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Live album · 2004

Filed under Doom Metal


Disc 1
1. B-Alien Skeleton (14:06)
2. Space Bacon Tractor (10:04)
3. Intone (2:54)
4. Hell-O)))-Ween (9:13)
5. B-Witch (8:21)
6. Nn))) (7:53)
7. Death Becomes You (3:27)
8. Caveman Salad (2:50)
9. Grease Fire (3:15)
10. Bathory, a Tribute To... (5:22)

Total Time: 67:30

Disc 2
1. Funerældrone (5:39)
2. Funerælmarch (To the Grave) (11:39)

Total Time: 17:18


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About this release

Released by aRCHIVE.

Recorded 7.28.04 at the Northsix in Brooklyn NY. Trio recording with sunno)))
members on this night Ritter.O'Malley.Anderson. Edition size of 200 all numbered
copies half blue rear panel half yellow. Packed in oversized 5.5

Thanks to Prog Geo for the updates

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SUNN O))) LIVE WHITE reviews

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Ever seen Sunn O))) live? I haven't, but this has to be the next best thing.

I've been up and down this drone-beast's discography, but I've skipped this live album due to its low score on Encyclopaedia Metallum. This is actually very very deep.

Disc 1 starts off in the style of "bassAliens" from 'White2', which gradually gives way to their standard drone chugging in "Hell-O)))-ween". As the rest of the tracks play though, you can definitely see a change in riffing and key as the music goes on, which means now is a good time to tell you that the best way to listen to this is to listen to it from beginning to end without any interruptions.

Disc 2 is much shorter, but the two "Funerael March" songs are pretty good on their own. I definitely prefer disc 1 more, but this is a nice bonus to have.

This live album should definitely be sought out to round off your Sunn O))) collection.

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