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Anal Blasphemy is a bestial black / death metal project from Tampere, Finland. Its only member, Molestor Kadotus, is also known from e.g. Calvarium and Musta Kappeli.

(Biography written by Vehemency, July 2010.)
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Black Metal 2009
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Black Metal 2010
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Black Metal 2002
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Black Metal 2004
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Black Metal 2005

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ANAL BLASPHEMY Molesting the Children of God

Demo · 2004 · Black Metal
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siLLy puPPy
Pretty much just checking out more ANAL BLASPHEMY by the most disgusting title and album cover brings me to the early demo MOLESTING THE CHILDREN OF GOD, a sick infusion of Molestor Kadotus from his perverse whereabouts in Tampere, Finland.

To sum it up, this one is pretty boring. It is basically a stale romp through simple drums beats, uninspiring guitar riffs and lots of animal noises that pass for vocals. Growling, grunting, screeching, gurgling etc. Really no musical value here at all and real chore to listen to.

It seems the only reason this exists was to display song titles like “Cocksucking Pope” and “Blasphemous Vomit” and share someone’s depraved art project for the cover art. While the first full album “Bestial Black Metal Filth” kept the lo-fi sound production in tact at least it has musical value and a nice (well for raw black metal) overall feel. This one is just awful sounding like a depraved lunatic learning how to do this stuff for the first time.

ANAL BLASPHEMY Bestial Black Metal Filth

Album · 2009 · Black Metal
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siLLy puPPy
Somehow black metal has always given me the impression that it’s supposed to sound like you are crashing a good blood sacrifice ceremony and the only way you can record it is with a hand held mini-recording device without the proper microphone action resulting in a muddy lo-fi production scheme and if somehow you take these ceremonial sounds and create some kind of glossier-than-Ms.Magazine production parade then somehow you’ve totally sold out and diminished the effect of the Satanic cult that supposedly started this whole thing (think Dimmu Borgir, Carach Angren and i’m sure you can think of more.)

Well, it was really the whole divergent black metal thing that became the war metal thing that really kept the lo-fi-in-the-pits-of-mutha-fucking-hell sound really going. Yeah, it started in someone’s garage but only fully given power by bands like Blasphemy. Well, here we have one of the many followers of that camp that supremely delivers that black metal sound that wants to fuck you up the ass. Yeah, we’re talkin’ bout ANAL BLASPHEMY, the black metal lo-fi mindfuck that wants to take that good old purist feel and more than delivers the goods in feeling like you ARE that explorative soul who happened to crash the goat sacrifice and this is what it would sound like if you happened to whip out your primitive micro recorder or shitty cell phone.

This is one of those do-it-yourselfers and that selfer is Molester Kadotus who performs all instruments and vocals. OK, this is definitely lo-fi demo quality black metal that reeks of all the wrong production qualities but i have to admit that the fury and hellish qualities keep me listening. Yeah, the musicianship value is mediocre with über-distorted guitars and bass that become one accompanied by ok-ish drumming and ravenous black metal ghoulism in the vocal department but there’s something, JUST something about how it’s all placed together that keeps me interested and apart from all the ga-frickin-zillions of black metal bands who have played out this shtick to infinity. The vocals are echoed and distorted in such a way that matches the guitar and bass. The atmosphere is truly one of a darkened possessed entity unleashing and spewing the utmost hatred onto humanity. All cliché, of course, but seriously… something is just a little off that makes me like this.

Just look at the song titles! We have wonderfully wholesome tracks such as “Satan Rapes God,” “Goddess Of Smut” and “Masturbation On Jehovah’s Altar ’07!” Dude is obviously going for broke in the shock metal department but it’s not the lyrics or shock value that keeps me listening. Dude has turned distortion and black metal filth into a new art form that is just a smidge above and beyond the competition. Good job! While you really have to love the filthiest and most obscenely disgusting aspects of black metal to appreciate this, it is a perversely warm recommended listen for those who crave the most extreme orthodoxies of black metal’s origins. It is truly for the purists who crave that totally hellish uncompromising mindrape that the sub genre was intended to be. Personally i love all forms of black metal including the oft-hated symphonic versions but when i put on my purist’s hat, i have to concede that this takes me to those dark and dank places where only those with a taste for freshly scarified goat’s blood lurk. Ooooo, so naughty this one!~


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