S.O.D. — 20 Years of Dysfunction

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Movie · 2005

Filed under Crossover Thrash
By S.O.D.


1. Diamonds and Rust
2. What's That Noise
3. March of the S.O.D.
4. Fistbanging Mania
5. Milano Mosh
6. Diamonds and Rust
7. Milk
8. Pi Alpha Nu
9. Ram It Up Your Cunt
10. United Forces
11. No Turning Back
12. Kill Yourself
13. Momo
14. Speak English or Die
15. Anti Procrastination Song
16. Fuck the Middle East
17. Douche Crew
18. Vitality (Milk Part II)
19. Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues
20. Diamonds and Rust
21. Chromatic Death
22. Ballad of Jimi Hendrix
23. Ballad of Jimi Hendrix
24. Ballad of Jimi Hendrix
25. Freddy Kreuger
26. Not

1. Intro/March of the S.O.D. 02:53
2. Sgt. D & the S.O.D. 02:21
3. Shenanigans 01:16
4. Kill Yourself 02:23
5. About Billy 00:36
6. Milano Mosh 01:29
7. Shenanigans 02:20
8. Speak English or Die 03:26
9. Shenanigans 03:16
10. Chromatic Death 00:46
11. Fistbanging Mania 02:03
12. About Scott 01:11
13. Pi Alpha Nu 01:16
14. Shenanigans 04:36
15. Ballads 03:45
16. No Turning Back 00:54
17. Shenanigans 05:26
18. F*** the Middle East 00:29
19. Douchecrew 01:56
20. About Danny 01:27
21. Milk 02:25
22. Shenanigans 06:50
23. Freddy Krueger 02:32
24. About Charlie 01:32
25. Pussy Whipped 02:21
26. Shenanigans 07:31
27. United Forces 02:39
28. Credits 03:18

Total playing time 45:57


- Billy Milano / Vocals
- Scott Ian / Guitar
- Dan Lilker / Bass
- Charlie Benante / Drums

About this release

-Live in European Festivals
-Live in Usa
-Live in Germany
-Live in Holland
-Live in Japan
Special Features:
- 9/11 Tribute
- Alex Perialas's Interview
- Billy's Interview with Liz from Metal Maniacs
- Fuck the Middle East Video
- March of the S.O.D./Sgt D & the S.O.D. Video

Thanks to Time Signature for the addition and Vim Fuego for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Vim Fuego
'20 Years Of Dysfunction' celebrated the anniversary of the release of the venomous `Speak English Or Die'. Recorded in three days, this relatively short album created huge waves in both the metal and hardcore scenes at the time. Sgt. D stomped into town, annoyed everyone and promptly left again. What started as Scott Ian's hardcore/metal crossover brainchild became Billy Milano's lovechild. S.O.D.'s vocalist has become its biggest fan, and pieced together its recorded history like a fan would.

Like Metallica's seminal `Cliff `Em All' video, the live footage here is mostly bootlegged, although generally of a better quality than the Cliff Burton memorial due to technological improvements.

This is an incredible compilation. For sheer power and head banging, fist pumping enjoyment, there is no better way to start any show than with "March Of The S.O.D/Sgt D & The S.O.D." Scott Ian stomps about the stage like a short, bald Godzilla, destroying buildings and eardrums with his flaming six-string. His polar opposite Dan Lilker is anchored to the stage, skinny and hirsute, head in a THC cloud, sub-sonic bass strung impossibly low. Charlie Benante sits at his drumkit, akin to a manic alchemist, turning gold leaden, amazing all with the dark arts of his craft. Enter Billy Milano. Larger than life in both persona and build, Milano bellows like a wild rhino, and like a rhino looks both comic and dangerous at once.

The ballads are a definite highlight. The original "Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix" provides the template for the rest of the ballads: steal a riff from a dead artist, play it twice and shout "you're dead!" Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Small, Frank Sinatra, INXS and Jim Morrison all get the treatment. Offensive? Of course. Hilarious? You bet!

Another prime moment of comedy was Milano encouraging a stage diver to jump, so he does- up and down on the spot...

The package includes extensive extras. Pick of the bunch is an interview with producer Alex Perialas, he of "What's That Noise?" infamy. There's an interview by Metal Maniacs reporter Liz with Billy, which covers all things S.O.D. Surprisingly, Billy also included a 9/11 tribute. All New Yorkers were affected by the 2001 terrorist attack, and he witnessed the World Trade Center towers collapse. For someone so often derided for being an insensitive, politically incorrect oaf, Milano's tribute is both thoughtful and poignant.

The largest part of the extra features is the raw material from which the main feature is cut. There are five mini-concerts from around the world, captured during the `Bigger That The Devil' tour, but featuring only `Speak English Or Die' songs.

Included is the audio CD of the infamous `Pussywhipped', bootlegged in 1985 during one of S.O.D.'s initial seven shows. The quality is dodgy, as you'd expect, but it's been cleaned up a little, and the vitality and energy of the original performance remains intact.

The 21-year-old Billy Milano is like a kid whose dreams have all come true at once. Here he is, a singer with limited ability, little different to the assembled audience, backed by three of the world's top thrash musicians. He gives his performance absolutely everything, and it's quite possible to picture the veins bulging, the sweat flying, the fists and eyes clenched as he shouts his way through "Milano Mosh", "Milk", "United Forces", or any of the other tracks. His performance as a screaming harridan on "Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues" is hilarious.

The great thing about the ratty production quality is that all three instruments come through loud and clear. There was nothing technical to tackle, so all the emphasis was on speed and power. Charlie Benante kicks “Speak English Or Die” along faster than the studio version, as he does with a number of tracks, and you get the feeling he could play faster still. Dan Lilker’s bass is so distorted it almost sounds like a guitar, a sound as thick as a prehistoric mammoth-swallowing tar pit. Scott Ian thrashes his guitar like a madman, but never misses a note, sharp and vicious throughout.

As in all S.O.D. performances, there are some priceless moments of spontaneity: Charlie was supposed to play the lead on "United Forces", but it was a little difficult from behind the drum kit; Scott broke his guitar on "Kill Yourself", which forced Dan and Charlie to improvise while he fixed it; and Billy's idiotic introductions to pretty much every song. “Diamonds And Rust” appears three times throughout the show, while “The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix” receives three consecutive airings.

There are a few non-studio album rarities which pop up here, but were also included on the platinum edition reissue of ‘Speak English Or Die’. “Momo” and “Vitality (Milk Part Two)”, originally by Crab Society, both appeared on the 1992 ‘Live At Budokan’ album, while the cover of Inferno’s “Ram It Up Your Cunt” appeared on the Megaforce ‘Deeper Into The Vault’ compilation. Last track “Not” is exclusive to ‘Pussywhipped’, not that it’s much of a hidden treasure.

The best thing about the inclusion of `Pussywhipped' is that it's a small but important slice of metal history, which is far better presented in this format than on some twelfth generation cassette tape, and the band might finally make something from it.

This is an extensive collection of S.O.D. memorabilia, presented raw and unpolished, just how the band was. The volatility of the relationships between the band members may be such that there might never be any more output from S.O.D. ever again, but the snarling, cigar chomping skull Sgt. D will be remembered forever.

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