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Dirge is an atmospheric sludge metal / sludge metal band from Paris in France, formed in 1994. Dirge also uses drone, doom, post-rock and industrial music it its sound.




The original core was formed by Marc T. (guitar, programming) and by ex-Damage Done, Laurent P. (voice, programming). In the industrial-metal genre of bands like Godflesh or Pitchshifter, the music generated by the duet presents harsh guitar riffs, robotic rhythms, aggressive frequenced samples and pitched voices. Three demo-tapes will be released during this first era. After this, Dirge took a more alternative course and started exploring post-metal, while holding on to their industrial sound.

At the same time, Marc T. begins to work on his new solo electronica project Dither. 7 albums and EP's will be released from 98 to 2004.

After the leaving of Laurent P., bass player David K. and ex-Astral Rising's guitarist Franck T. join the band. This first change
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DIRGE Discography

DIRGE albums / top albums

DIRGE Down, Last Level album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
Down, Last Level
Atmospheric Sludge Metal 1998
DIRGE Blight And Vision Below A Faded Sun album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Blight And Vision Below A Faded Sun
Sludge Metal 2000
DIRGE And Shall The Sky Descend album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
And Shall The Sky Descend
Atmospheric Sludge Metal 2004
DIRGE Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas album cover 3.67 | 2 ratings
Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas
Atmospheric Sludge Metal 2007
DIRGE Elysian Magnetic Fields album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Elysian Magnetic Fields
Atmospheric Sludge Metal 2011
DIRGE Hyperion album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Atmospheric Sludge Metal 2014

DIRGE EPs & splits

DIRGE Alma | Baltica album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Alma | Baltica
Non-Metal 2017

DIRGE live albums

DIRGE demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

DIRGE Infected Brain Machine album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Infected Brain Machine
Sludge Metal 1994
DIRGE Mind Time Control album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Mind Time Control
Sludge Metal 1995
DIRGE Dead Network Access album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Dead Network Access
Sludge Metal 1996
DIRGE Morphée Rouge album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Morphée Rouge
Atmospheric Sludge Metal 2010

DIRGE re-issues & compilations

DIRGE 1994-1996 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Sludge Metal 1997

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DIRGE Reviews

DIRGE Elysian Magnetic Fields

Album · 2011 · Atmospheric Sludge Metal
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The Truth
Dirge has had a hard time releasing any bad material it seems, the past three records have all been excellent and Elysian Magnetic Fields may be one of the best.

The album is just as good as Wings of Lead Over Dormant Seas only trimmed down in length greatly which makes the album much more easy to listen to and thus more easy to enjoy. Dirge never fails to come up with some really sludge-laden riffs of greatness and this album just swims in them.

No one particular track stands out and like most albums from this genre, they're meant to be listened to as a whole. I mean, it's a sonic masterpiece, these guys are so good at sludge.

An enjoyably dark record in the vein of the previous two, which in case you don't know Dirge is a definite plus.

DIRGE And Shall The Sky Descend

Album · 2004 · Atmospheric Sludge Metal
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Dirge, while most of you are most likely unfamiliar with them, have been one of my favorite bands for awhile now, and pretty much the only French band besides Gojira that I have been following. I first discovered them around 2008 on YouTube and went from there, and I eventually managed to get my hands on their 3rd release, ominously titled And Shall The Sky Descend.

Dirge are an atmospheric sludge metal/"postcore" (I hate that term) band from France. I'm pretty sure I just heard you all looking at the "atmospheric sludge metal" tag and sighing "Oh great, Neurosis clone number 1028." Well, that's not the case here. While some Neurosis/Isis clones can pull it off well (Mouth of The Architect comes to mind), others fail miserably. However, Dirge are something unique and special in the genre. While obviously taking influence from the masters of the genre such as Neurosis, Isis, and Cult of Luna, Dirge manage to triumphantly craft something that will not be passed off as another Neurosis clone.

I started my journey with And Shall The Sky Descend, their third effort, and the subject of my review. Out of all of Dirge's albums, And Shall the Sky Descend is arguably their most heavy, claustrophobic and hypnotic. The music, like all post metal bands, heavily relies on ambience and atmosphere to spice things up a bit. While clean parts are more prominent, metalheads will still be satisfied by the heavy dirges (pun is intended) conjured up by the band, especially in the case of the guitars and drums. There are only four long pieces on And Shall The Sky Descend, each quite lengthy - the shortest song here is just shy of the 12 minute mark, while the longest is a massive 24 minutes in total. The album as a whole is 73 minutes.

