line up the pallbearers, haul out the casket and don’t forget to bring a nice bouquet of flowers, as “From These Wounds” is not only a suitable soundtrack for one’s daily depression, but a fine record to be spinning after said depression is long since past , the corporeal entity serving as garden variety worm fodder. Oddly enough, there’s enough melody amongst the misery found here to be of appeal to more than just the average doom metal fan.

Expansive yet confined, with as much depth as the most sorrow-filled moments this life has to offer, “From These Wounds” easily ranks amongst the best doom records of 2006.

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