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Founded 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden, Dismember were among those responsible for death metal’s big break through. The debut album, “Like An Ever Flowing Stream” released in 1991, clearly showed that Dismember are an uncompromising band which resulted in their rise to cult status within a short period of time after the album took the scene by storm. Extensive touring with bands like Death, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse showed that Dismember are a live force to be reckoned with and the number of fans grew steadily. Spurred on by success, it was easy to commence the songwriting for the next album. However, the band then released the 5-track EP, "Pieces", and went out on tour again instead with Napalm Death and Obituary. They played for thousands of fans throughout Europe thus reinforcing their status as one of the best live bands on earth.

The second album,
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DISMEMBER Like an Everflowing Stream album cover 4.14 | 17 ratings
Like an Everflowing Stream
Death Metal 1991
DISMEMBER Indecent & Obscene album cover 3.38 | 8 ratings
Indecent & Obscene
Death Metal 1993
DISMEMBER Massive Killing Capacity album cover 3.29 | 6 ratings
Massive Killing Capacity
Death Metal 1995
DISMEMBER Death Metal album cover 3.35 | 6 ratings
Death Metal
Death Metal 1997
DISMEMBER Hate Campaign album cover 3.08 | 2 ratings
Hate Campaign
Death Metal 2000
DISMEMBER Where Ironcrosses Grow album cover 3.42 | 2 ratings
Where Ironcrosses Grow
Death Metal 2004
DISMEMBER The God That Never Was album cover 3.61 | 5 ratings
The God That Never Was
Death Metal 2006
DISMEMBER Dismember album cover 3.33 | 3 ratings
Death Metal 2008

DISMEMBER EPs & splits

DISMEMBER Pieces album cover 3.76 | 4 ratings
Death Metal 1992
DISMEMBER Casket Garden album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Casket Garden
Death Metal 1995
DISMEMBER Misanthropic album cover 3.25 | 2 ratings
Death Metal 1997

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DISMEMBER Complete Demos album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Complete Demos
Death Metal 2005

DISMEMBER singles (1)

.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Skin Her Alive
Death Metal 1991

DISMEMBER movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Under Blood Red Skies
Death Metal 2009


DISMEMBER The God That Never Was

Album · 2006 · Death Metal
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"The God That Never Was" is the 7th full-length studio album by Swedish death metal act Dismember. The album was released through Candlelight Records in March 2006. Almost to the day two years after the release of its predecessor "Where Ironcrosses Grow (2004)". The core lineup of David Blomqvist (guitars), Fred Estby (drums), and Matti Kärki (vocals) is intact since the predecessor, but bassist/guitarist Martin Persson has been added to the lineup for the recording of "The God That Never Was".

Stylistically the material on the 11 track, 35:33 minutes long album is pretty much Dismember as they´ve sounded since day one. Old school Swedish death metal with the occasional melodic section. "The God That Never Was" is predominantly a pretty brutal album though, and Dismember don´t exactly sound like a bunch of seasoned and tired guys. There´s nothing wrong with the passion and energy level of the delivery. The sound production is raw and powerful, but quality wise pretty standard for the genre, and "The God That Never Was" is in many ways Dismember by the numbers. It´s not their best release (which will always be the debut album), and it´s not their worst either, but it´s not an album which stands out much in their discography.

Not many tracks stand out (maybe except for the melodic instrumental "Phantoms (of the Oath)"), but the the quality of the material is still relatively high, and I´d place "The God That Never Was" in the better half of the band´s output. Decent songwriting, strong musical performances, and a suitingly raw and powerful sound production amount to a 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating.

DISMEMBER Where Ironcrosses Grow

Album · 2004 · Death Metal
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"Where Ironcrosses Grow" is the 6th full-length studio album by Swedish death metal act Dismember. The album was released through Karmageddon Media in March 2004. It´s the successor to "Hate Campaign" from 2000 and features a couple of lineup changes compared to the predecessor. Guitarist Magnus Sahlgren has left and hasn´t been replaced which means that David Blomqvist handles all guitars on "Where Ironcrosses Grow". Bassist Sharlee D'Angelo has also jumped ship, and therefore Blomqvist also handles most bass parts on the album, except for the parts on "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and on "Children of the Cross", which are played by Richard Cabeza, who makes a return to Dismember. The remaining part of the lineup are Fred Estby (drums) and Matti Kärki (vocals).

"Where Ironcrosses Grow" continues the by now well known old school Swedish death metal style of its predecessors, and it´s generally an album featuring very few surprises. Dismember have taken their songwriting up a notch though, which makes "Where Ironcrosses Grow" one of the better quality releases in their discography. The band play fast, mid-paced, and slow, and there is overall decent rhythmic variation on the album. Some tracks stand out more than others (to my ears the most heavy tracks on the album work best), but "Where Ironcrosses Grow" is generally a solid release. While the material on the 10 track, 38:12 minutes long album isn´t exactly melodic death metal, Dismember are still pretty good at using melodic guitar themes and guitar solos for effect. A feature which is great for the variation of the music. Other than that the music is pretty basic guitars, bass, drums, and Matti Kärki´s distinct sounding growling vocals in front.

The musicianship is strong and the sound production is well sounding and suits the material well, so upon conclusion "Where Ironcrosses Grow" is a good quality death metal album by Dismember. At this point in the band´s career a little development in sound could have made their music a bit more interesting, but to fans of the band this is more of the same poison. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.


