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Album · 2012


1. Culpa et Inferna
2. Shadowbreeder
3. Wings of Death
4. Iron Coffin
5. Bloodfeast
6. Slavish Obedience
7. Opus Putrescence
8. Black Paled Elegy
9. Crowned in Darkness
10. Subconcious Error


- Maggesson / Drums, Guitars (lead)
- Haubersson / Guitars, Bass, Vocals

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F.D.A. Rekotz, March 23, 2012

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

The recent revival of old school Swedish death metal has spread to all corners of the globe in the past few years, making it a pretty damn good time to be into the crushing death metal from the likes of Entombed, Dismember, and Grave. Hailing from Germany, Revel in Flesh is a new band that also looks to the early nineties' Swedish brand of extreme metal for inspiration. For their debut album, Deathevokation, this death metal duo delivers enough fat riffs, gutteral growls, and old school aesthetics to satisfy anybody who misses when death metal wasn't about melody, breakdowns, or modern production gimmicks.

Of course, this also means that Deathevokation is a pretty unoriginal album, but I guess that was probably Revel in Flesh's intention. This is no-frills, 'pedal to the metal' death metal just like it was back in 1991, and Revel in Flesh does a pretty nice job at accurately capturing the style. Deathevokation is a very dense and heavy album, and although monotony does begin to settle in towards the second half, the band generally does a good job at creating powerful riffs. Songs like "Opus Putrescence" are downright excellent death metal, and whilst all of Deathevokation isn't quite up to this standard, the entire CD is at least good in my opinion.

Like a lot of bands in the Swedish-sounding death metal revival, Revel in Flesh is a very competent group of musicians, but they don't bring enough new ideas to the table to be worth the attention of anybody except a die-hard fan of the style. While Deathevokation is certainly a well-made album that fans of old school Swedish death metal will enjoy, there's so many other options out there nowadays that it's difficult to choose which one to listen to. Still, Revel in Flesh is definitely not a bad choice by any stretch, and if you're looking for well-executed old school Swedish death metal, this is the album for you!

Members reviews

Germany's Revel in Flesh is another of those bands that display how far-reaching the influence of Swedish death metal is, with their debut full length album, Deaethevokation. From that razor sharp classic Swedish death metal guitar tone to the riffing patterns, and what Bloodbath calls the "Stockholm beat" on Culpa et Inferna, Deathevokation is a nice homage to the founders of Swedish death metal such as Entombed and the likes. But unlike the wave of newer Swedish death metal bands such as Entrails, Revel in Flesh's Deathevokation has somehow managed to capture my attention more. Perhaps it is due to the more ballsy attitude that they have, giving the music on Deathevokation a heavier and more brutal feel that other new bands and albums lack.

From the start of the album to the end, there is not a single moment to breathe as the band lambasts the listener with crushing after crushing riff, and the only slow moments are those in between tracks and this gives fans of the band plenty of time to headbang and mosh around. And even on slower tracks like Iron Coffin, the band ensures that the intensity level is not reduced, replacing speed with chugging riffs to up the heaviness in the music That magical touch by producer Dan Swano is also evident here, with the quality of the production of the music on the album certainly helping to bring out the best of the band, and the sound samples that are incorporated in a number of tracks certainly help to reinforce that destructive and filthy mood of the band.

The numerous guitar solos that are littered throughout the album are also tastefully done, with large melodies that help to hook the attention of the listener, with the lead guitars at times helping to provide some sense of sanity among the chaos and violence that is happening all around. Maggesson also punishes the skins mercilessly, and are one of the main highlights on the album as well.

Deathevokation has been an extremely catchy and enjoyable journey, and while Revel in Flesh does not add anything new to the already saturated Swedish death metal genre, with that inclusion of both brutality and some sense of melody on Deathevokation, this album definitely is a fun one to listen to.


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