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Album · 2013

Filed under Thrash Metal


1. Laid to Waste (1:48)
2. Relative Dimensions (3:32)
3. Dreamscape Serenity (4:20)
4. Cast Aside (6:02)
5. Circled in Blood (4:07)
6. A Face on the Water (4:13)
7. Scarred and Chained (5:13)
8. Seven Cities (8:31)
9. Spiritual Darkness (3:08)
10. The Valley of Dying Stars (7:02)

Total Time 47:56


- Tony C. / Vocals, Guitars, Drum programming
- Brett Windnagle / Guitars
- JD Palomares / Bass
- Tyler Sherrill / Keyboards


- John Yelland / Vocals (#8)

About this release

Released by Masters of Metal Productions, April 9th, 2013.

Thanks to adg211288 for the addition


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

"The Valley of Dying Stars" is the debut full-length studio album by US death/thrash metal act Sedulity. The album was released at a "Name Your Price" tag on the band´s Bandcamp profile in April 2013.

The music on the album is technical/progressive death/thrash metal strongly influenced by latter day Death (the band). The musicianship is strong and especially the snarling raw vocals are delivered with fierce conviction. The tracks feature quite a few tempo changes, death/thrashy riffing, nice melodic soloing and the playing is generally on a high level. The sound production is a bit of an issue if you compare it to professional standards though and it´s especially due to the programmed drums (which are actually very well programmed by vocalist/guitarist Tony C.). The band have obviously used programmed drums in their music due to the lack of a human drummer, and while I fully understand and sympathize with the situation of not having a drummer to play your music, the quality of Sedulity´s music suffers because of the digital sounding drums. It´s a bit of a shame because the songwriting and the way the tracks are performed are convincing enough.

While there certainly is a very strong Death clone factor in the music, Sedulity do branch out and try other things like keyboard solos or the clean vocals in "Seven Cities" and their music is generally slightly more thrashy than the music of those they worship. Despite a few issues "The Valley of Dying Stars" is still a pretty strong album by Sedulity. The sound production drags my rating down a bit but this is still a recommendable release deserving a 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating.
The Valley of Dying Stars is the debut full-length album by US thrash metal act Sedulity. It was released in 2013 as a name your price download. Sedulity previously released an EP, Integral Spirits, in 2009 but has had some quite significant line-up changes between the two releases, with perhaps the most notable differences is that there is a keyboardist on The Valley of Dying Stars, and the drums are now programmed. While I find that unfortunate I’m aware that programmed drums are not planned to be a permanent fixture of Sedulity’s music. Sedulity is fronted by Tony C. (Anthony Cordisco) who is fast becoming one of metal most prolific musicians with The Valley of Dying Suns following hot on the heels of an instrumental solo album released in January. He also released King of Rome with power metal act Judicator (whose vocalist John Yelland guests on this album) and Of Chaos and the Void with death metal act Vermiform in 2012. He’s not done with 2013 yet though and a second release from Judicator and a debut full length with power-thrash act Project: Roenwolfe are both forthcoming at the time of writing.

The Valley of Dying Stars is best described as a progressive thrash metal album, although there are also elements of death metal to be found here to a lesser extent, mostly in the death-thrash vein but there are also some parts that remind me of the band Death in their latter days. While much of what Sedulity does fits the well known thrash metal mould right down to Tony C’s aggressive vocal style, the band take the music much further, often moving into more melodic territory than thrash is really known for, and an important thing to note about the music is that they included keyboards a lot more than a typical thrash metal band would do as well. This gives their music more diversity while never allowing the aggression of thrash metal to be sacrificed. While real drums would be nice the use of a drum machine doesn’t really detract from my overall enjoyment of the music, which is kept interesting and high quality throughout the ten track album. I especially like that the band is able to create progressive atmospheric passages and make them work so completely with the full on thrash riffs and vocals.

As far as picking highlights goes this one is actually a tough call because I find the quality level to be so high that all the tracks have their moments. I think I have to single A Face on the Water out first of all though. Admittedly that has something to do with the lyrics being based on The Dark Tower by Stephen King and I’ve always been a sucker for such songs (and it’s a refreshing change of pace from the amount of power metal songs inspired by the subject), but the song does also have a really good infectious hook to it during the chorus, the sort of thing a song needs for me to keep playing it as a standalone piece rather than a part of the album. Relative Dimensions also sets very good early impressions for the album. One minute Sedulity is doing everything you’d expect a thrash band to do, then suddenly they have proggy keyboard soloing going on. Also they have the epic 8:31 minute Seven Cities, based on the work of fantasy author Steven Erikson, which features clean melodic vocals from John Yelland.

There isn’t a song here that falls below an exceptional standard for me though. Sedulity have interesting, without being unnecessarily showy, musicianship, as well as the aggression to keep the headbangers happy. A really great achievement in my view and an exceptional grade rating is deserved.


(Originally written for Heavy Metal Haven (

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