Album · 1997 · Death Metal
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"Death Metal" is the 4th full-length studio album by Swedish death metal act Dismember. The album was released through Nuclear Blast Records in August 1997. It´s the successor to "Massive Killing Capacity" from 1995 and features the exact same lineup as the predecessor.

Not much has happened with the musical style since the predecessor either, so we´re still treated to old school Swedish death metal with a slight melodic edge. It´s predominantly mid- to fast-paced, without ever reaching really fast territories. Matti Kärki has a relatively distinct sounding voice and intelligible growling vocal style, the rhythm section deliver an organic assault, and the distinct distorted old school Swedish buzzing guitar tone is there and accounted for too (as well as the occassional melodic guitar solo). So this is pretty much Dismember as they´ve always sounded.

The material on the 12 track, 40:16 minutes long album are solid enough but seldom remarkable. It´s not always easy to tell the tracks apart and it quickly feels like the band are out of ideas as most tracks feature the same rhythm patterns, the same pace, and the same riff ideas and vocal lines. A heavy mid-paced track like "Let the Napalm Rain" is therefore a nice piece of variation, and thankfully there are a couple of more standout tracks like that one featured on the album ("Mistweaver" for example sounds like an attempt to create a new "Dreaming in Red", although it doesn´t exactly come close to matching that classic Dismember song), but the material is generally a bit one-dimensional in nature.

"Death Metal" features a sound production, that can only be applied to Dismember´s music. The above mentioned buzzing guitar tone is by now a signature part of the band´s sound, but it´s probably an aquired taste if the listener can appreciate such a distinct sounding guitar tone for the duration of the album. So upon conclusion "Death Metal" is an album with both good and not so great qualities. Personally I´m still a bit baffled how a band who started out as strong as Dismember did with "Like an Everflowing Stream (1991)", so quickly became this unremarkable. Dismember´s strength is the fact that they have a unique sound, but their downfall is the one-dimensional songwriting and their limited abilities as musicians. A 3 star (60%) rating is warranted.


EP · 1992 · Death Metal
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"Pieces" is an EP release by Swedish death metal act Dismember. The EP was released through Nuclear Blast Records in October 1992. It bridges the gap between the band´s debut and second full-length studio albums "Like an Everflowing Stream (1991)" and "Indecent & Obscene (1993)". The success of "Like an Everflowing Stream (1991)" meant that Dismember were among the most prolific death metal acts out of Sweden in the early 90s, and Dismember did a lot of touring in the wake of that, which meant they only had time to write enough material for an EP and not for a full album, which is the reasoning behind releasing "Pieces".

The EP features 6 tracks and a full playing time of 15:56 minutes. The opening track is a short intro and the band have opted to include "Soon To Be Dead" from "Like an Everflowing Stream (1991)", but the remaining four tracks are new original material. Stylistically the new tracks continue the old school Swedish death metal style of the debut album, although they are generally slightly less catchy than the material on "Like an Everflowing Stream (1991)". The songwriting quality is still relatively high though, and the material is also performed with the right amount of rawness and authenticity (but not necessarily in the most tight manner).

Production wise "Pieces" is a raw and unpolished release. The guitar tone is buzzing and a bit messy, which sometimes means that what is being played becomes a blur, and it´s like everything is recorded a bit too high and as a consequence sounds slightly distorted. It´s of course an aquired taste if such a harsh sounding production is something you´ll appreciate, but personally I think Dismember took the rawness a bit too far on this release.

So upon conclusion "Pieces" is a step down in quality from "Like an Everflowing Stream (1991)", even though it isolated seen still is a relatively good quality old school death metal release. It´s not a release you can´t live without and I´d always recommend listening to "Like an Everflowing Stream (1991)" before this one, but still a 3.5 star (70%) rating isn´t all wrong.

DISMEMBER Like an Everflowing Stream

Album · 1991 · Death Metal
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Crushingly explosive.

It's no wonder that Dismember's debut album appears on at least a few YouTube playlists of essential and classic old school death metal albums, songs, and bands. This album sounds like it's grinding civilization to iron filings.

The main reason for this immense sound comes from the guitars, which not only have a really raw distortion sound to them but also seem like they've been recorded with the needle as far into the red as possible. But not the rest of the instruments! The bass and drums, vocals as well, are recorded normally for an extreme metal band of the early nineties. Yet the guitars could rattle your teeth from your head if the volume were turned up too high.

The songs are generally short as in somewhere between 2 and 4 minutes mostly. But one thing I like about them is that the band mixes things up a bit with mid-tempo, fast, and furious as their choices for speed settings. Even though the album has an overall unified sound and it's not easy to pick out favourites, song by song you can easily hear that the band has a degree of versatility to make their album better than just a super-sonic blast through.

I find this album interesting too because the guitar sound and Matti Kärki's vocals resemble those on Entombed's "Wolverine Blues". Well, we do find Nicke Andersson of Entombed not only playing lead guitar as a guest but also designing the band's logo.

The Hammerheart records re-issue comes with bonus tracks that sound slightly different from the other songs but are a welcome addition to the collection. "Torn Apart" comes from the 1992 EP, "Pieces" and "Justifiable Homicide" is on the 1995 EP, "Casket Garden". This final song is perhaps the most outstanding because it captures that death 'n' roll feel that Entombed went for from "Wolverine Blues".

Nice, loud, destructive, and sonically grinding album.

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