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3.82 | 19 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1995


1. Cliffhanger (8:41)
2. Interlude A (0:40)
3. Crystalline Dream (5:44)
4. Interlude B (0:43)
5. Don't Ever Cry, Just Remember (6:29)
6. Interlude C (1:03)
7. Warcry (5:59)
8. Celtic Princess (2:05)
9. Deeper Than Life (4:32)
10. Interlude D (0:16)
11. Alaska (5:18)
12. Interlude E (0:18)
13. Ghostship (21:56)
20. TG94 (Thanks Giving 1994) (hidden track) (7:24)

Total Time 71:03


- Brent Allman / guitars, vocals
- Carl Cadden-James / basses, flute, vocals
- Mike Baker / vocals
- Gary Wehrkamp / piano, guitar, synthesizer, vocals
- Chris Ingles / synthesizer, piano
- Kevin Soffera / drums

Guest musicians

- Rich Lewis McCorkel / narration
- Ken Sloyer / narration (track 7)
- Gary Sloyer / effects
- Lianne Himmelwright / vocals
- John Cooney / percussion
- Ben Timely / drums, percussion

About this release

Release date: July 11, 1995
Label: Roadrunner, Magna Carta

Ghostship is divided into seven tracks:

1. The Gathering The Night Before (2:42)
2. Voyage (1:37)
3. Dead Calm (2:32)
4. Approaching Storm (2:24)
5. Storm (5:38)
6. Enchantment (3:57)
7. Legend (2:54)

Thanks to colt, Lynx33, diamondblack for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

'Carved in Stone' is Shadow Gallery's second album, in which the performances as a whole seem a lot tighter and polished, but the quality of the compositions don't quite surpass that of their debut. However, fans will instantly notice the improvement in production, which sounds a lot richer and "cleaner", giving the music the punch it needs, and which would go on to become the bands somewhat "signature" sound.

However, despite the improvements in production, the album is still fairly average at best. While it may contain one of Shadow Gallery's best songs ('Crystalline Dreams' is just so damn catchy!), the rest of the music can seem fairly lackluster at times. The biggest letdown has to be 'Ghost Ship', which, similar to the group's debut, is the "epic" of the album (clocking in at a total of just over 20 minutes). Broken into seven smaller parts, most of the highlights last no longer than a minute or two before going into the next section, making the whole piece feel mostly disjointed.

As for the other tracks, we have 'Cliffhanger', 'Don't Ever Cry, Just Remember', 'Warcry' and the previously mentioned 'Crystalline Dream', as well as a couple of highlights from the 'Ghost Ship' piece. These are all good songs that definitely make this album worth getting, but honestly, most of them just pale in comparison to some of the bands later material.

As per usual with Shadow Gallery, the musicianship is spectacular and Mike Baker's vocals are truly a thing of beauty. Overall though, it's just a "good" album. Nothing to write home about, but a worthy addition to the collection if it can purchased cheap enough.

Members reviews

From the beginning I would like to say that this album is ,in my humble opinion the best SHADOW GALLERY work ever!It's a huge step forward compared to the impressive debut album,but this second one is simply breathtaking under all aspects!Production,musicianship,technical level,conception-EVERYTHING!This is like once in a lifetime,when magic is touching the inspiration of a band!All the songs are wonderful and the major impact of the album is caused by the dearly missed MIKE BAKER- a fantastic vocalist which is delivering here some fabulous vocal parts-very passioned and beautiful!He has an impressive range of vocal expressions and on this album here,Baker really shines!CLIFFHANGER-the opening track is like a smash in your of the best opening track ever!It has everything to catch the attention,to hook the audience!Great chorus and vocal harmonies,amazing drums provided by a fabulous drummer here KEVIN SOFFERA-trully fabulous...super musicianship...crunchy guitar parts and a great atmosphere!!!All the album goes in a crescendo and in the end we realise thet here SHADW GALLERY is touching perfection on CARVED IN STONE!!!!5 STARS for a fabulous album!

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