From what I have gathered by studying the lyrics, And Shall The Sky Descend follows the story of a group of apocalypse survivors (though the album can be reviewed in a number of ways, depending on the listener). Apparently, a biblical rapture is about to unfold. Through the story, Dirge takes your human emotions - grief, fear, sadness, and happiness, mainly - and manipulates them into an entirely different beast, as well as the "character's". The title track, "And Shall The Sky Descend" is a representation of the fallout and the end of everything as well as a rejuvenation. The first half of "The Birdies Wheel" is a reconcilation, so to speak, while during the final 8 minutes or so the story begins to move. "The Endless", despite it's 18 minute length, is a preperation for the final ending to the story. "Glaring Light" wraps the album up with force, in which everything is finally wiped out for good. The female singing during the last 3 minutes sooths the listener into a trance, as if Dirge wants you to feel safe when the end comes, and that when you die it will only be the beginning to a whole new chapter.

The vocals on this album are interesting, to say the least. They range from an anguished shout which sounds akin to Scott Kelly's harsh vocals from Neurosis, to backing vocals, a deep, accented throaty growl. At first, I found the aforomentioned backing vocals slighty annoying, but I eventually grew to like them alot, as they are essential to the atmosphere on the album. The bass guitar is deep, audible, and onimous, such as in the track "Glaring Light" which honestly has one of the better basslines I've heard in awhile. The drums are crushingly heavy, and crushingly slow, as well as the guitars, which provide a more doom metallish tinge to them than other post-metal bands.

It is sad that Dirge do not get as much recognition as they should, because they are a truly talented and motivated bunch, and of course make highly enjoyable music. While the band did not reach their peak until their following masterpiece Wings of Lead Over Dormant Seas, this album is still absolutely essential, and an excellent addition to any post-metal fans collection. Grab your coat, wallet, and keys and go out and buy this CD.

DIRGE Down, Last Level

Album · 1998 · Atmospheric Sludge Metal
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"Down Last Level" is the debut full-length album by French post metal act Dirge. The album was released by the band themselves in 1998.

The music style is slow and crushingly heavy post metal which reminds me a bit of Neurosis mid- to late nineties output. Dirge is no Neurosis clone though. They certainly have their own style. In addition to the crushingly slow heavy riffing there are programming and samples in the music too which work to great effect and create a bleak atmosphere. The samples are mostly of people speaking but also just noises that supports the music. The vocals are shouting, angry and at times melancholic but there are actually not that many vocals on the album. The album features an extremely unpleasant and dark atmosphere best exemplified by the sample in the song "Weak" of a female rape victim telling her gruesome story. It actually made me physically uncomfortable. That song features a drone section that lasts 12 minutes before the actual song begins and I wasn´t too happy with that section before I understood what it´s meant to symbolize. Most unsettling.

The musicianship is overall strong and I especially enjoy the many samples and programmed noises and sounds. I really think they give the music an extra dimension that sets Dirge apart from most other post metal acts. The more "ordinary" post metal sections are also played with lots of conviction and passion. if I should mention one issue it´s probably that Dirge tend to overuse some of their samples a bit but it´s not a big problem.

The production is raw and unpolished. The raw sound suits the music well.

"Down Last Level" is a good quality post metal album. I´ve been disappointed so often by post metal bands that try a bit too hard to sound like some of the big bands in the genre like Neurosis or Isis but Dirge has really made an album that, while still being influenced greatly by Neurosis, can stand on its own two feet and sound original. A 3.5 - 4 star rating is deserved.

DIRGE Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas

Album · 2007 · Atmospheric Sludge Metal
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The Truth
A violently beautiful effort by a very talented band. Wing Of Lead Over Dormant Seas is a haunting listen to say the least.

Although it drags on perhaps a bit too long (two hours) every note in the album is filled with raw beauty that floods the listeners senses like some kind of mechanical liquid beast. The great mix between the gentle nature-like sound of post rock and the mechanical and dark post- metal really give the album it's enticing effect and it is one to enjoy.

Every track is at least somewhat strong (which is a hard thing to do in two hours time) and the only true flaw is definitely the length of the album. I'm not usually one to complain about such silly things but if the disks were released seperately I think it would have been a lot more effective.

A wonderful album nonetheless, if you love obscure post-metal or just want to try something great this album is for you.

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